HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
0x4a5k/omnipay-wirecard on Packagist 0x4a5k/omnipay-wirecard Wirecard gateway for Omnipay payment processing library
19peaches/apigen on Packagist 19peaches/apigen
20steps/bricks-rest-core on Packagist 20steps/bricks-rest-core The ultimate solution to create web APIs.
20steps/libphonenumber-for-php on Packagist 20steps/libphonenumber-for-php PHP Port of Google's libphonenumber
20steps/phone-number-bundle on Packagist 20steps/phone-number-bundle Integrates libphonenumber into your Symfony2 application
233sec/laravel-asset-cdn on Packagist 233sec/laravel-asset-cdn Content Delivery Network (CDN) Package for Laravel
2gis/api-client on Packagist 2gis/api-client 2Gis web API 2.0 client library
2gis/api-silex-provider on Packagist 2gis/api-silex-provider Silex provider for 2GIS Web API
2gis/api-symfony-bundle on Packagist 2gis/api-symfony-bundle Symfony Bundle for 2GIS Web API
2martens/web-platform on Packagist 2martens/web-platform The 2martens Web Platform
2upmedia/emailaddressvalidator on Packagist 2upmedia/emailaddressvalidator Michael Rushton's RFC 5321 and RFC 5321-compliant EmailAddressValidator class ported to composer
2upmedia/hooky on Packagist 2upmedia/hooky Easily allow your classes to be hooked into. tags: aop, hook, event, pub, sub
2upmedia/scout on Packagist 2upmedia/scout Flexible, structured scraping
3dots/mail on Packagist 3dots/mail Nette Mail: Sending E-mails
3makkk/mail-log on Packagist 3makkk/mail-log Module for Zend Framework 2 to log errors and exceptions
51systems/doctrine-encrypt on Packagist 51systems/doctrine-encrypt Package encrypts and decrypts Doctrine fields through life cycle events.
51systems/doctrine-extensions-module on Packagist 51systems/doctrine-extensions-module Doctrine2 Extensions
51systems/zf2-extensions on Packagist 51systems/zf2-extensions Collection of extensions to ZF2 that don't merit their own project.
9naquame/yentu on Packagist 9naquame/yentu A fork of ekowabaka/yentu to cater for my dependencies
aaleksu/orm on Packagist aaleksu/orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP by aaleksu
aayaresko/yii2-extended-mongodb on Packagist aayaresko/yii2-extended-mongodb MongoDb extension for the Yii framework
abacaphiliac/aws-sdk-php-claim-check on Packagist abacaphiliac/aws-sdk-php-claim-check Claim Check enterprise integration pattern, implemented via AWS PHP SDK.
abacaphiliac/compliments on Packagist abacaphiliac/compliments Compliments your sys-admins, in an effort to strengthen the developer-administrator bond.
abacaphiliac/events-capable on Packagist abacaphiliac/events-capable Provides a config-based initializer that attaches listeners to implementations of \Zend\EventManager\EventsCapableInterface.
abacaphiliac/php-extractor on Packagist abacaphiliac/php-extractor Provides a simple abstraction to extract values, and sets of values, into an array.
abacaphiliac/zend-eventmanager-pluginmanager on Packagist abacaphiliac/zend-eventmanager-pluginmanager A ZF2 Plugin Manager for ZF2 Event Managers
abacaphiliac/zend-json-schema-validator on Packagist abacaphiliac/zend-json-schema-validator A ZF2 validator for justinrainbow/json-schema.
abacaphiliac/zend-phpdotenv on Packagist abacaphiliac/zend-phpdotenv ZF2 Module that loads vlucas/phpdotenv
abdala/generic-api-client on Packagist abdala/generic-api-client Generic API Client for PHP
abe/cloudatlas on Packagist abe/cloudatlas The cloud service develop package.
abe/laravel-mns on Packagist abe/laravel-mns Laravel queue driver bases on Aliyun Message Service(MNS).
abm/kilns on Packagist abm/kilns Kilns: Project Oxford SDK
abm/wasabi on Packagist abm/wasabi Prestashop websocket tool
aboutcoders/enum-serializer-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/enum-serializer-bundle A symfony bundle to serialize/deserialize enumerations of type myclabs/php-enum with jms/serializer
aboutcoders/file-distribution on Packagist aboutcoders/file-distribution File distribution library
aboutcoders/file-distribution-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/file-distribution-bundle File distribution Symfony2 bundle
aboutcoders/job-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/job-bundle A symfony bundle for asynchronous job processing.
aboutcoders/logger-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/logger-bundle A symfony bundle to log messages from external applications over a REST API
aboutcoders/notification-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/notification-bundle A symfony bundle that adds process control to the SonataNotificationBundle.
aboutcoders/process-control on Packagist aboutcoders/process-control A PHP process control library
aboutcoders/process-control-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/process-control-bundle A symfony bundle that provides process control
aboutcoders/resource-lock-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/resource-lock-bundle Simple resource locking
aboutcoders/scheduler-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/scheduler-bundle A symfony bundle for scheduling
aboutcoders/supervisor-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/supervisor-bundle A symfony bundle to manage supervisor.
aboutcoders/supervisor-command-bundle on Packagist aboutcoders/supervisor-command-bundle A symfony bundle that provides console commands to control supervisor instances on top of the https://github.com/yzalis/SupervisorBundle.
academe/omnipay-payone on Packagist academe/omnipay-payone PAYONE gateway for the Omnipay 2.x payment processing library
acclimate/container on Packagist acclimate/container Provides adapters for various third-party service containers.
acconplish/support on Packagist acconplish/support Support helpers.
acedude/finediff on Packagist acedude/finediff PHP implementation of a Fine granularity Diff engine
acfatah/cli on Packagist acfatah/cli Simple command line interface helper library.
acfatah/container on Packagist acfatah/container A dependency injection container system.
acfatah/error-handler on Packagist acfatah/error-handler Webapp error handler.
acfatah/event-dispatcher on Packagist acfatah/event-dispatcher A simple event dispatcher library.
acfatah/logger on Packagist acfatah/logger Simple PHP logger class.
acfatah/object-factory on Packagist acfatah/object-factory Provides a container used to build class instances and solve object dependencies.
acfatah/serializable-closure on Packagist acfatah/serializable-closure A class that enables serialization of closure.
acp3/cms on Packagist acp3/cms ACP3 is a highly customizable and easy to use web content management system based on PHP5 and MySQL.
acquia/lightning on Packagist acquia/lightning The best of Drupal, curated by Acquia
acrobat/recaptcha-bundle on Packagist acrobat/recaptcha-bundle This bundle provides easy integration of Recaptcha into symfony2
acromedia/currency on Packagist acromedia/currency
adam-paterson/githook on Packagist adam-paterson/githook PHP Based GitHooks
adambrett/array_search_keys on Packagist adambrett/array_search_keys Provides functionality for searching a list of keys in order and returning the first match.
adambrett/shell-wrapper on Packagist adambrett/shell-wrapper An object oriented wrapper for shell commands
adamlundrigan/ldc-user-profile on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-user-profile User profile extension for ZfcUser
adamlundrigan/ldc-zend-form-cti on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-zend-form-cti Zend\Form\Collection meets Class Table Inheritance
addictedtomagento/magento2-composer-installer on Packagist addictedtomagento/magento2-composer-installer Composer installer For Magento 2
adeb6600/geotools on Packagist adeb6600/geotools Geo-related tools PHP 5.3 library
adeb6600/url-shortener on Packagist adeb6600/url-shortener URL shortening the easy way.
adelarcubs/cpf-cnpj-validation on Packagist adelarcubs/cpf-cnpj-validation
adelarcubs/ofxparser on Packagist adelarcubs/ofxparser ofxparser
ademes/oauth2-server on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server A lightweight and powerful OAuth 2.0 authorization and resource server library with support for all the core specification grants. This library will allow you to secure your API with OAuth and allow your applications users to approve apps that want to acc
ademes/oauth2-server-laravel on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server-laravel An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen
adesigns/calendar-bundle on Packagist adesigns/calendar-bundle This bundle allows you to integrate the jQuery FullCalendar plugin into your Symfony2 application.
adjustit/php-abac on Packagist adjustit/php-abac Library used to implement Attribute-Based Access Control in a PHP application
adldap2/adldap2-laravel on Packagist adldap2/adldap2-laravel LDAP Authentication & Management for Laravel.
adrenth/thetvdb on Packagist adrenth/thetvdb API Client for thetvdb.com
adrenth/thetvdb2 on Packagist adrenth/thetvdb2 API v2 Client for thetvdb.com
adrenth/tvrage on Packagist adrenth/tvrage API Client for tvrage.com
adt/bootstrap-form-renderer on Packagist adt/bootstrap-form-renderer Nette forms renderer with bootstrap and snippet support
adt/translation on Packagist adt/translation Integration of Symfony/Translation into Nette Framework
advancedhosters/hidev-advancedhosters on Packagist advancedhosters/hidev-advancedhosters AdvancedHosters vendor configuration for HiDev
advancedhosters/hidev-config on Packagist advancedhosters/hidev-config AdvancedHosters vendor configuration for HiDev
advancedhosters/hidev-vendor on Packagist advancedhosters/hidev-vendor AdvancedHosters vendor configuration for HiDev
advancedhosters/hipanel on Packagist advancedhosters/hipanel AdvancedHosters implementation of HiPanel
advancedhosters/yii2-asset-advancedhosters on Packagist advancedhosters/yii2-asset-advancedhosters AdvancedHosters asset files: images, configs and more
aegis/jwt-authentication-bundle on Packagist aegis/jwt-authentication-bundle This bundle provides JWT authentication for your Symfony2 REST API
aensley/yahoo-stock-quotes on Packagist aensley/yahoo-stock-quotes Quick and dirty Yahoo stock quotes in PHP
aerialship/lightsaml on Packagist aerialship/lightsaml Light SAML2 php library
aerikin/json-rpc on Packagist aerikin/json-rpc JSON-RPC 2.0 for PHP
afk11/ecc on Packagist afk11/ecc
afrihost/base-command-bundle on Packagist afrihost/base-command-bundle Afrihost’s ‘swiss-army-knife’ extension of Symfony’s ContainerAwareCommand that defines common reusable functionality (such as logging) across commands
afsardo/getid3 on Packagist afsardo/getid3
afurculita/php-scoper on Packagist afurculita/php-scoper PHP-Scoper prefixes all PHP namespaces in a file/directory.
afurculita/phpspec on Packagist afurculita/phpspec FORK: Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3+
agoosev/json-config-loader on Packagist agoosev/json-config-loader A simple class for reading configuration from JSON file
ahead4/image on Packagist ahead4/image Image handling
ahmedash95/mongodb on Packagist ahmedash95/mongodb A MongoDB based Eloquent model and Query builder for Laravel (Moloquent)
ahnames/hiam on Packagist ahnames/hiam HIAM for AHnames
ahnames/hidev-ahnames on Packagist ahnames/hidev-ahnames AHnames vendor configuration for HiDev
ahnames/hidev-vendor on Packagist ahnames/hidev-vendor AHnames vendor configuration for HiDev