HHVM Support in PHP Projects

Help spread the HHVM!

If you want to spread the usage of HHVM or simply want to test if HHVM would work with your project/ libraries, have a look at the following instructions.

Here is a list of packages not yet testing against HHVM. Pick one from this list and try the following instructions.

Add HHVM to a travis-ci build

This is a common travis-ci template for PHP projects using composer. Having this template in your github repository as '.travis.yml' and connecting that repo with travis-ci, will do the following:

Add HHVM to a foreign project

If there is foreign project you want to support HHVM, or simply let it test against HHVM. Try the following steps:

  1. First check if there is not already a HHVM pull-request.
  2. Go to the github.com repository of the project.
  3. Open the '.travis.yml' file and click on "Edit"
  4. Add 'hhvm' to the 'php:' section.
  5. Add 'php: hhvm' to the ' allow_failures:' section under 'matrix:' section.
  6. Write in the first text box under the editor: 'Testing HHVM support.'
  7. Then click on "Propose file change".
  8. On the next page, click on "Send pull request".
After doing this, the maintainers of the project will get a notification about your "Pull request".
Parallel to this, travis will fetch your pull request and run the build against hhvm. This way the maintainers can see the result of the HHVM build, before they have to merge it.

Create a Issue for supporting HHVM

If all of the above is too technical/spooky for you, there is a dead simple way to participate:

  1. Go to the Github repository you want to support HHVM.
  2. Click on "Issues", then "New Issue"
  3. Enter this title "Run tests against HHVM.".
  4. Then put this in the text box: "Please run your tests against HHVM.
    More information: http://hhvm.h4cc.de/help"
  5. Click on "Submit new issue" and wait for a response of the maintainer.

Dont forget:
Always be nice and don't try to force people to use HHVM.
In some projects supporting HHVM is simply not an option.