HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
anahkiasen/html-object on Packagist anahkiasen/html-object A set of classes to create and manipulate HTML objects abstractions
anahkiasen/polyglot on Packagist anahkiasen/polyglot Laravel localization helpers and models
anahkiasen/rocketeer on Packagist anahkiasen/rocketeer Rocketeer is a fast and simple deployer for the PHP world
anahkiasen/underscore-php on Packagist anahkiasen/underscore-php A redacted port of Underscore.js for PHP
anakadote/vcard on Packagist anakadote/vcard This VCard PHP class can generate a vCard with some data. When using an iOS device it will export as a .ics file because iOS devices don't support the default .vcf files.
anamarialazar/smalotpdfparser on Packagist anamarialazar/smalotpdfparser Updates to Smalot Pdf parser library. Can read and extract information from pdf file.
anax/common on Packagist anax/common Anax Common functions and classes.
anax/database on Packagist anax/database Anax Database module.
anax/mvc on Packagist anax/mvc Webtemplate to create websites
anax/request on Packagist anax/request Anax Request class.
anax/response on Packagist anax/response Anax Response module.
anax/router on Packagist anax/router Anax Router module.
anax/textfilter on Packagist anax/textfilter Anax TextFilter module.
anax/url on Packagist anax/url Anax Url class.
anax/view on Packagist anax/view Anax View module.
anchovy/curl-bundle on Packagist anchovy/curl-bundle This bundle provides a simple OOP interfaces for cURL php wrapper.
and/oauth on Packagist and/oauth Simple and amazing OAuth library with many providers. Just try it out!
andersonaragao/bootstrapper on Packagist andersonaragao/bootstrapper Twitter Bootstrap markup generator
andersundsehr/grumphp-bom-task on Packagist andersundsehr/grumphp-bom-task Force files to have no BOM
andersundsehr/grumphp-xliff-task on Packagist andersundsehr/grumphp-xliff-task GrumPHP task to lint xlf/xliff Files
andhikamaheva/date on Packagist andhikamaheva/date A date library to help you work with dates in different languages
andig/jsonstreamingparser on Packagist andig/jsonstreamingparser A streaming parser for JSON in PHP.
andrej-griniuk/cakephp-fractal-transformer-view on Packagist andrej-griniuk/cakephp-fractal-transformer-view CakePHP view builder utilizing Fractal library for entities transformation
andrej-griniuk/cakephp-two-factor-auth on Packagist andrej-griniuk/cakephp-two-factor-auth CakePHP auth component and provider fot two-factor authentication
andrevus/command on Packagist andrevus/command Command pattern implementation
andrewscaya/phly-restfully on Packagist andrewscaya/phly-restfully ZF2 Module providing structure for RESTful resources
andrey-helldar/api-response on Packagist andrey-helldar/api-response Package for standardizing the responses from the API of your applications.
andrey-helldar/carbon on Packagist andrey-helldar/carbon A simple API extension for DateTime. This is a modernized nesbot/carbon package.
andrey-helldar/digittext on Packagist andrey-helldar/digittext The module allows to translate numbers into a text equivalent
andrey-helldar/pochta on Packagist andrey-helldar/pochta Package for working with API Russian Post.
andrey-helldar/sitemap on Packagist andrey-helldar/sitemap A simple sitemap generator for PHP Framework.
andrey-helldar/vk on Packagist andrey-helldar/vk Laravel package for VK API
andreybolonin/flysystem-sftp on Packagist andreybolonin/flysystem-sftp Flysystem adapter for SFTP
andyftw/image-faker on Packagist andyftw/image-faker Image provider for Faker
andyftw/ssllabs-php on Packagist andyftw/ssllabs-php SSL Labs API PHP-Port
andygrunwald/gerrie on Packagist andygrunwald/gerrie A data crawler for Googles code review tool 'Gerrit'
andylibrian/omnipay-veritrans on Packagist andylibrian/omnipay-veritrans Veritrans driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
andylibrian/stuatik on Packagist andylibrian/stuatik PHP Simple Static Site Generator
andylolz/everypolitician on Packagist andylolz/everypolitician PHP package for easy access to EveryPolitician data
andylolz/everypolitician-popolo on Packagist andylolz/everypolitician-popolo Parse EveryPolitician-flavoured Popolo data, and navigate it with PHP
anime-db/ani-db-browser-bundle on Packagist anime-db/ani-db-browser-bundle Plugin AniDB for the catalog Anime DB
anime-db/cache-time-keeper-bundle on Packagist anime-db/cache-time-keeper-bundle Cache time keeper
anjalirana/newrelic-bundle on Packagist anjalirana/newrelic-bundle Integrate New Relic into Symfony2
anlutro/curl on Packagist anlutro/curl Simple OOP cURL wrapper.
anlutro/l4-smart-errors on Packagist anlutro/l4-smart-errors Smart error reporting for Laravel.
anna-framework/anna on Packagist anna-framework/anna framework
anndro/sentry_ldap on Packagist anndro/sentry_ldap PHP 5.3+ Fully-featured Authentication & Authorization System with Ldap
annotate/packages on Packagist annotate/packages Package management extension for Annotate Framework
annotate/themes on Packagist annotate/themes Themes support for Annotate Framework
annotatecms/packages on Packagist annotatecms/packages Package management extension for Annotate Framework
annotatecms/themes on Packagist annotatecms/themes Themes support for Annotate Framework
anolilab/wordpress-salt-generator on Packagist anolilab/wordpress-salt-generator Generates the salts for the Wordpress Composer projects.
anomaly/pyrocms on Packagist anomaly/pyrocms PyroCMS is a powerful, easy to use CMS built for everyone.
anorgan/deployer-common on Packagist anorgan/deployer-common Common package for deployer CLI and web interface
anorgan/query-language on Packagist anorgan/query-language One Query to Rule Them All
anorgan/qutee on Packagist anorgan/qutee Simple queue manager and task processor for PHP
anroots/pgca on Packagist anroots/pgca Analyzes Git commit messages for poor committing practices and reports a list of violations
anthonysterling/silex-provider-analogue-orm on Packagist anthonysterling/silex-provider-analogue-orm Silex Service Provider for Analogue ORM
antnee/php-value-objects on Packagist antnee/php-value-objects A demo of how to use _Value Objects_ in PHP
antoineaugusti/laravel-easyrec on Packagist antoineaugusti/laravel-easyrec A Laravel wrapper for the recommendation system Easyrec
antqa/dataexporter-bundle on Packagist antqa/dataexporter-bundle Easy export data to CSV, XML, HTML, JSON or XLS
antwebes/geocoder on Packagist antwebes/geocoder The almost missing Geocoder PHP 5.3 library.
anysrv/recaptcha-bundle on Packagist anysrv/recaptcha-bundle reCAPTCHA v2 form field integration for Symfony 3
aoe/varnish on Packagist aoe/varnish enable varnish support with tags
aoepeople/aoe_classpathcache on Packagist aoepeople/aoe_classpathcache Class path cache for Magento autoloader.
aoepeople/aoe_profiler on Packagist aoepeople/aoe_profiler Magento Profiler
aoepeople/aoe_scheduler on Packagist aoepeople/aoe_scheduler Magento Cron Scheduler
aoepeople/aoe_templatehints on Packagist aoepeople/aoe_templatehints Advanced Template Hints for Magento
aoepeople/zettr on Packagist aoepeople/zettr Manage and apply settings (formerly known as EnvSettingsTool)
aotd/mystem on Packagist aotd/mystem Yandex Mystem wrapper
apexwire/fetch on Packagist apexwire/fetch A PHP IMAP Library
api-clients/appveyor on Packagist api-clients/appveyor
api-clients/foundation on Packagist api-clients/foundation
api-clients/github on Packagist api-clients/github
api-clients/hydrator on Packagist api-clients/hydrator Hydrator wrapping ocramius/generated-hydrator specifically for api clients
api-clients/psr7-oauth1 on Packagist api-clients/psr7-oauth1
api-clients/pusher on Packagist api-clients/pusher
api-clients/rabbitmq-management on Packagist api-clients/rabbitmq-management
api-clients/resource on Packagist api-clients/resource Abstract resource
api-clients/resource-generator on Packagist api-clients/resource-generator Resource from YAML generation tool
api-clients/resource-test-utilities on Packagist api-clients/resource-test-utilities
api-clients/twitter on Packagist api-clients/twitter Async first twitter client
api-clients/value-objects on Packagist api-clients/value-objects
api-php/localise.biz on Packagist api-php/localise.biz A community API client for localise.biz translation service
api-platform/core on Packagist api-platform/core The ultimate solution to create web APIs.
api-platform/schema-generator on Packagist api-platform/schema-generator Various tools to generate a data model based on Schema.org vocables
api-skeletons/zf-doctrine-hydrator on Packagist api-skeletons/zf-doctrine-hydrator A collection of common hydrators for phpro/zf-doctrine-hydration-module
api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-client on Packagist api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-client An OAuth2 client for zfcampus/zf-oauth2
api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine on Packagist api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine Doctrine OAuth2 Server Adapter for Apigility
api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine-identity on Packagist api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine-identity Doctrine Enabled AuthenticatedIdentity
api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine-permissions-acl on Packagist api-skeletons/zf-oauth2-doctrine-permissions-acl ACL permissions for zf-oauth2-doctrine
apigen/apigen on Packagist apigen/apigen PHP source code API generator
apigen/element-reflection on Packagist apigen/element-reflection Parses PHP code to class, constant, property and method elements reflections.
apigen/token-reflection on Packagist apigen/token-reflection Parses PHP code to class, constant, property and method elements reflections.
apimatic/jsonmapper on Packagist apimatic/jsonmapper Map nested JSON structures onto PHP classes
apimatic/unirest-php on Packagist apimatic/unirest-php Unirest PHP
apinnecke/oauth-bundle on Packagist apinnecke/oauth-bundle Symfony2 Wrapper for lusitanian/oauth library.
apix/apix on Packagist apix/apix RESTful API server for structured and self-documenting resources over JSON, XML, ...
apix/cache on Packagist apix/cache A thin PSR-6 cache wrapper with a generic interface to various caching backends emphasising cache taggging and indexing to Redis, Memcached, PDO/SQL, APC and other adapters.
apix/log on Packagist apix/log Minimalist, thin and fast PSR-3 compliant (multi-bucket) logger.