HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that need some help

This list contains all packages that do not build against HHVM or have no travis.yml file.
Check out the Help page for instructions.

Name Description
adrianopedro/flysystem-webdav on Packagist adrianopedro/flysystem-webdav Flysystem adapter for WebDAV
adriansuter/psr7-minify-middleware on Packagist adriansuter/psr7-minify-middleware PSR-7 Middleware that minifies the response body (HTML Minify)
adrie-dh/encoding-conversion-dataloss-checker on Packagist adrie-dh/encoding-conversion-dataloss-checker Standalone library to test the whether a string's content would survive charset encoding to another encoding standard
adrienbrault/form-serializer on Packagist adrienbrault/form-serializer
adrienbrault/itunes-client on Packagist adrienbrault/itunes-client PHP Guzzle based client to query itunes' RSS feeds.
adrienbrault/statsd-collector on Packagist adrienbrault/statsd-collector Collections of statsd collectors with templated metric names
adrienbrault/wow-client on Packagist adrienbrault/wow-client
adrosoftware/one-skeleton on Packagist adrosoftware/one-skeleton A one page application
adt/bootstrap-form-renderer on Packagist adt/bootstrap-form-renderer Nette forms renderer with bootstrap and snippet support
adt/translation on Packagist adt/translation Integration of Symfony/Translation into Nette Framework
advisantgroup/emmaphp on Packagist advisantgroup/emmaphp A PHP wrapper for Emma's API.
advmaker/fluentpdo on Packagist advmaker/fluentpdo FluentPDO is small PHP library for rapid query building. Killer feature is smart join builder which generates joins automatically.
adweingarten/cloudflarephpsdk on Packagist adweingarten/cloudflarephpsdk PHP client for interacting with CloudFlare's SDK. CloudFlare is a copyright of CloudFlare, Inc. The authors of this tool has no association with CloudFlare, Inc.
aegir/hostmaster on Packagist aegir/hostmaster Hostmaster is the Drupal installation profile for the Aegir Web Interface
aego/oauth2-mailru on Packagist aego/oauth2-mailru Mail.ru provider for league/oauth2-client
aego/oauth2-odnoklassniki on Packagist aego/oauth2-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki provider for league/oauth2-client
aego/oauth2-yandex on Packagist aego/oauth2-yandex Yandex provider for league/oauth2-client
aequasi/cache-bundle on Packagist aequasi/cache-bundle Creates services in Symfony 2, for cache, that can also be used with doctrines three cache types. It also provides functionality for session handler support, and Router support.
aequasi/memcached-bundle on Packagist aequasi/memcached-bundle Memcached Bundle
aerialship/as-js on Packagist aerialship/as-js Lightweight javascript framework that minimize writing of javascript with implementation of common operations and their easy binding to dom trough special data attribute
aerialship/lex on Packagist aerialship/lex
aerialship/lightsaml on Packagist aerialship/lightsaml Light SAML2 php library
aerialship/saml-sp-bundle on Packagist aerialship/saml-sp-bundle Symfony2 SAML2 authentication bundle
aerogram/adapter on Packagist aerogram/adapter Adaoter interfaces for aerogram messaging framework.
aerogram/adapter-pdo on Packagist aerogram/adapter-pdo PDO adapter for aerogram/event-bus
aerogram/event-bus on Packagist aerogram/event-bus
aerogram/middleware on Packagist aerogram/middleware Middlewares for Aerogram messaging framework.
aerospike/aerospike-client-php on Packagist aerospike/aerospike-client-php The Aerospike PHP client as a C-extension for PHP
aerynl/refinement on Packagist aerynl/refinement Easy refinements for use with Laravel
aeyoll/symfony-php-spec-generator-bundle on Packagist aeyoll/symfony-php-spec-generator-bundle
afarazit/laravel5-couchdb on Packagist afarazit/laravel5-couchdb CouchDB Driver for the Laravel 5 family. Includes doctrine/couchdb as a dependency in composer.json and sets up a Laravel and Eloquent-friendly Service Provider for you. Enjoy!
aferalabs/phalcon-expressive on Packagist aferalabs/phalcon-expressive
aferrandini/disable-bundle on Packagist aferrandini/disable-bundle Symfony2 bundle for disable controllers with annotations.
aferrandini/image-bundle on Packagist aferrandini/image-bundle Symfony2 bundle for image resizing.
aferrandini/pagerfanta on Packagist aferrandini/pagerfanta Pagination for PHP 5.3
aferrandini/urlizer on Packagist aferrandini/urlizer Library for urlizer
affinitidev/silex-config on Packagist affinitidev/silex-config Advanced Config service provider for Silex
afief/slim on Packagist afief/slim
afilina/phpapifoo on Packagist afilina/phpapifoo .
afk11/phpasn1 on Packagist afk11/phpasn1 A PHP Framework that allows you to encode and decode arbitrary ASN.1 structures using the ITU-T X.690 Encoding Rules.
afk11/transmission-php on Packagist afk11/transmission-php PHP Transmission client
afoozle/checkdigit on Packagist afoozle/checkdigit Check Digit Validation for PHP 5.3+
afoozle/github-webhook on Packagist afoozle/github-webhook Github Webhook tools for php
afragen/github-updater on Packagist afragen/github-updater
aframevr/slackoverflow on Packagist aframevr/slackoverflow Work in progress...
afridlund85/asd-framework on Packagist afridlund85/asd-framework Minimalistic framework for PHP7
afrihost/base-command-bundle on Packagist afrihost/base-command-bundle Afrihost’s ‘swiss-army-knife’ extension of Symfony’s ContainerAwareCommand that defines common reusable functionality (such as logging) across commands
afsardo/getid3 on Packagist afsardo/getid3
afurculita/phpspec on Packagist afurculita/phpspec FORK: Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3+
afurculita/phpspec-data-provider-extension on Packagist afurculita/phpspec-data-provider-extension PhpSpec extension that allows you to create data providers for examples in specs
agares/microorm on Packagist agares/microorm
agavi/agavi on Packagist agavi/agavi Agavi is a full-featured MVC-style framework for PHP5 with a strong focus on structure, code reusability and flexibility.
age/api-bundle on Packagist age/api-bundle Symfony AGEApiBundle
agenciasys/ofxparser on Packagist agenciasys/ofxparser Simple OFX file parser
agencyrepublic/webpurify on Packagist agencyrepublic/webpurify A third-party PHP library for implementing web purify
agentsib/jsonrpc on Packagist agentsib/jsonrpc Json-RPC server and client
agkunz/api on Packagist agkunz/api
agkunz/user on Packagist agkunz/user
agl/core on Packagist agl/core AGL Framework / Core package.
agl/more-cron on Packagist agl/more-cron AGL Framework / Cron module.
agl/more-encoder on Packagist agl/more-encoder AGL Framework / Encoder module.
aglipanci/log-viewer-lib on Packagist aglipanci/log-viewer-lib A library to gather log files from different sources and use them in a unified format.
agmakonts/stl on Packagist agmakonts/stl Standard Type Lib
agpmedia/artifex on Packagist agpmedia/artifex Macros on steroids. The easiest way of generating code.
agpmedia/class-info on Packagist agpmedia/class-info Get classes and functions defined in a given file
agpmedia/dispatcher on Packagist agpmedia/dispatcher Dispatcher generator
agpmedia/file-util on Packagist agpmedia/file-util Useful libraries to manipulate files
agpmedia/intl on Packagist agpmedia/intl easy internationalization support for PHP
agpmedia/service-provider on Packagist agpmedia/service-provider Little configuration manager and dependency injection
agpmedia/simple-view-engine on Packagist agpmedia/simple-view-engine Simple View engine designed to generate code. Based on Laravel's 4 Blade.
agpmedia/validator on Packagist agpmedia/validator Validation library
agpmedia/watch-files on Packagist agpmedia/watch-files Watch files and directories for changes
agurz/moodle-php-sdk on Packagist agurz/moodle-php-sdk PHP SDK for Moodle RESTful APIs
ahead4/cache on Packagist ahead4/cache A lightweight file-system cache system
ahead4/captcha on Packagist ahead4/captcha Captcha generator
ahead4/image on Packagist ahead4/image Image handling
ahead4/modules on Packagist ahead4/modules Laravel Modules
aheissenberger/foundation on Packagist aheissenberger/foundation This package does not include the framework. It requires and automatical installs the official framework composer package from zurb and provides command line tools to setup foundation for development with laravel 4 and compass.
aheissenberger/laravel-memcachier on Packagist aheissenberger/laravel-memcachier Memcachier.com Cache Driver for Laravel 4
ahfeel/php-resque on Packagist ahfeel/php-resque
ahilles107/updater on Packagist ahilles107/updater Update your PHP applications from small update packages, generate update packages with aplication changed files.
ahmadpriatama/xls-woles on Packagist ahmadpriatama/xls-woles
ahmedash95/laravel-analytics on Packagist ahmedash95/laravel-analytics A Laravel 5 package to retrieve Google Analytics data.
ahmedash95/laravel-translatable on Packagist ahmedash95/laravel-translatable A trait to make an Eloquent model hold translations
ahmedash95/laravel-uptime-monitor on Packagist ahmedash95/laravel-uptime-monitor A powerful, easy to configure uptime monitor
ahmedash95/mongodb on Packagist ahmedash95/mongodb A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
ahmetertem/query_builder on Packagist ahmetertem/query_builder PHP Query Builder Class
ahonymous/aws-client-bundle on Packagist ahonymous/aws-client-bundle Symfony2 bundle to Aws
ai2ci/configured-presenter on Packagist ai2ci/configured-presenter Extention library for Nette presenters.
aicode/focusphp on Packagist aicode/focusphp FocusPHP 微框架
aight8/draft-php-validator on Packagist aight8/draft-php-validator A library which validates and clean the ContentState
aik099/phpunit-mink on Packagist aik099/phpunit-mink Library for using Mink in PHPUnit tests. Supports session sharing between tests in a test case.
aimeos/ai-flow on Packagist aimeos/ai-flow Flow/NeosCMS adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-laravel on Packagist aimeos/ai-laravel Laravel adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-mqueue on Packagist aimeos/ai-mqueue Aimeos ai-mqueue extension
aimeos/ai-symfony on Packagist aimeos/ai-symfony Symfony 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-symfony2 on Packagist aimeos/ai-symfony2 Symfony 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/aimeos-core on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-core Full-featured e-commerce components for high performance online shops
aimeos/aimeos-flow on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-flow Full-featured Flow/NeosCMS web shop package and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeos/aimeos-laravel on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-laravel Full-featured Laravel web shop package and e-commerce solution for high performance shops