HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
ahnames/hipanel on Packagist ahnames/hipanel AHnames implementation of HiPanel
ahnames/yii2-asset-ahnames on Packagist ahnames/yii2-asset-ahnames AHnames asset files: images, configs and more
aimeos/ai-filesystem on Packagist aimeos/ai-filesystem Aimeos file system layer extension
aimeos/ai-mqueue on Packagist aimeos/ai-mqueue Aimeos ai-mqueue extension
aimeos/aimeos-symfony2 on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-symfony2 Full-featured Symfony web shop bundle and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
airtemplate/airtemplate on Packagist airtemplate/airtemplate A template engine for PHP devs. Lightweight, flexible and easy to use and extend in PHP.
aist/aist-alice-fixtures on Packagist aist/aist-alice-fixtures Alice Fixtures for ZF2.
aist/aist-git-tools on Packagist aist/aist-git-tools Git Toolbar for ZendDeveloperTools.
aist/aist-insight on Packagist aist/aist-insight ZF2 View helper plugin for SensioLabsInsight.
aist/aist-locale on Packagist aist/aist-locale Locale Module for ZF2 Application.
aist/zendframework-application on Packagist aist/zendframework-application Zend Framework Application
aivus/test-helper on Packagist aivus/test-helper Helper package for testing
ajgl/csv-rfc on Packagist ajgl/csv-rfc Drop in replacement for native PHP CSV related functions to read and/or write RFC4180 compliant CSV files
ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle on Packagist ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle Symfony bundle to control session concurrency
ajgl/simple-bus-query-bus on Packagist ajgl/simple-bus-query-bus Extension to simple-bus/message-bus to create query buses.
akamai-open/edgegrid-auth on Packagist akamai-open/edgegrid-auth Implements the Akamai {OPEN} EdgeGrid Authentication specified by https://developer.akamai.com/introduction/Client_Auth.html
akamai-open/edgegrid-client on Packagist akamai-open/edgegrid-client Implements the Akamai {OPEN} EdgeGrid Authentication specified by https://developer.akamai.com/introduction/Client_Auth.html
akamon/behat-api-context on Packagist akamon/behat-api-context Behat ApiContext
akamon/behat-symfony-kernel-context on Packagist akamon/behat-symfony-kernel-context Behat SymfonyKernelContext
akamon/mockery-callable-mock on Packagist akamon/mockery-callable-mock Mockery Callable Mock
akamon/oauth2-server on Packagist akamon/oauth2-server Akamon OAuth2 Server
akamon/symfony-configurable-kernel on Packagist akamon/symfony-configurable-kernel Symfony Configurable Kernel
akeeba/fof on Packagist akeeba/fof FOF (Framework on Framework) is a Rapid Application Development framework for Joomla!
akeinhell/telegram-bot on Packagist akeinhell/telegram-bot [IN DEVELOP] A complete Telegram bot API implementation written in PHP, with support for inline bots!
akeneo-labs/classification-rule-bundle on Packagist akeneo-labs/classification-rule-bundle Akeneo PIM Enterprise bundle to classify products with the rule engine
akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser on Packagist akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser Akeneo Spreadsheet parser. Reads XLXS files from Microsoft Excel and Open Office
akeneo/batch-bundle on Packagist akeneo/batch-bundle Akeneo Batch Bundle
akeneo/magento-connector-bundle on Packagist akeneo/magento-connector-bundle Akeneo PIM bundle to export to Magento platform
akeneo/php-coupling-detector on Packagist akeneo/php-coupling-detector PHP coupling detector
akeneo/spreadsheet-parser on Packagist akeneo/spreadsheet-parser Akeneo Spreadsheet parser. Reads XLXS files from Microsoft Excel and Open Office
alairock/domainvalidation on Packagist alairock/domainvalidation Handle a bunch of domain validation tasks
alanrodas/twig-view on Packagist alanrodas/twig-view Twig powered View for CakePHP 2.x
alb/oembed on Packagist alb/oembed oEmbed consumer library
albegali/user-bundle on Packagist albegali/user-bundle Symfony SonataUserBundle
alcohol/iso3166 on Packagist alcohol/iso3166 ISO 3166-1 PHP Library
alcohol/iso4217 on Packagist alcohol/iso4217 ISO 4217 PHP Library
alcohol/phpsoundcloud on Packagist alcohol/phpsoundcloud SoundCloud API wrapper
ale/string-array on Packagist ale/string-array
alescx/acl on Packagist alescx/acl Acl Plugin for CakePHP 3.x framework
alescx/cakephp3-bootstrap-helpers on Packagist alescx/cakephp3-bootstrap-helpers Bootstrap Helpers for CakePHP 3.0
alexandre-t/jdr_app on Packagist alexandre-t/jdr_app Textual role playing game application
alexandre-t/pokeme on Packagist alexandre-t/pokeme Vote application
alexandre-t/user-bundle on Packagist alexandre-t/user-bundle Symfony SonataUserBundle
alexantr/yii2-ckeditor on Packagist alexantr/yii2-ckeditor CKEditor widget for Yii 2
alexantr/yii2-elfinder on Packagist alexantr/yii2-elfinder elFinder file manager for Yii 2
alexash-php/traveler on Packagist alexash-php/traveler Simple routing library
alexbilbie/proton on Packagist alexbilbie/proton Micro PHP framework
alexbowers/treegen on Packagist alexbowers/treegen Convert a tabbed nested string into a formatted tree view
alexdpy/acl-bundle on Packagist alexdpy/acl-bundle Acl Bundle
alexeyshockov/colada-x on Packagist alexeyshockov/colada-x Helper function for simplification callbacks
alexkovalevych/jira-api on Packagist alexkovalevych/jira-api Jira api php library
alexmanno/serializer on Packagist alexmanno/serializer Library for (de-)serializing data of any complexity; supports XML, JSON, and YAML.
alexmanno/serializer-bundle on Packagist alexmanno/serializer-bundle Allows you to easily serialize, and deserialize data of any complexity
alexmasterov/equip-twig on Packagist alexmasterov/equip-twig The Twig integration for the Equip framework
alexmasterov/twig-extension on Packagist alexmasterov/twig-extension A collection of custom extensions for the Twig template engine
alexpechkarev/parcelforce on Packagist alexpechkarev/parcelforce Parcelforce expressTransfer API for Laravel to generate pre-advice electronic file that required by solution.
alexpechkarev/postcode-anywhere on Packagist alexpechkarev/postcode-anywhere Laravel API wrapper for PCA Predict formerly Postcode Anywhere
alexsoft/curl on Packagist alexsoft/curl cURL wrapper
alexsoft/leftpad on Packagist alexsoft/leftpad There just should be a leftpad function for PHP
alexsoft/typograf on Packagist alexsoft/typograf typograf, artlebedev, laravel
alexz707/invoiceninja-module on Packagist alexz707/invoiceninja-module Zend Framework 3 Module that provides InvoiceNinja api functionality
alfmel/pdo-via-oci8 on Packagist alfmel/pdo-via-oci8 Userspace PDO driver for Oracle via the PHP OCI8 driver
alfredo-ramos/parsedown-extra-laravel on Packagist alfredo-ramos/parsedown-extra-laravel A Parsedown Extra package for Laravel 5
algatux/influxdb-bundle on Packagist algatux/influxdb-bundle Bundle service integration of official influxdb/influxdb-php client
algorit/router on Packagist algorit/router
algorit/synchronizer on Packagist algorit/synchronizer PHP api/database synchronizer
ali/datatable on Packagist ali/datatable Symfony2 Ajax Datagrid Bundle for doctrine2 entities
alinnflorinn/reflection on Packagist alinnflorinn/reflection Reflection library to do Static Analysis for PHP Projects
aljes/laravel4-themer-sb-admin on Packagist aljes/laravel4-themer-sb-admin Integração do thema SB Admin com o Laravel Framework.
allejo/bzion on Packagist allejo/bzion A CMS for BZFlag leagues offered as a replacement for the bz-owl project
allejo/php-pulse on Packagist allejo/php-pulse A wrapper for working with the DaPulse API
allejo/php-soda on Packagist allejo/php-soda A PHP library for working with the Socrata API
almaudoh/csvtools on Packagist almaudoh/csvtools Tools for importing, parsing and structuring CSV files and data
aloframework/common on Packagist aloframework/common Common elements of AloFramework
aloframework/config on Packagist aloframework/config Allows easy, interfaceable class configurator with the ability to change the configuration during runtime
aloframework/handlers on Packagist aloframework/handlers The error and exception handlers of AloFramework
aloframework/log on Packagist aloframework/log The logger of AloFramework
aloha/twilio on Packagist aloha/twilio Twilio API for Laravel
alphagenetica/ymlp on Packagist alphagenetica/ymlp PHP Wrapper for the YMLP API
alpixel/adminmenubundle on Packagist alpixel/adminmenubundle This bundle is used by our team to manage a custom admin menu
alpixel/cmsbundle on Packagist alpixel/cmsbundle This bundle is used by our team to build a CMS tool on top of Sonata
alpixel/cronbundle on Packagist alpixel/cronbundle Simple Cronjob management for Symfony applications
alpixel/loggingbundle on Packagist alpixel/loggingbundle This bundle is used by our team to build a CMS tool on top of Sonata
alpixel/mediabundle on Packagist alpixel/mediabundle The AlpixelMediaBundle is a bundle managing media of all kinds for our projects.
alpixel/menu-bundle on Packagist alpixel/menu-bundle Provide a menu builder
alpixel/seobundle on Packagist alpixel/seobundle SEO manager, sitemap generator
alpixel/shopbundle on Packagist alpixel/shopbundle This bundle is used by our team to build an e-commerce website
alpixel/userbundle on Packagist alpixel/userbundle FOSUserBundle integration to Sonata & ALPIXEL tools
alt3/cakebox-console on Packagist alt3/cakebox-console The CakePHP 3.x sources powering the Cakebox development environment
alt3/cakephp-swagger on Packagist alt3/cakephp-swagger Instant Swagger documentation for your CakePHP 3.x APIs
alt3/cakephp-tokens on Packagist alt3/cakephp-tokens CakePHP plugin for generating various (secure) tokens
alt3/cakephp-validation-exposer on Packagist alt3/cakephp-validation-exposer Easily expose your CakePHP 3.x application validation rules
alt3/tokens on Packagist alt3/tokens Framework agnostic library for generating (secure) token objects.
alterfw/ampersand on Packagist alterfw/ampersand A microframework to develop using wordpress
alterfw/hero on Packagist alterfw/hero Alter's model binding
altname/seostats on Packagist altname/seostats SEOstats is a powerful open source PHP library to request a bunch of SEO relevant metrics for any website.
amplifr/amplifr-php on Packagist amplifr/amplifr-php PHP API wrapper for Amplifr.com scheduling, publishing and analytics on social media
anahkiasen/arrounded on Packagist anahkiasen/arrounded A set of self-aware Laravel abstracts that know their way around
anahkiasen/flatten on Packagist anahkiasen/flatten A package for the Illuminate framework that flattens pages to plain HTML
anahkiasen/former on Packagist anahkiasen/former A powerful form builder