HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
actualwave/callbacks on Packagist actualwave/callbacks Family of callback wrappers with shared interface
actualwave/events on Packagist actualwave/events Includes Event, EventDispatcher classes and IEventDispatcher interface for events support.
actualwave/object on Packagist actualwave/object Non dynamic base Object class with getters/setters implementation
acumensa/odbc-driver on Packagist acumensa/odbc-driver
acvos/bubbles on Packagist acvos/bubbles Bubbles DI Container
ad7six/dsn on Packagist ad7six/dsn A utility for parsing and generating service DSNs
ad7six/shadow-translate on Packagist ad7six/shadow-translate Manage translated content with shadow tables
ada-u/chocoflake on Packagist ada-u/chocoflake 64bit time based id generator
adagio/class-finder on Packagist adagio/class-finder Find classes in PHP source code.
adagio/middleware on Packagist adagio/middleware
adagio/serializer on Packagist adagio/serializer Simple zero-config (de)serialization API
adam-boduch/laravel-grid on Packagist adam-boduch/laravel-grid Laravel grid package
adam-lynch/simple-feature-detector on Packagist adam-lynch/simple-feature-detector A very lightweight dependency-free feature-detector
adam-paterson/api-client-foundation on Packagist adam-paterson/api-client-foundation
adambisek/gulp-assets on Packagist adambisek/gulp-assets
adambisek/secured-links on Packagist adambisek/secured-links Package secures Nette Framework signals against CSRF attack.
adambrett/backup on Packagist adambrett/backup Automated remote backups
adambrett/natural-clock on Packagist adambrett/natural-clock A clock that tells the time like a human
adambrett/router on Packagist adambrett/router Simple, flexible, powerful, super fast, stand-alone router
adambrett/shell-wrapper on Packagist adambrett/shell-wrapper An object oriented wrapper for shell commands
adambrett/skeleton on Packagist adambrett/skeleton A quick-start skeleton for library and application development
adamculp/announcer on Packagist adamculp/announcer Lightweight email announcer/newsletter sending application.
adamculp/api-consumer on Packagist adamculp/api-consumer Basic API wrapper for dealing with Mashery and other GET based APIs.
adamgoose/abstraction on Packagist adamgoose/abstraction Abstraction - Abstract
adamgoose/prismic-io on Packagist adamgoose/prismic-io Prismic.io for Laravel
adamgoose/saasframe on Packagist adamgoose/saasframe A Bootstrap for Subscription-Based SaaS Written in Laravel
adamiecradek/zf-simple-migrations on Packagist adamiecradek/zf-simple-migrations Module for database migrations management.
adamlc/address-format on Packagist adamlc/address-format A PHP library to parse street addresses to localized formats
adamlc/laravel-mandango on Packagist adamlc/laravel-mandango This small package will allow you to use the Mandango ODM in your Laravel application.
adamlc/lettercase on Packagist adamlc/lettercase A tool to convert from and to camelCase, snake_case, PascalCase and Path/Form
adamlc/twitter-search-builder on Packagist adamlc/twitter-search-builder A library to help the construction of twitter advanced search queries
adammbalogh/box-sdk on Packagist adammbalogh/box-sdk Unofficial Box.com Php Sdk
adammbalogh/key-value-store on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store Key-value store generic package. It contains abstractions.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-file on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-file Key-value file store through fire015/flintstone package.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-memcached on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-memcached Key-value memcached store through the memcached extension.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-memory on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-memory Key-value memory store through a simple php array.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-null on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-null Key-value null store package. It literally does nothing.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-redis on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-redis Key-value redis store through predis/predis package.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-replicator on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-replicator Key-value replicator adapter.
adammbalogh/key-value-store-shared-memory on Packagist adammbalogh/key-value-store-shared-memory Key-value shared memory store through php shared memory module.
adamnbowen/sanitize on Packagist adamnbowen/sanitize Sanitizes arbitrary objects and arrays.
adamnicholson/kyew on Packagist adamnicholson/kyew
adamquaile/behat-php-server-extension on Packagist adamquaile/behat-php-server-extension Extension to run PHP's built-in web server during tests
adamquaile/json-object-mapper on Packagist adamquaile/json-object-mapper Maps JSON files to PHP objects, intended for simple model separation and manual content authoring
adamquaile/symfony-fieldset-bundle on Packagist adamquaile/symfony-fieldset-bundle Fieldset Type in Symfony Forms
adamsmeat/helpers on Packagist adamsmeat/helpers
adamsmeat/javert on Packagist adamsmeat/javert authentication, authorization, oauth package
adamsmeat/output on Packagist adamsmeat/output template manager
adamsmeat/udi on Packagist adamsmeat/udi underscore dependency injection
adamstipak/nette-cqrs-commands on Packagist adamstipak/nette-cqrs-commands Simple CQRS Commands for Nette Framework
adamstipak/nette-rest-route on Packagist adamstipak/nette-rest-route Rest route for Nette Framework
adamstipak/webpay-php on Packagist adamstipak/webpay-php GP Webpay API Wrapper
adamwathan/bootforms on Packagist adamwathan/bootforms Just a Formbuilder with some Bootstrap specific conveniences. Remembers old input, retrieves error messages and handles all your boilerplate Bootstrap markup automatically.
adamwathan/eloquent-oauth on Packagist adamwathan/eloquent-oauth Stupid simple OAuth authentication with Laravel and Eloquent
adamwathan/eloquent-oauth-l4 on Packagist adamwathan/eloquent-oauth-l4 Stupid simple OAuth authentication with Laravel and Eloquent
adamwathan/eloquent-oauth-l5 on Packagist adamwathan/eloquent-oauth-l5 Stupid simple OAuth authentication with Laravel and Eloquent
adamwathan/form on Packagist adamwathan/form A basic framework agnostic form building package with a few extra niceties like remembering old input and retrieving error messages.
adaojunior/passport-social-grant on Packagist adaojunior/passport-social-grant Social guard for Laravel Passport
adayth/cakephp-cipher-behavior on Packagist adayth/cakephp-cipher-behavior Secure your DB data with CakePHP ORM and this behavior
adbutler/adbutler-php on Packagist adbutler/adbutler-php AdButler PHP Library
addiks/phpsql on Packagist addiks/phpsql SQL-database written in PHP
addshore/guzzle-mediawiki-client on Packagist addshore/guzzle-mediawiki-client A Mediawiki API client for Guzzle
adduc/memoize-apc on Packagist adduc/memoize-apc Memoize functionality backed by APC cache.
addwiki/addwiki on Packagist addwiki/addwiki A Mediawiki bot lib
addwiki/guzzle-mediawiki-client on Packagist addwiki/guzzle-mediawiki-client A Mediawiki API client for Guzzle
addwiki/mediawiki-api on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-api A MediaWiki API library
addwiki/mediawiki-api-base on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-api-base A basic Mediawiki api base library
addwiki/mediawiki-datamodel on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-datamodel A Mediawiki datamodel
addwiki/mediawiki-db on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-db A Mediawiki db lib
addwiki/mediawiki-dump on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-dump A Mediawiki dump lib
addwiki/wikibase-api on Packagist addwiki/wikibase-api A Wikibase api lib
adeb6600/geotools on Packagist adeb6600/geotools Geo-related tools PHP 5.3 library
adeb6600/geotools-laravel on Packagist adeb6600/geotools-laravel Geo-related tools PHP library for Laravel 4 & 5
adeira/compiler-extension on Packagist adeira/compiler-extension
adeira/csp on Packagist adeira/csp
adeira/monolog on Packagist adeira/monolog
adeira/presenter-factory on Packagist adeira/presenter-factory
adeira/rest-api on Packagist adeira/rest-api
adeira/workflow on Packagist adeira/workflow Workflow manager for PHP
adelowo/cfar on Packagist adelowo/cfar Using Controllers with Aura.Router
adelowo/gbowo on Packagist adelowo/gbowo Unified API for hippy Nigerian payment gateways..Batteries included. Comes with adapters for Paystack and Amplifypay
adelowo/gbowo-paystack on Packagist adelowo/gbowo-paystack A package providing extra plugins for Gbowo's Paystack Adapter
adelowo/laravel-gbowo on Packagist adelowo/laravel-gbowo Laravel bridge for the Gbowo payment library
adelynx/cpanel on Packagist adelynx/cpanel cPanel API Package
ademes/oauth2-server on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server A lightweight and powerful OAuth 2.0 authorization and resource server library with support for all the core specification grants. This library will allow you to secure your API with OAuth and allow your applications users to approve apps that want to acc
ademes/oauth2-server-laravel on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server-laravel An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen
adesigns/calendar-bundle on Packagist adesigns/calendar-bundle This bundle allows you to integrate the jQuery FullCalendar plugin into your Symfony2 application.
adesigns/email-template-bundle on Packagist adesigns/email-template-bundle This bundle helps you to deal with emails in your Symfony2 app. Render emails from Twig or Database, it's easy!.
adezandee/shopify-bundle on Packagist adezandee/shopify-bundle Symfony2 Bundle to interact with a Shopify Store (API Call)
adhocore/jwt on Packagist adhocore/jwt Ultra lightweight JSON web token (JWT) library for PHP7.
adiamond/cruddy on Packagist adiamond/cruddy Backend interface for handling CRUD operations on your Laravel Eloquent models.
adiesel82/iseed on Packagist adiesel82/iseed Generate a new Laravel 5.4 database seed file based on data from the existing database table.
adldap2/adldap2 on Packagist adldap2/adldap2 A PHP LDAP Package for Active Directory Manipulation.
adldap2/adldap2-laravel on Packagist adldap2/adldap2-laravel LDAP Authentication & Management for Laravel.
adlogix/symfony-1.4 on Packagist adlogix/symfony-1.4 Fork of symfony 1.4
adlogix/zf2-opensoft-rollout on Packagist adlogix/zf2-opensoft-rollout ZF2 module for the Opensoft Rollout library
admad/cakephp-glide on Packagist admad/cakephp-glide CakePHP 3.x plugin for using Glide image manipulation library.
admad/cakephp-hybridauth on Packagist admad/cakephp-hybridauth A CakePHP plugin for using the HybridAuth social sign on library
admad/cakephp-i18n on Packagist admad/cakephp-i18n A CakePHP plugin for I18n related tools.
admad/cakephp-jwt-auth on Packagist admad/cakephp-jwt-auth CakePHP plugin for authenticating using JSON Web Tokens