HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
aaa2000/behat-vcr-extension on Packagist aaa2000/behat-vcr-extension Record your HTTP interactions in behat scenarios and replay them during future test runs
aadhaar/aadhaar on Packagist aadhaar/aadhaar Aadhaar API PHP Client
aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-dotenv-command on Packagist aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-dotenv-command Dotenv commands for WP-CLI
aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-http-command on Packagist aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-http-command WP-CLI command for using the WordPress HTTP API
aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-login-command on Packagist aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-login-command Log in to WordPress with secure passwordless magic links.
aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-valet-command on Packagist aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-valet-command White-glove services for turn-key installs in seconds.
aaharu/curlsoapclient on Packagist aaharu/curlsoapclient A SoapClient wrapper that uses ext-curl.
aaleksu/collections on Packagist aaleksu/collections Collections Abstraction library
aaleksu/orm on Packagist aaleksu/orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP by aaleksu
aamant/facebook-connect on Packagist aamant/facebook-connect Laravel Facade for Facebook PHP SDK
aamant/faker-extend on Packagist aamant/faker-extend Valid address provider for Faker
aambr/phpchain on Packagist aambr/phpchain
aanvari/auth-token on Packagist aanvari/auth-token AuthToken is an authentication token manager for laravel-based APIs
aarestu/currency-converter on Packagist aarestu/currency-converter Currency Converter PHP Library
aariess/dusk on Packagist aariess/dusk Laravel Dusk provides simple end-to-end testing and browser automation.
aariess/phone on Packagist aariess/phone
aaron/smarty-view on Packagist aaron/smarty-view Smarty view engine incl. View Composer support for Laravel 4
aaronholbrook/autoload on Packagist aaronholbrook/autoload Automatically and recursively require_once all files in a directory.
aaronjameslang/proofr on Packagist aaronjameslang/proofr Git hook to check conformance to http://chris.beams.io/posts/git-commit/
aaronsaray/phproblemlogger on Packagist aaronsaray/phproblemlogger PHP Problem Logger: Exception and Error Logging with full runtime information.
aasanchez/cne on Packagist aasanchez/cne This package has the objective to consult the CNE for Venezuelan Citizens
aasisvinayak/shop on Packagist aasisvinayak/shop A free open source e-commerce platform for online merchants
aaugustyniak/phpexcelhandler on Packagist aaugustyniak/phpexcelhandler Handy php-excel wrapper classes
aaugustyniak/semithread on Packagist aaugustyniak/semithread Nohup interface simulating threaded env
aazon/sfm on Packagist aazon/sfm Smart Funky Mapping
abacaphiliac/aws-sdk-php-claim-check on Packagist abacaphiliac/aws-sdk-php-claim-check Claim Check enterprise integration pattern, implemented via AWS PHP SDK.
abacaphiliac/php-no-html on Packagist abacaphiliac/php-no-html Safely encode content for rendering in an HTML document.
abacaphiliac/zend-transformer on Packagist abacaphiliac/zend-transformer Extract and Hydrate, plus secret sauce.
abbasadel/instapush-laravel on Packagist abbasadel/instapush-laravel
abbe98/ksamsok-php on Packagist abbe98/ksamsok-php PHP library for the K-Samsök(SOCH) API.
abcaeffchen/sepa-utilities on Packagist abcaeffchen/sepa-utilities SepaUtilities provides useful methods for validating and sanitizing inputs used in SEPA files supporting PHP >= 5.6 and HHVM.
abcaeffchen/sephpa on Packagist abcaeffchen/sephpa Generates Sepa files for credit transfers (pain.001.001.03, pain.001.002.03, pain.001.003.03) and direct debit (pain.008.001.02, pain.008.002.02, pain.008.003.02)
abcaeffchen/sudoku-php on Packagist abcaeffchen/sudoku-php Generate random Sudokus of different size and difficulty and check the solution.
abdulklarapl/bag on Packagist abdulklarapl/bag Simply and light Bag library. Let's build your own system using abdulklarapl's components!
abdulklarapl/eventdispatcher on Packagist abdulklarapl/eventdispatcher Simply and light event dispatcher. Let's build your own system using abdulklarapl's components!
abdulklarapl/lexer on Packagist abdulklarapl/lexer Library running lexical analysis for input
abelorosz/twostep on Packagist abelorosz/twostep Two-step verification library with support for Laravel 4 integration
abenbachir/refactor-bundle on Packagist abenbachir/refactor-bundle Refactoring the code
abenevaut/laravel-addresses on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-addresses Library to manage address storage based on ISO 3166
abenevaut/laravel-generators on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-generators Laravel Generators
abenevaut/laravel-menus on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-menus laravel-menus
abenevaut/laravel-modules on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-modules Laravel Modules
abenevaut/laravel-opcache-clear on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-opcache-clear This Laravel package allows you to clear the OPcache of a PHP application running in FPM mode with ease.
abenevaut/laravel-settings on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-settings Laravel 5 persistent settings
abenevaut/laravel-support on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-support Support Component
abenevaut/laravel-themes on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-themes Themes system for laravel framework
abenevaut/laravel-widgets on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-widgets Simple widgets system for laravel framework
abhi/tangocard on Packagist abhi/tangocard Tangocard raas API
abhimanyusharma003/laravel-facebook on Packagist abhimanyusharma003/laravel-facebook A laravel service provider for Facebook PHP SDK
abibidu/bitmask on Packagist abibidu/bitmask Bitmask class helps you to use all might of bit masks and don't care about what bitwise operations are. It represents a high-level abstraction that looks like simple and manageable object and behaves like collection.
abidon/gaufrette on Packagist abidon/gaufrette PHP5 library that provides a filesystem abstraction layer
abishekrsrikaanth/aftership-laravel on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/aftership-laravel Laravel 4 package to integrate with After-Ship API
abishekrsrikaanth/export-to-any on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/export-to-any Laravel 4 Package to Export data to any format
abishekrsrikaanth/mailto on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/mailto Laravel 4 Package to integrate with multiple Cloud Email Providers
abishekrsrikaanth/mongohq-api on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/mongohq-api Laravel 4 Integration for MongoHQ API
abishekrsrikaanth/payto on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/payto Laravel 4 package for integrating with multiple gateways
abishekrsrikaanth/zipstream on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/zipstream
ablunier/dinesh-barcode on Packagist ablunier/dinesh-barcode Barcode generator like Qr Code , PDF417,C39, C39+,C39E,C39E+,C93,S25,S25+,I25,I25+,C128,C128A,C128B,C128C,2-Digits UPC-Based Extention,5-Digits UPC-Based Extention,EAN 8,EAN 13,UPC-A,UPC-E,MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
ablunier/laravel-ecommerce on Packagist ablunier/laravel-ecommerce
ably/ably-php on Packagist ably/ably-php Ably REST client library for PHP.
ably/ably-php-laravel on Packagist ably/ably-php-laravel Ably realtime REST PHP library wrapper for Laravel
abodeo/laravel-stripe on Packagist abodeo/laravel-stripe
aboutcoders/job-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/job-bundle A symfony bundle for asynchronous job processing.
aboutcoders/resource-lock-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/resource-lock-bundle Simple resource locking
aboutcoders/sequence-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/sequence-bundle A symfony bundle that provides abstract sequence implementation
abouttheweb/zf2-twb-bundle on Packagist abouttheweb/zf2-twb-bundle Zend Framework 2 module for easy integration of Twitter Bootstrap
aboutyou/cache on Packagist aboutyou/cache Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache backends. This is a fork of doctrine/cache and goetas multiget implementation
absszero/unicron on Packagist absszero/unicron a unique process identifier
abuisine/php-resque on Packagist abuisine/php-resque Redis backed library for creating background jobs and processing them later. Based on resque for Ruby.
abuseio/abuseio on Packagist abuseio/abuseio Open Source abusemanagement tool
ac/kalinka on Packagist ac/kalinka Flexible authorization library for PHP
ac/kalinka-bundle on Packagist ac/kalinka-bundle Flexible authorization for your Symfony2 app
ac/login-convenience-bundle on Packagist ac/login-convenience-bundle Authentication for a Symfony server providing a JSON web API
ac/web-services-bundle on Packagist ac/web-services-bundle Provides tools for developing RESTful APIs.
acabin/laravoole on Packagist acabin/laravoole Get 10x performance for Laravel on Swoole or Workerman
acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel on Packagist acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel AdminLTE template applied to Laravel Scaffolding
academicpuma/citeproc-php on Packagist academicpuma/citeproc-php This is an effort to implement a full-featured standalone CSL processor in PHP. The code based on the implementation of Ron Jerome.
academicpuma/locales on Packagist academicpuma/locales Citation Style Language (CSL) Locales Repository
academicpuma/styles on Packagist academicpuma/styles Citation Style Language (CSL) Stylesheet Repository
acairns/radiate on Packagist acairns/radiate Radiate event emitter
acan-team/light-frame on Packagist acan-team/light-frame A light framework based the PHP5.3
acan-team/structure-algorithm on Packagist acan-team/structure-algorithm The structure and algorithm based PHP5.3
acasademont/i18n-routing-bundle on Packagist acasademont/i18n-routing-bundle This bundle allows you to create i18n routes. Fork of the jms/i18n-routing-bundle
acburdine/pixie-backports on Packagist acburdine/pixie-backports A lightweight, expressive, framework agnostic query builder for PHP. Contains backports for PHP 5.3
access-watch/access-watch on Packagist access-watch/access-watch A PHP library to log and analyse HTTP traffic using the Access Watch cloud service.
access9/dbtabledump on Packagist access9/dbtabledump The database table dumper
accesto/payum-pay-u on Packagist accesto/payum-pay-u PayU gateway for payum
accommodavid/threefold on Packagist accommodavid/threefold A theme engine in less than 70 lines of code
accompli/accompli on Packagist accompli/accompli An easy to use and extendable deployment tool for PHP projects.
accompli/chrono on Packagist accompli/chrono Version Control System wrapper for PHP.
acdh-oeaw/easyrdf on Packagist acdh-oeaw/easyrdf ACDH fork of the EasyRdf library
acdh-oeaw/epic-handle on Packagist acdh-oeaw/epic-handle Library for managing EPIC handles (PIDs)
acedude/finediff on Packagist acedude/finediff PHP implementation of a Fine granularity Diff engine
aceer/message on Packagist aceer/message PHP classes to send a message, can be used in Anax MVC
acelaya/doctrine-enum-type on Packagist acelaya/doctrine-enum-type A custom Doctrine type that maps column values to enum objects using myclabs/php-enum
acelaya/expressive-slim-router on Packagist acelaya/expressive-slim-router A router for Zend Expressive based on Slim framework's implementation
acelaya/ze-content-based-error-handler on Packagist acelaya/ze-content-based-error-handler A Zend Expressive error handler which allows to implement different strategies based on the accepted content-types
acelaya/zf2-acassets on Packagist acelaya/zf2-acassets Assets management module for Zend Framework 2
acelaya/zf2-acmailer on Packagist acelaya/zf2-acmailer Mail sending module for Zend Framework 2
acelaya/zf2-acqrcode on Packagist acelaya/zf2-acqrcode QR Code generation module for Zend Framework 2 based on Endroid QR code