HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
acelot/resolver on Packagist acelot/resolver Dependency auto resolver for PHP 7
acgrid/assert on Packagist acgrid/assert Thin assertion library for input validation in business models.
acgrid/rdb-helper on Packagist acgrid/rdb-helper Deal with differences within PHP RDBMS APIs. Also provide facade class for global access. It does not try to generalize or simplify writing SQL.
achrafsoltani/migration-service-provider on Packagist achrafsoltani/migration-service-provider Doctrine migration service provider for Silex. Based on knplabs/migration-service-provider
achrome/conphig on Packagist achrome/conphig A simple PHP Configuration manager
achse/datetime-format-tools on Packagist achse/datetime-format-tools Small library of tools for manipulation with PHP DateTime format pattern.
achse/geth-jsonrpc-php-client on Packagist achse/geth-jsonrpc-php-client API client lib for communication with geth (go-ethereum) node.
achse/json-assert on Packagist achse/json-assert Assert-tool for Nette Tester to asserting JSONs.
achse/nette-date-time-input on Packagist achse/nette-date-time-input My custom DateTime Input implementation for Nette Forms.
achse/nette-date-time-interval-input on Packagist achse/nette-date-time-interval-input DateTimeInterval Input implementation for Nette Forms.
achse/nette-money-input on Packagist achse/nette-money-input Nette forms input for money values.
achse/nette-tag-input on Packagist achse/nette-tag-input Form component for tag-input label.
achse/php-comparable-interface on Packagist achse/php-comparable-interface IComparable interface and ComparisonMethods trait.
achse/php-math-interval on Packagist achse/php-math-interval Implementation of mathematical Intervals in PHP. Creation of this was motivated by working with opening hours and other time intervals.
achse/php-shapeshift-io-api on Packagist achse/php-shapeshift-io-api API library for PHP for shapeshift.io service.
achse/system-constants on Packagist achse/system-constants
achse/template-helper on Packagist achse/template-helper
acid-solutions/input-sanitizer on Packagist acid-solutions/input-sanitizer Input sanitizer to convert strings to booleans, numbers etc.
acid/acid on Packagist acid/acid Acid Testing Framework
acid/mockery on Packagist acid/mockery Acid Mockery Extension
acid/prophecy on Packagist acid/prophecy Acid Prophecy Extension
acid/symfony on Packagist acid/symfony Acid Symfony Extension
acid/ticket on Packagist acid/ticket Acid Ticket Extension
acid/zeromq on Packagist acid/zeromq Acid ZeroMQ Extension
acidjazz/larjectus on Packagist acidjazz/larjectus Adds the power of objectus to Laravel and Lumen
acidjazz/larpug on Packagist acidjazz/larpug Adds the power of Pug to Laravel
acirtautas/oxid-module-internals on Packagist acirtautas/oxid-module-internals OXID eShop module system helper tools
ackintosh/benchy on Packagist ackintosh/benchy simple Benchmark tool
ackintosh/higher on Packagist ackintosh/higher ORM library
ackintosh/php-bar-navi on Packagist ackintosh/php-bar-navi BAR-NAVI shop search API library
ackintosh/snidel on Packagist ackintosh/snidel A multi-process container. It looks like multi-thread-ish.
ackintosh/toumi on Packagist ackintosh/toumi Library to include the legacy code.
aclivo/kpi on Packagist aclivo/kpi key performance indicator library
acmephp/acmephp on Packagist acmephp/acmephp Let's Encrypt client written in PHP
acmephp/core on Packagist acmephp/core Raw implementation of the ACME protocol in PHP
acne/acne on Packagist acne/acne Simple DI Container for PHP < 5.3
acosf/archersys on Packagist acosf/archersys The ArcherVMPeridot System Repo
acosf/pdflint on Packagist acosf/pdflint A PHP Based Word Processor For The Web
acostes/php-redis-timeseries on Packagist acostes/php-redis-timeseries PHP library to store time series analytics data into Redis
acp3/cms on Packagist acp3/cms ACP3 is a highly customizable and easy to use web content management system based on PHP5 and MySQL.
acpmasquerade/sms-counter-php on Packagist acpmasquerade/sms-counter-php SMS Counter PHP Class Library which detects encoding of an SMS message text, counts the characters as per the encoding and gives page limit information.
acquia/acquia-sdk-php on Packagist acquia/acquia-sdk-php The Acquia SDK for PHP allows developers to build applications on top of Acquia services.
acquia/acquia-search-proxy on Packagist acquia/acquia-search-proxy A web service proxy for the Acquia Search service
acquia/blt on Packagist acquia/blt BLT
acquia/blt-project on Packagist acquia/blt-project Project template for Drupal 8 sites built with BLT.
acquia/df on Packagist acquia/df A framework for demoing enterprise-ready Drupal solutions.
acquia/df-project on Packagist acquia/df-project A package builder for Demo Framework.
acquia/hmac-request on Packagist acquia/hmac-request Signs HTTP requests using a HMAC digest
acquia/lightning on Packagist acquia/lightning The best of Drupal, curated by Acquia
acquia/lightning-project on Packagist acquia/lightning-project Project template for Drupal 8 sites built with the Lightning distribution.
acquia/pingdom-api on Packagist acquia/pingdom-api A PHP library for interacting with the Pingdom REST API.
acquia/zendesk-api on Packagist acquia/zendesk-api A PHP library for interacting with the Zendesk REST API.
acquiropay/sdk on Packagist acquiropay/sdk
acredula/percy on Packagist acredula/percy Repository, Storage and DataMapper abstraction to aid in the building of Web Applications and RESTful APIs.
acrnogor/silex-five-pager on Packagist acrnogor/silex-five-pager A custom form of lyrixx/silex-kitchen-edition. This project is a base for your silex applications.
acrobat/recaptcha-bundle on Packagist acrobat/recaptcha-bundle This bundle provides easy integration of Recaptcha into symfony2
acromedia/drupalorange-project-template on Packagist acromedia/drupalorange-project-template AcroMedia's Commerce 2.x project template
acs/acspanel-core on Packagist acs/acspanel-core ACSPanel core bundle. It integrates all other bundles into full stack Symfony2 Server Administration solution.
acs/acspanel-standard on Packagist acs/acspanel-standard The server administration tool written in Symfony2
actimeo/pgproc on Packagist actimeo/pgproc Call PostgreSQL PL/PgSQL procedures from PHP
actinoids/api-suite-bundle on Packagist actinoids/api-suite-bundle API Suite Bundle for Symfony2 projects
actinoids/modlr-rest-odm on Packagist actinoids/modlr-rest-odm Simplified PHP library for fast and efficient RESTful API for MongoDB. Designed for use with front end web frameworks such as EmberJS.
actionm/laravel-unitpay on Packagist actionm/laravel-unitpay UnitPay payments for Laravel
actionm/laravel-webmoney-merchant on Packagist actionm/laravel-webmoney-merchant WebMoneyMerchant payments for Laravel
activecollab/authentication on Packagist activecollab/authentication Authenticate user
activecollab/bootstrap on Packagist activecollab/bootstrap All packages and code that is needed to glue them together for a typical PHP project
activecollab/configfile on Packagist activecollab/configfile Get constants from a configuration file written in PHP
activecollab/configrepository on Packagist activecollab/configrepository Configuration repository
activecollab/controller on Packagist activecollab/controller Invokeable controller that accepts containers, works with ETag and more
activecollab/cookies on Packagist activecollab/cookies Easily get and set cookies
activecollab/databaseconnection on Packagist activecollab/databaseconnection A couple of simple helper methods wrapped around MySQLi connection
activecollab/databasemigrations on Packagist activecollab/databasemigrations Database schema migrations
activecollab/databaseobject on Packagist activecollab/databaseobject Library that enables easy persistance of objects to the MySQL 5.7+ database
activecollab/databasestructure on Packagist activecollab/databasestructure Define database structure in PHP and let the library generate object classes and tables
activecollab/datevalue on Packagist activecollab/datevalue Simple extension to Carbon that makes distinction between date and date-time objects
activecollab/dummypaymentgateway on Packagist activecollab/dummypaymentgateway Abstract interface for preparing orders and processing payments
activecollab/etag on Packagist activecollab/etag Tag objects and collections using etag
activecollab/etcd on Packagist activecollab/etcd etcd client with minimal dependencies
activecollab/eventsdispatcher on Packagist activecollab/eventsdispatcher Dispatch events, and provide event handlers
activecollab/exec on Packagist activecollab/exec Local and remote command execution abstraction
activecollab/filesystem on Packagist activecollab/filesystem Work with local or remote Unix filesystem
activecollab/humannameparser on Packagist activecollab/humannameparser Takes human names of arbitrary complexity and various formats leading initial, first name, last name, middle name, nicknames etc
activecollab/insight on Packagist activecollab/insight Simple user engagement tracking library
activecollab/jobsqueue on Packagist activecollab/jobsqueue Simple jobs queue
activecollab/logger on Packagist activecollab/logger PSR-3 logger that is easy to plug in Active Collab components
activecollab/memories on Packagist activecollab/memories Simple key value persistence
activecollab/middlewarestack on Packagist activecollab/middlewarestack Port of Slim's middleware stack implementation as a stand-alone package
activecollab/object on Packagist activecollab/object Object interface is shared across all Active Collab objects and helps us identify them
activecollab/payments on Packagist activecollab/payments Abstract interface for preparing orders and processing payments
activecollab/promises on Packagist activecollab/promises Server side promises
activecollab/qbo-wrapper on Packagist activecollab/qbo-wrapper Quickbooks online API wrapper
activecollab/resistance on Packagist activecollab/resistance Resistance is a simple Redis key manager for PHP. It does not try to be a fully featured ORM, just to make keyspace management easier.
activecollab/templateengine on Packagist activecollab/templateengine Component that abstracts template engines and offers easy to use PHP template engine
activecollab/user on Packagist activecollab/user User interface
activecollab/utils on Packagist activecollab/utils A collection of small, useful components
activelamp/taxonomy-bundle on Packagist activelamp/taxonomy-bundle Create vocabularies and terms with this bundle.
activpik/entity-manager-generator-bundle on Packagist activpik/entity-manager-generator-bundle Entity Manager Generator bundle for Symfony 2
acts/external-login-bundle on Packagist acts/external-login-bundle A bundle which allows users to log in using Facebook, Twitter, Google and Raven (Cambridge University). A bridge between acts/social-api-bundle and the Symfony2 security component.
acts/social-api-bundle on Packagist acts/social-api-bundle A bundle for accessing data from OAuth 1/2 REST APIs. Provides an extendable list of methods for calling Facebook and Twitter APIs.
actuallymab/laravel-comment on Packagist actuallymab/laravel-comment Just another comment system for laravel projects.