HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
00f100/phpatr on Packagist 00f100/phpatr Package to your test routes API REST to use in Jenkins
00f100/uuid on Packagist 00f100/uuid A PHP 5.3+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID).
0100dev/cakephp-rabbitmq on Packagist 0100dev/cakephp-rabbitmq A RabbitMQ plugin for CakePHP 3
0n3s3c/baselibrary on Packagist 0n3s3c/baselibrary Library for working with objects in PHP
0s1r1s/dev-shortcuts-bundle on Packagist 0s1r1s/dev-shortcuts-bundle Bundle for symfony2 console command shortcuts.
0x13a/buxus on Packagist 0x13a/buxus A framework-agnostic, minimal & lightweight PHP command bus
0x20h/phloppy on Packagist 0x20h/phloppy A PHP client for Disque
0x46616c6b/etherpad-lite-client on Packagist 0x46616c6b/etherpad-lite-client PHP Client for Etherpad Lite
1001pharmacies/geolocation-bundle on Packagist 1001pharmacies/geolocation-bundle Provides an abstraction layer for geocoding services.
1001pharmacies/tagcommander-bundle on Packagist 1001pharmacies/tagcommander-bundle
101medialab/shipping on Packagist 101medialab/shipping Shipping cost estimation library.
10up/elasticpress on Packagist 10up/elasticpress Supercharge WordPress with Elasticsearch.
10up/nodeifywp on Packagist 10up/nodeifywp API for turning a WordPress theme into an isomorphic JavaScript application. Requires V8Js for PHP.
10up/wp_mock on Packagist 10up/wp_mock A mocking library to take the pain out of unit testing for WordPress
1337m/lemming on Packagist 1337m/lemming Discord bot, for custom needs.
19peaches/apigen on Packagist 19peaches/apigen
1shiharat/wp-debugging on Packagist 1shiharat/wp-debugging
20steps/bricks-installer on Packagist 20steps/bricks-installer The official installer to create projects based on the Bricks platform by 20steps.
20steps/bricks-platform-composer-extras on Packagist 20steps/bricks-platform-composer-extras Cpmposer extensions for setting up the bricks platform using composer
20steps/bricks-platform-standard-edition on Packagist 20steps/bricks-platform-standard-edition The "Bricks platform Standard Edition" distribution
20steps/bricks-rest-core on Packagist 20steps/bricks-rest-core The ultimate solution to create web APIs.
20steps/bricks-scrypt-password-encoder-bundle on Packagist 20steps/bricks-scrypt-password-encoder-bundle Scrypt password encoder for Symfony2 and Symfony3
20steps/commons-ensure-bundle on Packagist 20steps/commons-ensure-bundle Symfony bundle with static helper functions for checking coding pre-/post-conditions
20steps/drupal-bundle on Packagist 20steps/drupal-bundle Integrate Symfony2 with Drupal
20steps/drush on Packagist 20steps/drush Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those of us who spend some of our working hours hacking away at the command prompt.
20steps/libphonenumber-for-php on Packagist 20steps/libphonenumber-for-php PHP Port of Google's libphonenumber
20steps/mailchimp-bundle on Packagist 20steps/mailchimp-bundle MailChimp API V3 Symfony Bundle inc. integration with Bricks platform
20steps/phone-number-bundle on Packagist 20steps/phone-number-bundle Integrates libphonenumber into your Symfony2 application
20tries/arr on Packagist 20tries/arr A package for aiding the handling of arrays using 'dot notation'
20tries/date_range on Packagist 20tries/date_range An package for handling date ranges.
20tries/filterable on Packagist 20tries/filterable A package to simplify the process of filtering controller / api results.
24hoursmedia/tesla-api-key-security-bundle on Packagist 24hoursmedia/tesla-api-key-security-bundle SF2 Bundle for verification of API keys in http headers
24hoursmedia/tesla-client-bundle on Packagist 24hoursmedia/tesla-client-bundle client bundle
25th/migrations on Packagist 25th/migrations
2amigos/yii2-arrayquery-component on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-arrayquery-component Yii2 component that allows for searching/filtering the elements of an array.
2amigos/yii2-usuario on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-usuario Highly customizable and extensible user management, authentication, and authorization Yii2 extension
2amigos/yiistrap on Packagist 2amigos/yiistrap Twitter Bootstrap for the Yii PHP framework.
2bepublished/behat-config-generator on Packagist 2bepublished/behat-config-generator A behat config generator driven to ease the use of browser-stack and multiple devices.
2bepublished/behat-responsive-features-extension on Packagist 2bepublished/behat-responsive-features-extension A behat extension that enables features to be enabled/disabled for different screen sizes.
2createstudio/carbon-pagination on Packagist 2createstudio/carbon-pagination A handy WordPress library for building all kinds of paginations.
2dotstwice/collection on Packagist 2dotstwice/collection Library for creating collection classes with strict typing.
2dotstwice/cvwarehouse-client on Packagist 2dotstwice/cvwarehouse-client
2dotstwice/silex-feature-toggles-provider on Packagist 2dotstwice/silex-feature-toggles-provider Feature toggles for Silex
2dotstwice/uitdatabank-search-api-solarium on Packagist 2dotstwice/uitdatabank-search-api-solarium
2mxdev/yii2-docker-app-advanced on Packagist 2mxdev/yii2-docker-app-advanced Yii 2 Advanced Project Template with docker
3050860/oauth2-odnoklassniki on Packagist 3050860/oauth2-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki provider for league/oauth2-client
337268759/pinyin on Packagist 337268759/pinyin Chinese to pinyin translator.
360i/sonno on Packagist 360i/sonno Sonno is a lightweight PHP framework based loosely on Jersey, a Java ReST framework reference implementation of the JAX-RS specification.
3makkk/emak-image on Packagist 3makkk/emak-image Image transformation filter for ZF2 via Imagine
3makkk/mail-log on Packagist 3makkk/mail-log Module for Zend Framework 2 to log errors and exceptions
3nr1c/php-shunting-yard on Packagist 3nr1c/php-shunting-yard php-shunting-yard
3nr1c/temporal on Packagist 3nr1c/temporal Temporal provides a way to modify a static number with temporal tokens using redis
3rd-party/yaml on Packagist 3rd-party/yaml PHP Yaml Parser
3scale/3scale_ws_api_for_php on Packagist 3scale/3scale_ws_api_for_php Client for 3scale web service management system API
42mate/towel on Packagist 42mate/towel An MVC framework for PHP
4d47/archieml on Packagist 4d47/archieml PHP parser for the Archie Markup Language
4d47/form on Packagist 4d47/form A featureless form helper
4d47/http-resource on Packagist 4d47/http-resource http resource
4d47/pdo2 on Packagist 4d47/pdo2 PDO supplements
4d47/tag on Packagist 4d47/tag Tag string generator (Engineered for making soup)
4lb0/csv on Packagist 4lb0/csv Easily generate CSV files
50onred/php-jwt on Packagist 50onred/php-jwt A simple library to encode and decode JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in PHP. Should conform to the current spec.
51systems/doctrine-encrypt on Packagist 51systems/doctrine-encrypt Package encrypts and decrypts Doctrine fields through life cycle events.
5ichong/umq-sdk on Packagist 5ichong/umq-sdk UCloud message queue
5ichong/validator on Packagist 5ichong/validator The data format validation.
68publishers/application on Packagist 68publishers/application Base extensions and components.
68publishers/user on Packagist 68publishers/user Provides user management for your Nette project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM.
6px/6px on Packagist 6px/6px PHP library for cloud6
76design/oauth2-php on Packagist 76design/oauth2-php A library to consume services using the OAuth 2 security scheme.
7elix/styleguide on Packagist 7elix/styleguide TYPO3 CMS Extension to test everything in the TYPO3 Backend
8823-scholar/phpspec on Packagist 8823-scholar/phpspec Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3+
99designs/cabinet on Packagist 99designs/cabinet A filestore abstraction for PHP
99designs/cliph on Packagist 99designs/cliph A library for testable command-line applications
99designs/http-signatures on Packagist 99designs/http-signatures Sign and verify HTTP messages
99designs/http-signatures-guzzle on Packagist 99designs/http-signatures-guzzle Sign and verify HTTP messages with Guzzle
99designs/moa on Packagist 99designs/moa The rightweight data mapper for mongoDB and PHP 5.3+
99designs/pheasant-adodb on Packagist 99designs/pheasant-adodb A subset of the ADOdb API on Pheasant
99designs/php-desk on Packagist 99designs/php-desk PHP client for Desk.com API
99designs/phumbor on Packagist 99designs/phumbor A minimal Thumbor library for PHP
99designs/rightsignature-php on Packagist 99designs/rightsignature-php PHP client for RightSignature.com API
99designs/sera on Packagist 99designs/sera Asynchronous task execution library
99designs/sipht on Packagist 99designs/sipht A PHP client for the Sift Science REST API
99designs/tasks on Packagist 99designs/tasks 99designs Tasks library for PHP
99roomz/razorpay on Packagist 99roomz/razorpay Razorpay PHP Client Library
9orky/espago-api-php on Packagist 9orky/espago-api-php Client for Espago API
a1essandro/diamond-and-square on Packagist a1essandro/diamond-and-square Algorithm for generating heightmaps
a1essandro/larrays on Packagist a1essandro/larrays Large arrays and lists
a1essandro/neural-network on Packagist a1essandro/neural-network Artificial neural network
a1essandro/perlin-noise on Packagist a1essandro/perlin-noise Algorithm for generating heightmaps
a1essandro/roman-numbers on Packagist a1essandro/roman-numbers Easy conversion int <-> roman numbers
a1s/php-zabbix-agent on Packagist a1s/php-zabbix-agent Zabbix Agent implemented in PHP for long living php-servers
a2design-inc/laravel4-acl on Packagist a2design-inc/laravel4-acl ACL component for Laravel 4
a2design-inc/phpseclib on Packagist a2design-inc/phpseclib
a2design-inc/upload on Packagist a2design-inc/upload CakePHP plugin to handle file uploading sans ridiculous automagic
a2design/aiml on Packagist a2design/aiml AIML parser
a2design/laravel-list-db on Packagist a2design/laravel-list-db Allows DB structure listing (with types)
a3bhea/generators on Packagist a3bhea/generators Laravel 4 Generators w/ Bootstrap 3
a3bhea/larryfour on Packagist a3bhea/larryfour A model and migration generator for Laravel 4
a7/autoload on Packagist a7/autoload Automatically and recursively require_once all php files in a given directory.
a7madev/stapler on Packagist a7madev/stapler Elegant and simple ORM-based file upload package for php.