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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
wildphp/wild-irc-bot on Packagist wildphp/wild-irc-bot A modular IRC bot written in PHP
wilensky/bitmask-trait on Packagist wilensky/bitmask-trait Universal PHP7 trait that provides easy bitmask management and integration
willdurand/email-reply-parser on Packagist willdurand/email-reply-parser Port of the cool GitHub's EmailReplyParser library in PHP 5.3
willdurand/faker-bundle on Packagist willdurand/faker-bundle Put the awesome Faker lib into the DIC and populate your database with fake data.
willdurand/geocoder on Packagist willdurand/geocoder The almost missing Geocoder PHP 5.4 library.
willdurand/geocoder-bundle on Packagist willdurand/geocoder-bundle Integration of Geocoder into Symfony
willdurand/hateoas on Packagist willdurand/hateoas A PHP library to support implementing representations for HATEOAS REST web services
willdurand/hateoas-bundle on Packagist willdurand/hateoas-bundle Integration of Hateoas into Symfony2.
willdurand/jquery-ui-bundle on Packagist willdurand/jquery-ui-bundle A set of Twig functions and PHP helpers for Jquery UI.
willdurand/js-translation-bundle on Packagist willdurand/js-translation-bundle A pretty nice way to expose your translation messages to your JavaScript.
willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator on Packagist willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator JSONP callback validator.
willdurand/negotiation on Packagist willdurand/negotiation Content Negotiation tools for PHP provided as a standalone library.
willdurand/nmap on Packagist willdurand/nmap nmap is a PHP wrapper for Nmap, a free security scanner for network exploration.
willdurand/oauth-server-bundle on Packagist willdurand/oauth-server-bundle Server side implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol based on RFC 5849
willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-behavior Integrates the Symfony2 EventDispatcher component in your Model classes.
willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-bundle on Packagist willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-bundle Integrates the Propel EventDispatcherBehavior into Symfony2.
willdurand/propel-geocodable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-geocodable-behavior The GeocodableBehavior helps you build geo-aware applications. It automatically geocodes your models when they are saved, giving you the ability to search by location and calculate distances between records.
willdurand/propel-publishable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-publishable-behavior
willdurand/propel-statemachine-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-statemachine-behavior Adds a finite state machine to your model.
willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior Insane Propel behavior that helps you to be compliant with third-party interfaces by adding type hint to generated methods.
willdurand/rest-extra-bundle on Packagist willdurand/rest-extra-bundle This bundle provides extra features for your REST APIs built using Symfony2.
willgarcia/silex-api-boilerplate on Packagist willgarcia/silex-api-boilerplate Silex application for getting started with your API.
willgriffin/mariablockchain on Packagist willgriffin/mariablockchain
willgriffin/mariainterface on Packagist willgriffin/mariainterface
williamknauss/string on Packagist williamknauss/string PHP 5.3 Fluent String Interface
williamn/pokeapi-php on Packagist williamn/pokeapi-php Pokéapi PHP wrapper
williamokano/mega-sena on Packagist williamokano/mega-sena Busca os dados da mega-sena
williamoliveira/eloquent-array-query-builder on Packagist williamoliveira/eloquent-array-query-builder Query Laravel Eloquent with and array
williamson/tplinksmartplug on Packagist williamson/tplinksmartplug A PHP library to control and receive information from a TP-Link smartplug.
williancarminato/google-cse-bundle on Packagist williancarminato/google-cse-bundle A Symfony2 Bundle who uses Google Custom Search API
williancarminato/respect-relational-silex-provider on Packagist williancarminato/respect-relational-silex-provider Respect Relational Service Provider to use with Silex microframework
willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield on Packagist willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield Provides an interface for you to generate thumbnails of things in the CMS. Adapters can be used to extend the functionality to thumbnail videos, PDF documents, etc.
willskates/arrayfetcher on Packagist willskates/arrayfetcher A simple library loads arrays from different source files of different types.
willskates/dictionaryapi on Packagist willskates/dictionaryapi On-demand definition source.
willskates/ermahgerd on Packagist willskates/ermahgerd ERMAHGERD! A SERMPL PHP INLERSH TER ERMAHGERD TRERNSLERTER CLERS.
willskates/translator on Packagist willskates/translator Translator is a very simple string translation library for PHP.
willwh/getid3 on Packagist willwh/getid3 This fork of GetId3 library updates to PSR-2 / PSR-4 CS, adds namespaces and makes it installable by composer.
wilmoore/attributes.php on Packagist wilmoore/attributes.php minimal object attributes for PHP.
wilr/silverstripe-googlesitemaps on Packagist wilr/silverstripe-googlesitemaps SilverStripe support for the Google Sitemaps XML, enabling Google and other search engines to see all urls on your site. This helps your SilverStripe website rank well in search engines, and to encourage the information on your site to be discovered quick
wiltongarcia/picofeed on Packagist wiltongarcia/picofeed Modern library to handle RSS/Atom feeds
wimg/php-compatibility on Packagist wimg/php-compatibility This is a set of sniffs for PHP_CodeSniffer that checks for PHP version compatibility.
windvalley/barcode on Packagist windvalley/barcode Barcode generator like Qr Code , PDF417,C39, C39+,C39E,C39E+,C93,S25,S25+,I25,I25+,C128,C128A,C128B,C128C,2-Digits UPC-Based Extention,5-Digits UPC-Based Extention,EAN 8,EAN 13,UPC-A,UPC-E,MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
windwalker/application on Packagist windwalker/application Windwalker Application package
windwalker/authenticate on Packagist windwalker/authenticate Windwalker Authenticate package
windwalker/authentication on Packagist windwalker/authentication Windwalker Authentication package
windwalker/authorisation on Packagist windwalker/authorisation Windwalker Authorisation package
windwalker/cache on Packagist windwalker/cache Windwalker Cache package
windwalker/compare on Packagist windwalker/compare Windwalker Compare package
windwalker/console on Packagist windwalker/console Windwalker Controller package
windwalker/controller on Packagist windwalker/controller Windwalker Controller package
windwalker/crypt on Packagist windwalker/crypt Windwalker Crypt package
windwalker/data on Packagist windwalker/data Windwalker Data package
windwalker/database on Packagist windwalker/database Windwalker Database package
windwalker/datamapper on Packagist windwalker/datamapper Windwalker DataMapper package
windwalker/di on Packagist windwalker/di Windwalker DI package
windwalker/dom on Packagist windwalker/dom Windwalker Dom package
windwalker/edge on Packagist windwalker/edge Windwalker Edge package, a blade compatible template engine.
windwalker/environment on Packagist windwalker/environment Windwalker Environment package
windwalker/event on Packagist windwalker/event Windwalker Event package
windwalker/filesystem on Packagist windwalker/filesystem Windwalker Filesystem package
windwalker/filter on Packagist windwalker/filter Windwalker Filter package
windwalker/form on Packagist windwalker/form Windwalker Form package
windwalker/framework on Packagist windwalker/framework A Modern PHP framework.
windwalker/html on Packagist windwalker/html Windwalker Html package
windwalker/io on Packagist windwalker/io Windwalker IO package
windwalker/joomla-rad on Packagist windwalker/joomla-rad Rapido de la vento viro.
windwalker/language on Packagist windwalker/language Windwalker Language package
windwalker/loader on Packagist windwalker/loader Windwalker Loader package
windwalker/middleware on Packagist windwalker/middleware Windwalker Middleware package
windwalker/model on Packagist windwalker/model Windwalker Model package
windwalker/profiler on Packagist windwalker/profiler Windwalker Profiler package
windwalker/query on Packagist windwalker/query Windwalker Query package
windwalker/record on Packagist windwalker/record Windwalker Record package
windwalker/registry on Packagist windwalker/registry Windwalker Registry package
windwalker/renderer on Packagist windwalker/renderer Windwalker Renderer package
windwalker/router on Packagist windwalker/router Windwalker Router package
windwalker/session on Packagist windwalker/session Windwalker Session package
windwalker/string on Packagist windwalker/string Windwalker String package
windwalker/structure on Packagist windwalker/structure Windwalker Structure package
windwalker/test on Packagist windwalker/test Windwalker Test package
windwalker/uri on Packagist windwalker/uri Windwalker Uri package
windwalker/utilities on Packagist windwalker/utilities Windwalker Utilities package
windwalker/validator on Packagist windwalker/validator Windwalker Validator package
windwalker/view on Packagist windwalker/view Windwalker View package
winglian/twigbridge on Packagist winglian/twigbridge Adds the power of Twig to Laravel
wingsline/inuitcss on Packagist wingsline/inuitcss inuit.css helpers and pagination for Laravel 4
winnerpicker/instagram-sdk on Packagist winnerpicker/instagram-sdk Instagram SDK
winzou/console-bundle on Packagist winzou/console-bundle This bundle allows you accessing the symfony2 console via your browser
winzou/contact-bundle on Packagist winzou/contact-bundle Event-based contact bundle
wiosna-dev/form-element on Packagist wiosna-dev/form-element Simple form component
wiosna-dev/html-element on Packagist wiosna-dev/html-element Simple PHP abstraction for HTML creation.
wipkip/html-object on Packagist wipkip/html-object A set of classes to create and manipulate HTML objects abstractions, forked from Anahkiasen's html-object.
wiredmedia/to-inline-style-email-bundle on Packagist wiredmedia/to-inline-style-email-bundle A Symfony2 bundle for using the CssToInlineStyles translator by tijsverkoyen
wiremock-php/wiremock-php on Packagist wiremock-php/wiremock-php PHP API for WireMock JSON interface
wise/wise on Packagist wise/wise The Wise Framework
wisembly/calendart on Packagist wisembly/calendart Manage remote calendars (google, office 365, ...) through an unified api
wisembly/clearbit-php on Packagist wisembly/clearbit-php Clearbit API client
wisembly/elephant.io on Packagist wisembly/elephant.io Send events to a websocket real time engine though PHP
wisembly/excelant on Packagist wisembly/excelant
wisembly/intercom-php on Packagist wisembly/intercom-php