HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
titon/g11n on Packagist titon/g11n The Titon g11n package handles the localization and internationalization of your application.
titon/http on Packagist titon/http The HTTP package provides classes for interacting with cookies, headers, the request, and the response.
titon/io on Packagist titon/io The IO package provides classes for interacting with files and folders on a filesystem, as well as readers and writers for resource bundles.
titon/model on Packagist titon/model The Titon model package provides an active record style approach to database CRUD functionality.
titon/mvc on Packagist titon/mvc The Titon MVC package adds support for the Model-View-Controller paradigm by packaging the external Model, View, Controller and Route packages into a single package. This single MVC package has full application support.
titon/route on Packagist titon/route The route package adds support for dynamic route handling and mapping.
titon/toolkit on Packagist titon/toolkit A collection of extensible front-end UI components and behaviors for the responsive and mobile web.
titon/type on Packagist titon/type The type package provides a chainable immutable object oriented interface for array lists, hash maps, string buffers, xml documents, and more.
titon/utility on Packagist titon/utility The utility package provides convenience classes for basic tasks like validation, formatting, sanitization and more.
titon/view on Packagist titon/view The view package provides template helpers, lookup, and rendering through engines.
tivoka/tivoka on Packagist tivoka/tivoka The universal JSON-RPC client/server library. JSON-RPC done right!
tixastronauta/sitereview-php on Packagist tixastronauta/sitereview-php Grab Website category from Blue Coat WebPulse Site Review
tjimenez/laravel-grunt on Packagist tjimenez/laravel-grunt Asset manangement package for Laravel 4 using the power of Grunt & Bower
tjlytle/qclient on Packagist tjlytle/qclient API client for the Das Keyboard Q
tjlytle/render on Packagist tjlytle/render A very simple view rendered for PHP based templates.
tkjn/phprandom on Packagist tkjn/phprandom Random data generation
tklovett/barcodes on Packagist tklovett/barcodes Barcode generator for PHP supporting 20+ barcode types
tkuska/ribbon-bundle on Packagist tkuska/ribbon-bundle Ribbon Bundle for symfony2 framework
tlr/html-table-builder on Packagist tlr/html-table-builder An HTML Table Builder
tlr/l4-support on Packagist tlr/l4-support Helpers and Utilities for Laravel
tlr/laravel-lang-tools on Packagist tlr/laravel-lang-tools Some Language Import/Export tools for Laravel
tlr/laravel-utils on Packagist tlr/laravel-utils A collection of common classes from several projects
tlr/menu on Packagist tlr/menu Take some of the stress and boilerplate out of building menus (or indeed any list, because that's basically what a menu is) With support for laravel
tlucas/phpjstore on Packagist tlucas/phpjstore
tm/error-log-parser on Packagist tm/error-log-parser PHP error_log parser library.
tm/gearman-connection on Packagist tm/gearman-connection A simple and clean library to get informations from your gearman jobserver.
tm/new-php-project on Packagist tm/new-php-project My personal template for a new PHP project.
tm/php-metrics-monitor on Packagist tm/php-metrics-monitor Simple tool to visualize metrics.
tm/silex-doctrine-orm-service-provider on Packagist tm/silex-doctrine-orm-service-provider A doctrine orm service provider
tm/silex-sitemap-service-provider on Packagist tm/silex-sitemap-service-provider Simple service provider to generate a xml-sitemap.
tmajne/cart on Packagist tmajne/cart Cart solution
tmajne/silex-cart on Packagist tmajne/silex-cart silex cart application project
tmajne/silex-skeleton on Packagist tmajne/silex-skeleton silex skeleton
tmbly/themer on Packagist tmbly/themer A sane Tumblr theme parser for PHP 5.4+.
tmconsulting/uniteller-php-sdk on Packagist tmconsulting/uniteller-php-sdk PHP Library for integration with Uniteller payment processing.
tmf/wp-metabox-helper on Packagist tmf/wp-metabox-helper A Pimple service that facilitates the creation of WordPress metaboxes
tmilos/context on Packagist tmilos/context Hierarchical context tree PHP library
tmilos/gold-parser on Packagist tmilos/gold-parser Golder parser PHP runtime LALR engine and compiled grammar loader
tmilos/google-charts on Packagist tmilos/google-charts PHP DataTable for Google charts
tmilos/lexer on Packagist tmilos/lexer Lexical analyzer with individual token definition with regular expressions
tmilos/scim-filter-parser on Packagist tmilos/scim-filter-parser System for Cross-domain Identity Management SCIM AST filter parser PHP library
tmilos/scim-schema on Packagist tmilos/scim-schema SCIM schema library
tmont/blueshift on Packagist tmont/blueshift Simple inversion of control container
tmont/facilius on Packagist tmont/facilius PHP port of ASP.NET MVC. Kind of.
tmont/midiparser on Packagist tmont/midiparser MIDI parsing library
tmont/phroxy on Packagist tmont/phroxy Proxy generator that supports interception of method calls
tmquang6805/phalex on Packagist tmquang6805/phalex Library build on top PhalconPHP Framework
tmsolution/cron-bundle on Packagist tmsolution/cron-bundle Symfony2 bundle for logging
tmsolution/form-filter-bundle on Packagist tmsolution/form-filter-bundle
tmsolution/model-bundle on Packagist tmsolution/model-bundle Symfony2 bundle for model
tmsolution/prototype-bundle on Packagist tmsolution/prototype-bundle Symfony2 bundle for prototype
tmtm/habrahabr_api on Packagist tmtm/habrahabr_api Официальный клиент для работы с API сайтов habrahabr.ru и geektimes.ru
tmz/schemas on Packagist tmz/schemas Schemas for all TMZ apps and components.
tnarik/rocketeer-database on Packagist tnarik/rocketeer-database Database plugin for Rocketeer
tnarik/rocketeer-environment on Packagist tnarik/rocketeer-environment Environment plugin for Rocketeer
toa/apc-bundle on Packagist toa/apc-bundle Apc Bundle for Symfony2
toa/framework-extra-bundle on Packagist toa/framework-extra-bundle This bundle provides some missing features for the symfony standard edition
toa/validator on Packagist toa/validator Toa Validator Component
toa/validator-bundle on Packagist toa/validator-bundle Validator Bundle for Symfony2
toastnz/open-graph-meta on Packagist toastnz/open-graph-meta Silverstripe Open Graph Module
toastnz/silvershop-api on Packagist toastnz/silvershop-api Silverstripe Shop (Silvershop) API
toastnz/toast-seo on Packagist toastnz/toast-seo Silverstripe SEO Module
toastnz/twitter-card-meta on Packagist toastnz/twitter-card-meta Silverstripe Twitter Card Module
tobai/magento2-geo-ip2 on Packagist tobai/magento2-geo-ip2 Integrate MaxMind GeoIP2 DB into Magento 2.
tobiassjosten/boris-loader on Packagist tobiassjosten/boris-loader Loads project specific contexts into Boris REPL
tobiassjosten/facebook-service-provider on Packagist tobiassjosten/facebook-service-provider Silex ServiceProvider for the Facebook SDK
tobiassjosten/responsible-service-provider on Packagist tobiassjosten/responsible-service-provider A Silex ServiceProvider for automagic response formatting.
tobiassjosten/thetvdb-bundle on Packagist tobiassjosten/thetvdb-bundle Symfony2 bundle for the TheTVDB.com API library
tobie/ua-parser on Packagist tobie/ua-parser A multi-language port of Browserscope's user agent parser.
tobscure/json-api on Packagist tobscure/json-api JSON-API responses in PHP
tobytes/colophoneticphp on Packagist tobytes/colophoneticphp A class for retrieving the cologne phonetic (Kölner Phonetik) value of a string.
tobz/fast-route on Packagist tobz/fast-route Fast request router for PHP
toddish/verify on Packagist toddish/verify A simple authentication bundle for Laravel 4/5. It features roles, permissions, password salting and is fully extendable.
toddmcbrearty/frametools on Packagist toddmcbrearty/frametools
toddmcbrearty/subdomain on Packagist toddmcbrearty/subdomain
tohmua/consolidare on Packagist tohmua/consolidare Consolidare merge tool
tohmua/slk581 on Packagist tohmua/slk581 Generate SLK581 codes
toiine/couchbasebundle on Packagist toiine/couchbasebundle Symfony2 bundle to manipulate Couchbase Documents.
toin0u/cakephp-codesniffer on Packagist toin0u/cakephp-codesniffer CakePHP CodeSniffer Standards
toin0u/digitalocean on Packagist toin0u/digitalocean DigitalOcean API PHP 5.3+ library
toin0u/digitalocean-bundle on Packagist toin0u/digitalocean-bundle Integration of DigitalOcean into Symfony2
toin0u/digitalocean-laravel on Packagist toin0u/digitalocean-laravel DigitalOcean API PHP 5.3+ library for Laravel 4
toin0u/digitalocean-silex on Packagist toin0u/digitalocean-silex DigitalOcean API PHP 5.3+ library for Silex
toin0u/geocoder-laravel on Packagist toin0u/geocoder-laravel Geocoder Service Provider for Laravel
toin0u/geotools-laravel on Packagist toin0u/geotools-laravel Geo-related tools PHP library for Laravel 4 & 5
toin0u/geotools-silex on Packagist toin0u/geotools-silex Geo-related tools PHP 5.3 library for Silex
toin0u/http-adapter on Packagist toin0u/http-adapter HttpAdapter PHP 5.3+ library
toin0u/trustpilot on Packagist toin0u/trustpilot Trustpilot wrapper PHP 5.3+ library
tokenly/accounts-client on Packagist tokenly/accounts-client A Laravel package for applications that wish to use Tokenly Tokenpass for user authentication.
tokenly/api-client on Packagist tokenly/api-client A client to call Tokenly APIs
tokenly/asset-name-utils on Packagist tokenly/asset-name-utils A library to validate Counterparty asset names
tokenly/bitcoin-address-lib on Packagist tokenly/bitcoin-address-lib A bitcoin address helper library
tokenly/bitcoin-currency-lib on Packagist tokenly/bitcoin-currency-lib A bitcoin currency and quantity value library
tokenly/bitcoin-payer on Packagist tokenly/bitcoin-payer A bitcoin payment library
tokenly/bvam-api-client on Packagist tokenly/bvam-api-client A client to call Tokenly BVAM APIs
tokenly/consul-health-daemon on Packagist tokenly/consul-health-daemon A library to monitor services health and report to consul
tokenly/copay-client on Packagist tokenly/copay-client A Copay protocol client
tokenly/counterparty-asset-info-cache on Packagist tokenly/counterparty-asset-info-cache Fetches and caches counterparty asset information
tokenly/counterparty-sender on Packagist tokenly/counterparty-sender A library
tokenly/counterparty-transaction-composer on Packagist tokenly/counterparty-transaction-composer Composes counterparty and bitcoin transactions