HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
arachne/service-collections on Packagist arachne/service-collections Resolvers and iterators over services for nette/di. Used by arachne/forms and other libraries.
arachne/twig on Packagist arachne/twig Basic integration of Twig to Nette Framework. Used by arachne/forms.
arachne/upload on Packagist arachne/upload Handling nette/http file uploads. Intended to be used with kdyby/validator and/or arachne/forms.
arachne/verifier on Packagist arachne/verifier Requirements verification for Nette/Application.
aracoool/dhttp on Packagist aracoool/dhttp Simple and lightweight HTTP client based cURL
arc/base on Packagist arc/base Ariadne Component Library
arc/config on Packagist arc/config Ariadne Component Library: hierarchical configuration management Component
arc/events on Packagist arc/events Ariadne Component Library: W3C style events Component
arc/grants on Packagist arc/grants Ariadne Component Library: user and group rights management Component
arc/prototype on Packagist arc/prototype ARC: prototypical inheritance component
arc/web on Packagist arc/web Ariadne Component Library: Web Components
arcanedev/arabic on Packagist arcanedev/arabic Arabic Libs & Helpers
arcanedev/breadcrumbs on Packagist arcanedev/breadcrumbs A simple way to create breadcrumbs.
arcanedev/cartify on Packagist arcanedev/cartify A simple shopping cart manager
arcanedev/composer on Packagist arcanedev/composer Composer plugin for ARCANESOFT
arcanedev/generators on Packagist arcanedev/generators Generators
arcanedev/geo-ip on Packagist arcanedev/geo-ip GeoIP package for Laravel 5.
arcanedev/gravatar on Packagist arcanedev/gravatar A library providing easy gravatar integration/generation (Laravel supported).
arcanedev/head on Packagist arcanedev/head Head Helper
arcanedev/laravel-html on Packagist arcanedev/laravel-html HTML and Form Builders for the Laravel Framework
arcanedev/localization on Packagist arcanedev/localization Localization Package for Laravel
arcanedev/log-viewer on Packagist arcanedev/log-viewer Provides a Log Viewer for Laravel 5
arcanedev/markup on Packagist arcanedev/markup PHP HTML Markup generator
arcanedev/moduly on Packagist arcanedev/moduly Modules manager for ARCANESOFT
arcanedev/no-captcha on Packagist arcanedev/no-captcha No CAPTCHA (new Google reCAPTCHA) with Laravel support
arcanedev/notify on Packagist arcanedev/notify Flexible flash notifications helper for Laravel.
arcanedev/robots on Packagist arcanedev/robots Robots.txt generator
arcanedev/sanitizer on Packagist arcanedev/sanitizer Sanitizer Helper
arcanedev/seo-helper on Packagist arcanedev/seo-helper SEO Helper is a framework agnostic package that provides tools & helpers for SEO (Laravel supported).
arcanedev/stripe on Packagist arcanedev/stripe Stripe PHP Library
arcanedev/support on Packagist arcanedev/support ARCANEDEV Support Helpers
arcanedev/workbench on Packagist arcanedev/workbench A workbench tool for creating Laravel modules.
arcanesoft/arcanesoft on Packagist arcanesoft/arcanesoft ARCANESOFT - CMS built with Laravel Framework.
arcasolutions/google-map on Packagist arcasolutions/google-map Google Map API v3 integration for PHP 5.3+
architectnate/triggr-php on Packagist architectnate/triggr-php A simple event handler for php
arena-pl/arena-pl-php-sdk on Packagist arena-pl/arena-pl-php-sdk Arena.pl PHP SDK is a PHP client library for interacting with Arena.pl web services
argentum/feed-bundle on Packagist argentum/feed-bundle Symfony Bundle to generate RSS Feed with custom namespaces and elements
argentum/translation-bundle on Packagist argentum/translation-bundle Provides a database storage for translations and GUI for editing them
arhitector/http-curl-client on Packagist arhitector/http-curl-client cURL client for PHP-HTTP
ark/database on Packagist ark/database Light weight database abstraction
ark/event on Packagist ark/event Simple event dispatching library for PHP
ark/validator on Packagist ark/validator Form validator
ark8/passwords on Packagist ark8/passwords Password service for Nette Framework
ark8/security on Packagist ark8/security Authorization layer for Nette Framework
arkaitzgarro/erpdataio on Packagist arkaitzgarro/erpdataio ERPDataIO is a brigde to import/export data from ERP systems into Elcodi projects
arloopa/vuforia-php-sdk on Packagist arloopa/vuforia-php-sdk Unofficial PHP SDK for Vuforia
armesas/elastica on Packagist armesas/elastica Elasticsearch Client
arodygin/linode-api-php on Packagist arodygin/linode-api-php Linode API v3 Client Library for PHP
arrogance/mailrelay-bundle on Packagist arrogance/mailrelay-bundle A bundle to send, track and manage emails sent with Mailrelay.com
artesaos/seotools on Packagist artesaos/seotools SEO Tools for Laravel and Lumen
artesaos/zenvia-php on Packagist artesaos/zenvia-php Zenvia API 2.0 with your PHP application, build on top of the psr-7 components.
artox-lab/pho on Packagist artox-lab/pho A BDD testing framework
arturf/yii on Packagist arturf/yii Yii Web Programming Framework
arunpoudel/php-google-geocoder on Packagist arunpoudel/php-google-geocoder Geocoder using Google Geoder API for PHP
arv/blog-bundle on Packagist arv/blog-bundle Provide features to create and manipulate a blog
asapo/tidy-bundle on Packagist asapo/tidy-bundle PHP-Tidy wrapper Bundle for Symfony 2 Projects
asgard/asgard on Packagist asgard/asgard Asgard PHP Framework
asgard/behaviors on Packagist asgard/behaviors
asgard/config on Packagist asgard/config
asgard/container on Packagist asgard/container
asgard/core on Packagist asgard/core
asgard/data on Packagist asgard/data
asgard/db on Packagist asgard/db
asgard/debug on Packagist asgard/debug
asgard/email on Packagist asgard/email
asgard/entity on Packagist asgard/entity
asgard/entityform on Packagist asgard/entityform
asgard/entityimage on Packagist asgard/entityimage
asgard/file on Packagist asgard/file
asgard/form on Packagist asgard/form
asgard/hook on Packagist asgard/hook
asgard/http on Packagist asgard/http
asgard/jsonentities on Packagist asgard/jsonentities
asgard/migration on Packagist asgard/migration
asgard/orm on Packagist asgard/orm
asgard/session on Packagist asgard/session
asgard/templating on Packagist asgard/templating
asgard/validation on Packagist asgard/validation
asgardcms/attribute-module on Packagist asgardcms/attribute-module
asgardcms/block on Packagist asgardcms/block A module to create small blocks of content to display anywhere on the site.
asgardcms/core-module on Packagist asgardcms/core-module The core module for AsgardCMS. This is required for every install.
asgardcms/media-module on Packagist asgardcms/media-module Media module for AsgardCMS. Handles the media library.
asgardcms/menu-module on Packagist asgardcms/menu-module Menu module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the menus.
asgardcms/page-module on Packagist asgardcms/page-module Page module for AsgardCMS. Page management.
asgardcms/setting-module on Packagist asgardcms/setting-module Setting module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the site settings.
asgardcms/tag-module on Packagist asgardcms/tag-module Tag management in AsgardCMS
asgardcms/user-module on Packagist asgardcms/user-module User module for AsgardCMS. Handles the authentication and authorisation as well as the user management.
asgardcms/workshop-module on Packagist asgardcms/workshop-module Workshop module for AsgardCMS. Handles the activation of modules.
asgoodasnu/base-bundle on Packagist asgoodasnu/base-bundle Bundle to provide several base classes
asgoodasnu/version-bundle on Packagist asgoodasnu/version-bundle Bundle to provide a version controller
ashevchuk/enum on Packagist ashevchuk/enum Add enum to php
ashevchuk/phpunit-plus on Packagist ashevchuk/phpunit-plus Makes your unit-tests more compact and simpler
ashevchuk/social-api on Packagist ashevchuk/social-api Social network API lib
asika/http on Packagist asika/http PSR HTTP Message implementations. (PHP 5.3 Compatible)
asins/imagecache on Packagist asins/imagecache Image caching for everybody
asisyas/phpexcel on Packagist asisyas/phpexcel PHPExcel - OpenXML - Read, Create and Write Spreadsheet documents in PHP - Spreadsheet engine
askedio/laravel-cruddy on Packagist askedio/laravel-cruddy A JSON API CRUD Package for Laravel 5
askedio/laravel-validator-filter on Packagist askedio/laravel-validator-filter Filter items before validating them with Laravels Validator
askedio/laravel5-soft-cascade on Packagist askedio/laravel5-soft-cascade Soft Delete & Restore Cascader
asm/php-ansible on Packagist asm/php-ansible php wrapper for ansible commands