HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
asgardcms/attribute-module on Packagist asgardcms/attribute-module
asgardcms/block on Packagist asgardcms/block A module to create small blocks of content to display anywhere on the site.
asgardcms/core-module on Packagist asgardcms/core-module The core module for AsgardCMS. This is required for every install.
asgardcms/media-module on Packagist asgardcms/media-module Media module for AsgardCMS. Handles the media library.
asgardcms/menu-module on Packagist asgardcms/menu-module Menu module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the menus.
asgardcms/page-module on Packagist asgardcms/page-module Page module for AsgardCMS. Page management.
asgardcms/setting-module on Packagist asgardcms/setting-module Setting module for AsgardCMS. Handles all the site settings.
asgardcms/tag-module on Packagist asgardcms/tag-module Tag management in AsgardCMS
asgardcms/user-module on Packagist asgardcms/user-module User module for AsgardCMS. Handles the authentication and authorisation as well as the user management.
asgardcms/workshop-module on Packagist asgardcms/workshop-module Workshop module for AsgardCMS. Handles the activation of modules.
asgoodasnu/base-bundle on Packagist asgoodasnu/base-bundle Bundle to provide several base classes
asgoodasnu/version-bundle on Packagist asgoodasnu/version-bundle Bundle to provide a version controller
ashevchuk/enum on Packagist ashevchuk/enum Add enum to php
ashevchuk/phpunit-plus on Packagist ashevchuk/phpunit-plus Makes your unit-tests more compact and simpler
ashevchuk/social-api on Packagist ashevchuk/social-api Social network API lib
asika/http on Packagist asika/http PSR HTTP Message implementations. (PHP 5.3 Compatible)
asins/imagecache on Packagist asins/imagecache Image caching for everybody
asisyas/phpexcel on Packagist asisyas/phpexcel PHPExcel - OpenXML - Read, Create and Write Spreadsheet documents in PHP - Spreadsheet engine
askedio/laravel-cruddy on Packagist askedio/laravel-cruddy A JSON API CRUD Package for Laravel 5
askedio/laravel-validator-filter on Packagist askedio/laravel-validator-filter Filter items before validating them with Laravels Validator
askedio/laravel5-soft-cascade on Packagist askedio/laravel5-soft-cascade Soft Delete & Restore Cascader
asm/php-ansible on Packagist asm/php-ansible php wrapper for ansible commands
asm/translation-loader-bundle on Packagist asm/translation-loader-bundle Symfony2 bundle with database translation loader
astepin/rabbitmq-module on Packagist astepin/rabbitmq-module Integrates php-amqplib with Zend Framework 2 and RabbitMq
astina/redirect-manager-bundle on Packagist astina/redirect-manager-bundle User gets ability to specify redirection through web GUI.
astina/social-links-bundle on Packagist astina/social-links-bundle Symfony bundle that is using SocialLinks to generate share links for social networks.
astronomer/astronomer on Packagist astronomer/astronomer A Backend for Laravel
astrotomic/instagram-parser on Packagist astrotomic/instagram-parser Parses data from Instagram without API access.
aszone/fakeheaders on Packagist aszone/fakeheaders AsZone Component - Fake Headers
aszone/search-hacking on Packagist aszone/search-hacking AsZone Component - Search Hacking
aszone/vulnerabilities on Packagist aszone/vulnerabilities AsZone Component - Avenger Vulnerabilities
atanych/telegram-bot on Packagist atanych/telegram-bot PHP telegram bot (it is fork from longman/telegram-bot)
atayahmet/laravel-castable on Packagist atayahmet/laravel-castable Clarify types of all inputs
atayahmet/laravel-nestable on Packagist atayahmet/laravel-nestable Laravel 5 nested categories library
atdrupal/efq-wrapper on Packagist atdrupal/efq-wrapper
athari/yalinqo on Packagist athari/yalinqo YaLinqo, a LINQ-to-objects library for PHP
athletic/athletic on Packagist athletic/athletic PHP Benchmarking Framework
atog/simple-api-client on Packagist atog/simple-api-client Simple API Client with cUrl
atomasevic/mxlogin on Packagist atomasevic/mxlogin Improve your registration/signup pages with links to user's email provider inbox.
atoum/atoum on Packagist atoum/atoum Simple modern and intuitive unit testing framework for PHP 5.3+
atoum/bdd-extension on Packagist atoum/bdd-extension atoum Spec BDD extension
atoum/config-extension on Packagist atoum/config-extension atoum extension to use Yaml configuration files
atoum/json-schema-extension on Packagist atoum/json-schema-extension JSON Schema extension for atoum, the simple modern and intuitive unit testing framework for PHP 5.3+
atoum/visibility-extension on Packagist atoum/visibility-extension atoum extension to loosen method visibility
attachmentgenie/testbench on Packagist attachmentgenie/testbench test framework to keep track of troublesome queries"
attozk/evenement-plus on Packagist attozk/evenement-plus Événement-plus is an advanced event dispatching library for PHP
attreid/forms-replicator on Packagist attreid/forms-replicator Nette forms container replicator aka addDynamic
attreid/grido on Packagist attreid/grido Grido - DataGrid for Nette Framework
attreid/translation on Packagist attreid/translation Integration of Symfony/Translation into Nette Framework
attreid/webloader on Packagist attreid/webloader Tool for loading or deploying CSS and JS files into web pages
audithsoftworks/basis on Packagist audithsoftworks/basis Audith Basis on Laravel Framework
audriusdob/yii2-minify-view on Packagist audriusdob/yii2-minify-view Yii2 View component with minification css & js
aulinks/mail-extractor on Packagist aulinks/mail-extractor Mail extractor
aura/filter on Packagist aura/filter Filters to validate and sanitize objects and arrays.
aura/http on Packagist aura/http The Aura HTTP package provides objects to build and send HTTP responses from the server to the client.
aurora-framework/config on Packagist aurora-framework/config Config management
aurora-framework/helper on Packagist aurora-framework/helper Collection of Helpers
aurora-framework/http on Packagist aurora-framework/http Simple and easy abstraction over top an HTTP response.
aurora-framework/router on Packagist aurora-framework/router Minimal Router
aurora-framework/service on Packagist aurora-framework/service Session
aurora-framework/session on Packagist aurora-framework/session Session
austinb/gameq on Packagist austinb/gameq GameQ Gameserver Library
austinkregel/php-login-advanced on Packagist austinkregel/php-login-advanced PHP is a login class made simple for all users.
autarky/framework on Packagist autarky/framework Autarky - PHP framework for self-sufficient developers
authbucket/oauth2 on Packagist authbucket/oauth2 The standard compliant OAuth2.0 library based on the Symfony Components
authbucket/oauth2-php on Packagist authbucket/oauth2-php The standard compliant OAuth2.0 library based on the Symfony Components
authbucket/oauth2-symfony-bundle on Packagist authbucket/oauth2-symfony-bundle Symfony OAuth2Bundle
authbucket/push-php on Packagist authbucket/push-php Push notifications for mobile devices based on the Symfony Components
authbucket/push-symfony-bundle on Packagist authbucket/push-symfony-bundle Symfony PushBundle
automattic/jetpack on Packagist automattic/jetpack Jetpack supercharges your self‑hosted WordPress site with the awesome cloud power of WordPress.com
av/bonefish on Packagist av/bonefish Bonefish Framework
av/eventdispatcher on Packagist av/eventdispatcher Event Dispatcher which can listen to event combinations
avenue/avenue on Packagist avenue/avenue Avenue - A lightweight MVC framework for quick PHP web development and prototyping
aviat4ion/query on Packagist aviat4ion/query Database Query Builder and Abstraction layer
avninc/authorizenet on Packagist avninc/authorizenet Authorize.Net gateway for the Omnipay payment processing library
avoo/elo-bundle on Packagist avoo/elo-bundle Integration of the Elo library calculator
avoo/qcm-components on Packagist avoo/qcm-components Components of the QCM
avoo/serializer-translation on Packagist avoo/serializer-translation Translation component for JMS Serializer
avoo/serializer-translation-bundle on Packagist avoo/serializer-translation-bundle Translation bundle for JMS Serializer
avtonom/email-template-bundle on Packagist avtonom/email-template-bundle This bundle allow you to manage some HTML email templates stored in your database. Templates are written with Twig.
awakenweb/livedocx on Packagist awakenweb/livedocx Livedocx webservice PHP API for PDF generation without using Zend Framework
aws/aws-sdk-php on Packagist aws/aws-sdk-php AWS SDK for PHP - Use Amazon Web Services in your PHP project
aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel on Packagist aws/aws-sdk-php-laravel A simple Laravel 5 service provider for including the AWS SDK for PHP.
aws/aws-sdk-php-resources on Packagist aws/aws-sdk-php-resources A resource-oriented API for interacting with AWS services
aws/aws-sdk-php-symfony on Packagist aws/aws-sdk-php-symfony A Symfony bundle for v3 of the AWS SDK for PHP
axstrad/browser-sync-bundle on Packagist axstrad/browser-sync-bundle A Symfony 2 bundle for use with Browser-Sync.io
axstrad/common on Packagist axstrad/common Common classes used throughout Axstrad projects
axstrad/content on Packagist axstrad/content
axstrad/content-bundle on Packagist axstrad/content-bundle
axstrad/doctrine-extensions on Packagist axstrad/doctrine-extensions Extensions for Doctrine ORM
axstrad/doctrine-extensions-bundle on Packagist axstrad/doctrine-extensions-bundle Symfony 2 Bundle for Axstrad\DoctrineExtensions
axstrad/extra-framework-bundle on Packagist axstrad/extra-framework-bundle Extra framework bundle for Symfony 2 applications
axstrad/page-bundle on Packagist axstrad/page-bundle Simple (crude would be another word) Page bundle for Symfony 2
axstrad/seo-bundle on Packagist axstrad/seo-bundle Adds Doctrine ORM support to Symfony-Cmf/SeoBundle
axstrad/symfony-extra on Packagist axstrad/symfony-extra Convenience abstract class and traits when using Symonfy's Components
axstrad/test on Packagist axstrad/test Test component used by all Axstrad packages.
axstrad/test-bundle on Packagist axstrad/test-bundle Symfony 2 bundle for testing the other Axstrad bundles
axstrad/use-case-test-bundle on Packagist axstrad/use-case-test-bundle Method to test Symfony 2 bundle in different use cases
aydin-hassan/cli-md-renderer on Packagist aydin-hassan/cli-md-renderer A CLI Markdown Render for league/commonmark compatibile AST
aydin-hassan/magento-core-composer-installer on Packagist aydin-hassan/magento-core-composer-installer A composer plugin for managing Magento Core