HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
whitecap/ioc on Packagist whitecap/ioc An Inversion of Control library that attempts to respect the Law Of Demeter and relies on as little configuration as possible.
whitecap/router on Packagist whitecap/router A small and efficient web routing library.
whitekross/wp-badge-poser on Packagist whitekross/wp-badge-poser PugX Badge Poser For Wordpress
whiteplus/csv on Packagist whiteplus/csv Multibyte-Text supported CSV reader and writer
whiterabbit/cakephp-utils on Packagist whiterabbit/cakephp-utils Some utils for CakePHP 3.x like an Uploadable Behaviour for AmazonS3
whoisdoma/core on Packagist whoisdoma/core the Whoisdoma api core
whoisdoma/installer on Packagist whoisdoma/installer the Whoisdoma core installer
whyounes/laravel-passwordless-auth on Packagist whyounes/laravel-passwordless-auth Laravel passwordless authentication for Laravel
whyounes/laravel-two-factor-auth on Packagist whyounes/laravel-two-factor-auth Laravel two factor authentication
wiakowe/csv-reader on Packagist wiakowe/csv-reader Simple set of classes to read a csv file.
wiakowe/form-bundle on Packagist wiakowe/form-bundle A bundle which contains helper form types to aid our needs: "choice with disabled options", "jquery minicolors colorpicker".
wibleh/crummy on Packagist wibleh/crummy A simple, no-frills breadcrumbs package for Laravel
wibleh/messagely on Packagist wibleh/messagely A success/error message package for Laravel
wick-ed/semcrement on Packagist wick-ed/semcrement Small PHP tool to test how the semantic version number should be incemented
widefocus/feed-csv-writer on Packagist widefocus/feed-csv-writer This package contains the implementation to write a CSV feed.
widefocus/feed-entity on Packagist widefocus/feed-entity This package contains entities to describe the structure of a feed.
widefocus/feed-source on Packagist widefocus/feed-source This package contains models to supply feed data.
widefocus/feed-source-builder on Packagist widefocus/feed-source-builder This package contains models to build a feed source based on a feed entity.
widefocus/feed-writer on Packagist widefocus/feed-writer This package contains models to write a feed.
widefocus/feed-writer-builder on Packagist widefocus/feed-writer-builder This package contains models to build a feed writer based on a feed entity.
widefocus/filter on Packagist widefocus/filter This package contains filters to transform values.
widefocus/parameters on Packagist widefocus/parameters A parameter bag implementation.
widefocus/validator on Packagist widefocus/validator This package contains validators to validate values.
widerfunnel/oauth2-optimizely on Packagist widerfunnel/oauth2-optimizely Optimizely OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
widerfunnel/optimizely-sdk on Packagist widerfunnel/optimizely-sdk Optimizely API PHP SDK
widget/widget on Packagist widget/widget A micro-framework provided powerful and simple APIs for faster and easier PHP 5.3+ development.
widi/router on Packagist widi/router Router component
widmogrod/data-grid on Packagist widmogrod/data-grid DataGrid is simple library for presentation different kinds of tabular data
widmogrod/php-functional on Packagist widmogrod/php-functional Functors, Applicative and Monads are fascinating concept. Purpose of this library is to explore them in OOP PHP world.
widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module on Packagist widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module Zend Framework 2 module that provides complete integration of Assetic library
widmogrod/zf2-rest-api-documentator on Packagist widmogrod/zf2-rest-api-documentator Module generating REST API documentation
widmogrod/zf2-semi-http-cache on Packagist widmogrod/zf2-semi-http-cache ZF2 HTTP Cache
widop/framework-extra-bundle on Packagist widop/framework-extra-bundle An extension to Symfony2 FrameworkBundle that adds annotation configuration for Controller classes.
widop/github-hook-provider on Packagist widop/github-hook-provider Github WebHook job with Silex
widop/google-analytics on Packagist widop/google-analytics Google certificate-based authentication in server-to-server interactions with google analytics
widop/google-analytics-bundle on Packagist widop/google-analytics-bundle Google certificate-based authentication in server-to-server interactions with google analytics
widop/http-adapter on Packagist widop/http-adapter Issue HTTP request.
widop/http-adapter-bundle on Packagist widop/http-adapter-bundle Issue HTTP request.
widop/twig-extensions-bundle on Packagist widop/twig-extensions-bundle Provides awesome TWIG extensions for your Symfony2 project.
widop/twitter-oauth on Packagist widop/twitter-oauth Twitter OAuth API for PHP 5.3+
widop/twitter-options on Packagist widop/twitter-options Twitter Options API for PHP 5.3+
widop/twitter-rest on Packagist widop/twitter-rest Twitter REST API for PHP 5.3+
wikibase/data-model on Packagist wikibase/data-model PHP implementation of the Wikibase DataModel
wikibase/data-model-javascript on Packagist wikibase/data-model-javascript Wikibase datamodel implementation in JavaScript
wikibase/data-model-serialization on Packagist wikibase/data-model-serialization Serializers and deserializers for the Wikibase DataModel
wikibase/database on Packagist wikibase/database A simple database abstraction layer
wikibase/entity-store on Packagist wikibase/entity-store
wikibase/internal-serialization on Packagist wikibase/internal-serialization Serializers and deserializers for the data access layer of Wikibase Repository
wikibase/query on Packagist wikibase/query Extension to Wikibase Repo that adds the ability to define and execute queries
wikibase/serialization-javascript on Packagist wikibase/serialization-javascript Wikibase datamodel serialization implementation in JavaScript
wikibase/wikibase on Packagist wikibase/wikibase Structured data repository for MediaWiki
wikichua/alert on Packagist wikichua/alert A very simple alert messager for Laravel 4 with twitter bootstrap
wikidata/browser-tests on Packagist wikidata/browser-tests Browsertests for Wikidata
wikidata/wikidata on Packagist wikidata/wikidata Wikidata build, including related components used for wikidata.org.
wikidi/mrdao on Packagist wikidi/mrdao (Simpler) DAO and Documents layer for Mongo, Mysql
wikifab/chameleon-skin on Packagist wikifab/chameleon-skin A highly flexible MediaWiki skin using Twitter Bootstrap 3
wikimart/log4php-graylog2 on Packagist wikimart/log4php-graylog2 Log4php appenders and layouts for compatibility with graylog2
wikimedia/assert on Packagist wikimedia/assert Provides runtime assertions
wikimedia/deadlinkchecker on Packagist wikimedia/deadlinkchecker Library for checking if a given link is dead or alive
wikisource/api on Packagist wikisource/api A PHP API to Wikisources (all languages).
wilbros/slash on Packagist wilbros/slash
wildhoney/xpath-document on Packagist wildhoney/xpath-document Friendlier XPath extension of DOMDocument for those fluent in beloved XPath!
wildlyinaccurate/google-suggestqueries-api on Packagist wildlyinaccurate/google-suggestqueries-api PHP library for retrieving suggestions from Google's suggestqueries API
wildlyinaccurate/rpminfo on Packagist wildlyinaccurate/rpminfo Library for retrieving information about RPM packages.
wildphp/wild-irc-bot on Packagist wildphp/wild-irc-bot A modular IRC bot written in PHP
wilensky/bitmask-trait on Packagist wilensky/bitmask-trait Universal PHP7 trait that provides easy bitmask management and integration
willdurand/email-reply-parser on Packagist willdurand/email-reply-parser Port of the cool GitHub's EmailReplyParser library in PHP 5.3
willdurand/faker-bundle on Packagist willdurand/faker-bundle Put the awesome Faker lib into the DIC and populate your database with fake data.
willdurand/geocoder on Packagist willdurand/geocoder The almost missing Geocoder PHP 5.4 library.
willdurand/geocoder-bundle on Packagist willdurand/geocoder-bundle Integration of Geocoder into Symfony
willdurand/hateoas on Packagist willdurand/hateoas A PHP library to support implementing representations for HATEOAS REST web services
willdurand/hateoas-bundle on Packagist willdurand/hateoas-bundle Integration of Hateoas into Symfony2.
willdurand/jquery-ui-bundle on Packagist willdurand/jquery-ui-bundle A set of Twig functions and PHP helpers for Jquery UI.
willdurand/js-translation-bundle on Packagist willdurand/js-translation-bundle A pretty nice way to expose your translation messages to your JavaScript.
willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator on Packagist willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator JSONP callback validator.
willdurand/negotiation on Packagist willdurand/negotiation Content Negotiation tools for PHP provided as a standalone library.
willdurand/nmap on Packagist willdurand/nmap nmap is a PHP wrapper for Nmap, a free security scanner for network exploration.
willdurand/oauth-server-bundle on Packagist willdurand/oauth-server-bundle Server side implementation of the OAuth 1.0 protocol based on RFC 5849
willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-behavior Integrates the Symfony2 EventDispatcher component in your Model classes.
willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-bundle on Packagist willdurand/propel-eventdispatcher-bundle Integrates the Propel EventDispatcherBehavior into Symfony2.
willdurand/propel-geocodable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-geocodable-behavior The GeocodableBehavior helps you build geo-aware applications. It automatically geocodes your models when they are saved, giving you the ability to search by location and calculate distances between records.
willdurand/propel-publishable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-publishable-behavior
willdurand/propel-statemachine-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-statemachine-behavior Adds a finite state machine to your model.
willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior Insane Propel behavior that helps you to be compliant with third-party interfaces by adding type hint to generated methods.
willdurand/rest-extra-bundle on Packagist willdurand/rest-extra-bundle This bundle provides extra features for your REST APIs built using Symfony2.
willgarcia/silex-api-boilerplate on Packagist willgarcia/silex-api-boilerplate Silex application for getting started with your API.
willgriffin/mariablockchain on Packagist willgriffin/mariablockchain
willgriffin/mariainterface on Packagist willgriffin/mariainterface
williamknauss/string on Packagist williamknauss/string PHP 5.3 Fluent String Interface
williamn/pokeapi-php on Packagist williamn/pokeapi-php Pokéapi PHP wrapper
williamokano/mega-sena on Packagist williamokano/mega-sena Busca os dados da mega-sena
williamoliveira/eloquent-array-query-builder on Packagist williamoliveira/eloquent-array-query-builder Query Laravel Eloquent with and array
williamson/tplinksmartplug on Packagist williamson/tplinksmartplug A PHP library to control and receive information from a TP-Link smartplug.
williancarminato/google-cse-bundle on Packagist williancarminato/google-cse-bundle A Symfony2 Bundle who uses Google Custom Search API
williancarminato/respect-relational-silex-provider on Packagist williancarminato/respect-relational-silex-provider Respect Relational Service Provider to use with Silex microframework
willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield on Packagist willmorgan/silverstripe-cropperfield Provides an interface for you to generate thumbnails of things in the CMS. Adapters can be used to extend the functionality to thumbnail videos, PDF documents, etc.
willskates/arrayfetcher on Packagist willskates/arrayfetcher A simple library loads arrays from different source files of different types.
willskates/dictionaryapi on Packagist willskates/dictionaryapi On-demand definition source.
willskates/ermahgerd on Packagist willskates/ermahgerd ERMAHGERD! A SERMPL PHP INLERSH TER ERMAHGERD TRERNSLERTER CLERS.
willskates/translator on Packagist willskates/translator Translator is a very simple string translation library for PHP.