HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
vdwardrobe/core on Packagist vdwardrobe/core The WardrobeCMS core files
vearutop/php-obscene-censor-rus on Packagist vearutop/php-obscene-censor-rus Класс для фильтрации нецензурных выражений (матов).
vector/core on Packagist vector/core A functional programming library for PHP
vedcode/larasearch on Packagist vedcode/larasearch A driver based solution to searching your Eloquent models supports Laravel & Lumen 5.1 and Elasticsearch engine 2.0.
vedmant/laravel-feed-reader on Packagist vedmant/laravel-feed-reader A simple RSS feed reader for Laravel 5
vegas-cmf/acl on Packagist vegas-cmf/acl Vegas CMF ACL
vegas-cmf/apidoc on Packagist vegas-cmf/apidoc Vegas CMF API Documentor
vegas-cmf/auth on Packagist vegas-cmf/auth Vegas CMF Authentication
vegas-cmf/core on Packagist vegas-cmf/core Vegas CMF Core
vegas-cmf/dao on Packagist vegas-cmf/dao Vegas CMF DAO
vegas-cmf/exporter on Packagist vegas-cmf/exporter Vegas CMF Exporter
vegas-cmf/faker on Packagist vegas-cmf/faker Vegas CMF Fake Data Generator
vegas-cmf/filesystem on Packagist vegas-cmf/filesystem Vegas CMF Filesystem Manager
vegas-cmf/filter on Packagist vegas-cmf/filter Vegas CMF Filter
vegas-cmf/forms on Packagist vegas-cmf/forms Vegas CMF Forms
vegas-cmf/media on Packagist vegas-cmf/media Vegas CMF Media Library
vegas-cmf/oauth on Packagist vegas-cmf/oauth Vegas CMF oAuth
vegas-cmf/profiler on Packagist vegas-cmf/profiler Vegas CMF Profiler
vegas-cmf/session on Packagist vegas-cmf/session Vegas CMF Session Manager
vegas-cmf/social on Packagist vegas-cmf/social Vegas CMF Social integration
vegas-cmf/validation on Packagist vegas-cmf/validation Vegas CMF Validation
vehiclefits/library on Packagist vehiclefits/library Vehiclefits Core Library.
veksa/carrot-api on Packagist veksa/carrot-api PHP Wrapper for Carrot Quest API
veksa/variation on Packagist veksa/variation ActiveRecord Variation Extension
vektah/bugfree-dangerzone on Packagist vektah/bugfree-dangerzone Type verification for php source. Ensures uses and all types within a file verify against the projects auto loader.
vektah/parser-combinator on Packagist vektah/parser-combinator
velliz/puko on Packagist velliz/puko PSR 4 modular based MVC Puko Framework
vend/chunky on Packagist vend/chunky A constant-time, variable-workload chunking tool with Doctrine2 integration
vend/doxport on Packagist vend/doxport Doctrine relational walk export/delete tool
vend/mysql-uuid on Packagist vend/mysql-uuid A MySQL UUID converter and formatter
vend/phanglia on Packagist vend/phanglia Ganglia integration for PHP
vend/resque on Packagist vend/resque Namespaced port of chrisbolton/php-resque, supports Predis, more DI
venne/assets on Packagist venne/assets Venne assets component
venne/cms-module on Packagist venne/cms-module CMS module with administration
venne/comments on Packagist venne/comments Venne component for comments
venne/data-transfer on Packagist venne/data-transfer Data Transfer Object
venne/files on Packagist venne/files File mmanager
venne/forms on Packagist venne/forms Venne forms component
venne/framework on Packagist venne/framework Simple and easy for use system for managing your websites.
venne/generics on Packagist venne/generics Generics in PHP
venne/packages on Packagist venne/packages Simple solution for managing packages in Nette framework
venne/venne on Packagist venne/venne Venne system administration
venne/widgets on Packagist venne/widgets Venne widgets component
ventaquil/pantheon-odin-package on Packagist ventaquil/pantheon-odin-package
venturecraft/xero-laravel on Packagist venturecraft/xero-laravel Xero Service Provider for Laravel 4
ventureoak/simplepie on Packagist ventureoak/simplepie A simple Atom/RSS parsing library for PHP
venzon/translation-bundle on Packagist venzon/translation-bundle Puts the Symfony2 Translation Component on steroids
verecom/admin on Packagist verecom/admin Admin Panel for Laravel 4 with User, Groups and Permissions management using Cartalyst Sentry as auth provider
vergo/naissance-bundle on Packagist vergo/naissance-bundle
verheesj/libphonenumber on Packagist verheesj/libphonenumber
veridu/veridu-php on Packagist veridu/veridu-php Veridu PHP SDK
verified/verified-sdk-php on Packagist verified/verified-sdk-php Verified API PHP SDK
verkkokauppacom/php-cs-fixer on Packagist verkkokauppacom/php-cs-fixer A script to automatically fix Symfony Coding Standard
vermillion/json-rpc on Packagist vermillion/json-rpc Server side implementation of the JSON-RPC 2.0 protocol
vermillion/vermillion on Packagist vermillion/vermillion Yet another lightweight framework.
versh/jsrouting-bundle on Packagist versh/jsrouting-bundle A pretty nice way to expose your Symfony2 routing to client applications.
versionable/common on Packagist versionable/common Library of helper classes for collection mapping
versionable/ferret on Packagist versionable/ferret Library for detecting MIME types
versionable/prospect on Packagist versionable/prospect Library for making HTTP requests
versionable/ration on Packagist versionable/ration A very simple redis client
verticaltab/harmony on Packagist verticaltab/harmony Web Framework based on Symfony
vertigolabs/mandate on Packagist vertigolabs/mandate Run a bunch of commands
vespakoen/epi on Packagist vespakoen/epi
vespakoen/laravel-shim on Packagist vespakoen/laravel-shim
vespakoen/menu on Packagist vespakoen/menu Managing menu's the easy way.
vesparny/silex-simple-rest on Packagist vesparny/silex-simple-rest A simple silex skeleton for rest api
vespolina/action on Packagist vespolina/action Vespolina action library to handle activities such as notifications
vespolina/admin-bundle on Packagist vespolina/admin-bundle Vespolina Admin bundle. Admin management and more.
vespolina/commerce on Packagist vespolina/commerce Vespolina ecommerce library handling customers, carts, orders and products
vespolina/commerce-bundle on Packagist vespolina/commerce-bundle Vespolina Commerce bundle. Integrates vespolina libraries with Symfony2
vespolina/core on Packagist vespolina/core Core entities for the Vespolina Project
vespolina/media on Packagist vespolina/media Vespolina media
vespolina/molino on Packagist vespolina/molino Small and fast library to make reusable tools persistence backend agnostic.
vespolina/store-bundle on Packagist vespolina/store-bundle Vespolina Store bundle. Store management and more.
vespolina/syncer on Packagist vespolina/syncer Vespolina synchronization library to sync entities with remote services
vespolina/taxation-bundle on Packagist vespolina/taxation-bundle Vespolina Taxation bundle. Tax, VAT and more.
vespolina/taxonomy on Packagist vespolina/taxonomy Vespolina library for Taxonomy
vespolina/taxonomy-bundle on Packagist vespolina/taxonomy-bundle Vespolina Taxonomy bundle. Taxonomy management and more.
vespolina/vespolina-sandbox on Packagist vespolina/vespolina-sandbox Vespolina sandbox.
vespolina/workflow on Packagist vespolina/workflow Vespolina library for handling workflow
vespula/locale on Packagist vespula/locale A simple class for displaying localized strings
vestd/feature-flags on Packagist vestd/feature-flags Feature flags
vestnik/modvert2 on Packagist vestnik/modvert2 Modx vesioning tool ver2.0
vestnik/phpgit on Packagist vestnik/phpgit A Git wrapper for PHP5.3+
vestnik/phpwkhtmltopdf on Packagist vestnik/phpwkhtmltopdf A slim PHP wrapper around wkhtmltopdf with an easy to use and clean OOP interface
vexelon.net/e-additives.server on Packagist vexelon.net/e-additives.server E-additives RESTful web service
vgarvardt/zf-simple-migrations on Packagist vgarvardt/zf-simple-migrations Module for database migrations management.
vgnett/silex-spid on Packagist vgnett/silex-spid SPiD service provider for Silex
vgno/silex-spid-provider on Packagist vgno/silex-spid-provider SPiD service provider for Silex
vgot/real-debrid on Packagist vgot/real-debrid A simple API interface for real-debrid.com
vhall/administrator on Packagist vhall/administrator A database interface package for Laravel
vherus/depot on Packagist vherus/depot A simple PHP command bus
vhr/phpthumb on Packagist vhr/phpthumb A library for manipulating images in PHP.
vhrb/executor on Packagist vhrb/executor PHP shell commands executor
vhrb/git on Packagist vhrb/git Git control for PHP
vice/laravel-fractal on Packagist vice/laravel-fractal Fractal helpers for Laravel 5
vicgarcia/kaavii on Packagist vicgarcia/kaavii KaaVii (pronounced kay-vee) is a package to provide components to interact with Redis for cache and key-value data storage
vich/uploader-bundle on Packagist vich/uploader-bundle Ease file uploads attached to entities
vics80/calendar on Packagist vics80/calendar Laravel 5 Calendar, based on gloudemans/calendar
victoire/victoire on Packagist victoire/victoire Victoire is a cms based on Symfony framework