HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
zikula/filesystem on Packagist zikula/filesystem Zikula FileSystem Component
zikula/generator-bundle on Packagist zikula/generator-bundle This module generates code for you
zinethq/spark-roles on Packagist zinethq/spark-roles Roles and permissions for teams and users in Laravel Spark, based on caffeinated/shinobi
zip-factory/zip-factory on Packagist zip-factory/zip-factory Factory class that creates either ZipArchive or PclZip PHP 5.2.17 and up
ziptastic/ziptastic on Packagist ziptastic/ziptastic PHP SDK for the Ziptastic Lookup API
zircote/amqp on Packagist zircote/amqp This library is a PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol.
zircote/api-problem on Packagist zircote/api-problem An Api Problem Exception implementation in PHP. See: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-nottingham-http-problem for the latest on the specification
zircote/bloom on Packagist zircote/bloom A PHP/Redis Bloom filter experiment
zircote/expressive on Packagist zircote/expressive A PHP textual expression parser, parses strings for mathematical expressions and returns the result
zircote/hal on Packagist zircote/hal A PHP implementation of HAL http://stateless.co/hal_specification.html
zircote/rhubarb on Packagist zircote/rhubarb A PHP Celery Client Implementation
zircote/swagger-php on Packagist zircote/swagger-php Swagger-PHP - Generate interactive documentation for your RESTful API using phpdoc annotations
zircote/uuid on Packagist zircote/uuid A PHP UUID object
zizaco/confide on Packagist zizaco/confide Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4
zizaco/confide-mongo on Packagist zizaco/confide-mongo Confide Mongo is a authentication solution for Laravel that uses mongolid-laravel
zizaco/entrust on Packagist zizaco/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
zizaco/factory-muff on Packagist zizaco/factory-muff The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
zizaco/mongolid on Packagist zizaco/mongolid Easy, powerful and ultrafast ODM for PHP and MongoDB.
zizaco/mongolid-laravel on Packagist zizaco/mongolid-laravel Easy, powerful and ultrafast MongoDB ODM for Laravel.
zizuu-store/zzcleanurls on Packagist zizuu-store/zzcleanurls Prestashop module "ZiZuu Clean URLs". It removes objects' IDs from URL
zizuu-store/zzseotk on Packagist zizuu-store/zzseotk Prestashop module "ZiZuu SEO toolkit". It handles a few SEO-related improvements, such as "hreflang", "canonical" and "noindex"
zjien/quantum on Packagist zjien/quantum a RBAC system based on RESTful API for Laravel
zk2/sf-php-git-hooks on Packagist zk2/sf-php-git-hooks Git hooks for PHP projects.
zllsdn/barcode on Packagist zllsdn/barcode Barcode generator like Qr Code , PDF417,C39, C39+,C39E,C39E+,C93,S25,S25+,I25,I25+,C128,C128A,C128B,C128C,2-Digits UPC-Based Extention,5-Digits UPC-Based Extention,EAN 8,EAN 13,UPC-A,UPC-E,MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
zlob/any-json-tester on Packagist zlob/any-json-tester Help to test JSON with changeable values, like timestamps, count etc
zlob/php-json-server on Packagist zlob/php-json-server simple REST API json server
zman/zman on Packagist zman/zman A Jewish date converter and helper.
zmartests/bootstrap-datepicker on Packagist zmartests/bootstrap-datepicker A datepicker for Bootstrap forked from Stefan Petre's (of eyecon.ro)
znanylekarz/elastica-bundle on Packagist znanylekarz/elastica-bundle Elasticsearch PHP integration for your Symfony2 project using Elastica
znanylekarz/facebook-php-sdk on Packagist znanylekarz/facebook-php-sdk Facebook PHP SDK
znanylekarz/translation-bundle on Packagist znanylekarz/translation-bundle Puts the Symfony2 Translation Component on steroids
zocim/php-thumb on Packagist zocim/php-thumb A library for manipulating images in PHP.
zoddo/dateinterval-bundle on Packagist zoddo/dateinterval-bundle A Symfony bundle for the DateInterval library for Doctrine.
zodyac/cache on Packagist zodyac/cache Caching library with support for multiple cache backends
zodyac/rate-limiter on Packagist zodyac/rate-limiter Rate limiter
zofe/rapyd on Packagist zofe/rapyd crud widgets for laravel, to make an admin in few lines of code
zol/fixed-column-width-parser on Packagist zol/fixed-column-width-parser Parse fixed column width files according to given schema
zol/fixed-column-width-parser-bundle on Packagist zol/fixed-column-width-parser-bundle Provide Symfony integration for fixed-column-width-parser
zolex/phinx on Packagist zolex/phinx Phinx makes it ridiculously easy to manage the database migrations for your PHP app.
zomble/pluralize on Packagist zomble/pluralize A loose PHP port of the node pluralize package
zonuexe/simple-routing on Packagist zonuexe/simple-routing Simple Web Application Router
zoonman/pixabay-php-api on Packagist zoonman/pixabay-php-api PixabayClient is a PHP HTTP client library to access Pixabay's API
zoopcommerce/common on Packagist zoopcommerce/common Library used by other Zoop libraries and modules
zoopcommerce/gateway-module on Packagist zoopcommerce/gateway-module Zend Framework 2 module that extends zoop's Shard Module with authentication services
zoopcommerce/gomi-module on Packagist zoopcommerce/gomi-module Zend Framework 2 Module that provides user management for zoop's Shard
zoopcommerce/havok on Packagist zoopcommerce/havok Modern javascript for web apps
zoopcommerce/maggott-module on Packagist zoopcommerce/maggott-module Zend Framework 2 Module that provides exception handling functionality
zoopcommerce/mystique-php on Packagist zoopcommerce/mystique-php shape shifting validation library from Zoop
zoopcommerce/pixie on Packagist zoopcommerce/pixie custom composer installers for dojo, havok, mystique and others
zoopcommerce/shard on Packagist zoopcommerce/shard Add new behaviours to Doctrine Mongo ODM Documents
zoopcommerce/shard-module on Packagist zoopcommerce/shard-module Zend Framework 2 Module for Shard
zordius/lightncandy on Packagist zordius/lightncandy An extremely fast PHP implementation of handlebars ( http://handlebarsjs.com/ ) and mustache ( http://mustache.github.io/ ).
zorji/swagger-ui on Packagist zorji/swagger-ui Swagger UI is a dependency-free collection of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS assets that dynamically generate beautiful documentation from a Swagger-compliant API
zortje/boxcar-notifications-php on Packagist zortje/boxcar-notifications-php A Boxcar api wrapper for sending notifications to a Boxcar account
zortje/emailer on Packagist zortje/emailer Email services wrapper
zortje/monolog-boxcar-handler on Packagist zortje/monolog-boxcar-handler Sends push notifications to Boxcar for iOS
zortje/mvc on Packagist zortje/mvc MVC
zortje/mysql-keeper on Packagist zortje/mysql-keeper Find incorrect configurations or missed optimization opportunities in MySQL databases
zortje/rules on Packagist zortje/rules Library for creating rules and managing results
zortje/seo on Packagist zortje/seo Search Engine Optimization
zorx/baum on Packagist zorx/baum Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Eloquent models.
zorx/modules on Packagist zorx/modules Laravel Modules
zorx/zipper on Packagist zorx/zipper This is a little neat helper for the ZipArchive methods with handy functions
zozlak/rest on Packagist zozlak/rest REST controller and endpoint classes
zozlak/util on Packagist zozlak/util Various helper classes
zphalcon/phalcon-tip on Packagist zphalcon/phalcon-tip Source code of The official Phalcon Tip site
zquintana/sun-search-bundle on Packagist zquintana/sun-search-bundle Symfony Solr integration bundle
zrcing/php-resque on Packagist zrcing/php-resque Redis backed library for creating background jobs and processing them later. Based on resque for Ruby.
zroger/feather on Packagist zroger/feather Easily run apache for the current directory or project.
zulfajuniadi/laravel-watch on Packagist zulfajuniadi/laravel-watch Watches your files for modifications and reloads the browser on changes. Supports event for easy integration
zulfajuniadi/laravel-watch-less on Packagist zulfajuniadi/laravel-watch-less
zumba/csv-policy on Packagist zumba/csv-policy Simple, policy-driven csv rules validation
zumba/deadmanssnitch-sdk on Packagist zumba/deadmanssnitch-sdk Deadmanssnitch API SDK
zumba/elasticsearch-index-rotate on Packagist zumba/elasticsearch-index-rotate Safely rotate indexes with no downtime to end users.
zumba/elasticsearchunit on Packagist zumba/elasticsearchunit PHPUnit extension that supports ElasticSearch Client
zumba/mongounit on Packagist zumba/mongounit PHPUnit extension that supports mongodb
zumba/swivel-cake on Packagist zumba/swivel-cake A CakePHP plugin to provide easy access to zumba/swivel
zumba/symbiosis on Packagist zumba/symbiosis Symbiosis, event structure for bootstrapping plugins.
zurb/foundation on Packagist zurb/foundation The most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
zurborg/cake-log-engine-radis on Packagist zurborg/cake-log-engine-radis Radis Logging Engine for CakePHP
zurborg/log-radis on Packagist zurborg/log-radis Radis Logging Engine for PHP
zurborg/pirate-hooray on Packagist zurborg/pirate-hooray Arrrr! Here comes a pirate with santas little helpers!
zvax/stepping on Packagist zvax/stepping
zvax/templating on Packagist zvax/templating a simple php templates parser
zver/adjacency-list on Packagist zver/adjacency-list Adjacency list package. Handle hierarhical data using Adjancency list pattern.
zver/array-helper on Packagist zver/array-helper Helps you to manipulate with arrays
zver/autoloader on Packagist zver/autoloader Class Autoloader helps you register PSR-4 autoloader from directories
zver/collection on Packagist zver/collection Handling collections like a boss
zver/common on Packagist zver/common common class of ZVER
zver/directory-walker on Packagist zver/directory-walker this is universal package template for development and testing
zver/encoding on Packagist zver/encoding Encoding provides static access to use in all project classes/functions.
zver/file-cache on Packagist zver/file-cache Caching system with grouping support using file system
zver/finder on Packagist zver/finder Class to find files and folders, apply callbacks to it and etc
zver/package-template on Packagist zver/package-template this is universal package template for development and testing
zver/pagination on Packagist zver/pagination universal customizable pagination
zver/string-helper on Packagist zver/string-helper this is universal package template for development and testing
zver/traits on Packagist zver/traits Helpfull traits collection
zver/view on Packagist zver/view Template engine with auto escaping html entities and with full PHP-native code support
zviryatko/redmine-slack-notifier on Packagist zviryatko/redmine-slack-notifier Send live notification to Slack chat based on redmine working hours.
zvoanhkietz/phpunit_tutorial on Packagist zvoanhkietz/phpunit_tutorial Simple project using PHPUnit.