HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
xp-framework/rdbms on Packagist xp-framework/rdbms RDBMS support for the XP Framework
xp-framework/remote on Packagist xp-framework/remote Remote method invocation on Application Servers
xp-framework/rest on Packagist xp-framework/rest REST Client and Server APIs for the XP Framework
xp-framework/scriptlet on Packagist xp-framework/scriptlet Scriptlets for the XP Framework
xp-framework/webservices on Packagist xp-framework/webservices Webservices for XP Framework
xp-framework/xml on Packagist xp-framework/xml XML APIs for the XP Framework
xp-framework/zip on Packagist xp-framework/zip ZIP File support for the XP Framework
xp-lang/compiler on Packagist xp-lang/compiler XP Compiler
xparse/element-finder on Packagist xparse/element-finder
xparse/parser on Packagist xparse/parser Parser client
xpdo/xpdo on Packagist xpdo/xpdo A PDO-based Object/Relational Bridge Library
xpl/datetime on Packagist xpl/datetime Enhancements to Date and Time Extension shipped with PHP
xpressengine/xpressengine on Packagist xpressengine/xpressengine XpressEngine (XE)
xsolve-pl/model-factory-bundle on Packagist xsolve-pl/model-factory-bundle This bundle provides a versatile skeleton for organizing model factories.
xthiago/pdf-version-converter on Packagist xthiago/pdf-version-converter PHP library for converting the version of PDF files (for compatibility purposes).
xtreamwayz/html-form-validator on Packagist xtreamwayz/html-form-validator A library validating and filtering submitted data by reusing html form attributes
xtreamwayz/pimple-container-interop on Packagist xtreamwayz/pimple-container-interop This project adds container-interop compatibility to Pimple 3.
xunto/alfresco-control on Packagist xunto/alfresco-control Simple alfresco api wrapper.
yaapi/coding-standards on Packagist yaapi/coding-standards YaAPI Coding Standards
yaapi/di on Packagist yaapi/di YaAPI DI Package
yadelivery/serializer on Packagist yadelivery/serializer Library for (de-)serializing data of any complexity; supports XML, JSON, and YAML.
yajra/laravel-datatables-buttons on Packagist yajra/laravel-datatables-buttons jQuery DataTables Buttons Plugin for Laravel.
yajra/laravel-datatables-html on Packagist yajra/laravel-datatables-html Laravel DataTables HTML builder plugin for Laravel 5.4+.
yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle on Packagist yajra/laravel-datatables-oracle jQuery DataTables API for Laravel 4|5
yajra/laravel-oci8 on Packagist yajra/laravel-oci8 Oracle DB driver for Laravel 4|5 via OCI8
yajra/laravel-pdo-via-oci8 on Packagist yajra/laravel-pdo-via-oci8 PDO userspace driver proxying calls to PHP OCI8 driver
yajra/zillow on Packagist yajra/zillow Laravel Wrapper for Zillow API
yamiko/basic-pages-bundle on Packagist yamiko/basic-pages-bundle Symfony bundle for basic pages
yamiko/cache-administration-bundle on Packagist yamiko/cache-administration-bundle Symfony bundle to manage caches
yanniboi/drupal_ti on Packagist yanniboi/drupal_ti Drupal - Travis Integration
yaoi/schema on Packagist yaoi/schema PHP Schema
yapeal/yapeal on Packagist yapeal/yapeal Yet Another Php Eve Api Library also know as Yapeal which can be used to access the Eve Online API data and place it into a database.
yapeal/yapeal-ng on Packagist yapeal/yapeal-ng Yet Another Php Eve Api Library Next Generation also know as Yapeal-ng which can be used to access the Eve Online API data and place it into a database.
yappabe/google-map on Packagist yappabe/google-map Google Map API v3 integration for PHP 5.3+
yarf/yarf on Packagist yarf/yarf Yet another routing framework
yceruto/breadcrumbs-bundle on Packagist yceruto/breadcrumbs-bundle Friendly breadcrumbs for Symfony applications.
ydle/framework on Packagist ydle/framework The Ydle's "Symfony Standard Edition" distribution
yegortokmakov/phprtest on Packagist yegortokmakov/phprtest Simple resources usage tests for PHP applications
yela528/g9zz-voyager on Packagist yela528/g9zz-voyager A Laravel Admin Package for The Control Group to make your life easier and steer your project in the right direction(这个不是我的包,只不过我修改了,自己所用的,原作者邮箱tony.lea@thecontrolgroup.com )
yep/reflection on Packagist yep/reflection PHP class reflection enhancements
yethee/date-form-bundle on Packagist yethee/date-form-bundle This bundle fixed issue with timezone Europe/Moscow when used ICU < 54.1
yetiforce/yetiforce-crm on Packagist yetiforce/yetiforce-crm An open and innovative CRM system.
yeugone/enum-bundle on Packagist yeugone/enum-bundle Bring simple enumeration implementation to Symfony2
yevgen-grytsay/bandicoot on Packagist yevgen-grytsay/bandicoot Data transformation
yevgen-grytsay/etl-suite on Packagist yevgen-grytsay/etl-suite Various ETL tools
yevgen-grytsay/repeatable-task on Packagist yevgen-grytsay/repeatable-task Execute a task limited times or until its result becomes satisfying
yevgen-grytsay/yii2-mysql-limit-delete on Packagist yevgen-grytsay/yii2-mysql-limit-delete Allows use LIMIT in DELETE query
yfix/yf on Packagist yfix/yf YF PHP Framework
yii2mod/collection on Packagist yii2mod/collection Basic collection library
yii2mod/yii2-array-query on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-array-query Yii2 component that allows for searching/filtering the elements of an array.
yii2mod/yii2-behaviors on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-behaviors Collection of useful behaviors for Yii Framework 2.0
yii2mod/yii2-cart on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-cart Yii2 Shopping cart
yii2mod/yii2-cms on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-cms Yii2 CMS extension
yii2mod/yii2-comments on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-comments Comments module for Yii2
yii2mod/yii2-cron-log on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-cron-log Component for logging cron jobs
yii2mod/yii2-data-sync-behavior on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-data-sync-behavior Behavior for export data to local files from database tables. Changes are tracked using model events.
yii2mod/yii2-enum on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-enum Yii2 Enumerable helpers
yii2mod/yii2-helpers on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-helpers Collection of useful helper functions for Yii Framework 2.0
yii2mod/yii2-ion-slider on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-ion-slider Ion.RangeSlider Widget for Yii 2
yii2mod/yii2-link-preview on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-link-preview LinkPreview widget renders page preview
yii2mod/yii2-moderation on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-moderation A simple Content Moderation System for Yii2 that allows you to Approve or Reject resources like posts, comments, etc.
yii2mod/yii2-rbac on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-rbac RBAC management module for Yii2
yii2mod/yii2-settings on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-settings Yii2 Settings Module
yii2mod/yii2-sweet-alert on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-sweet-alert Alert widget based on SweetAlert extension {@link http://tristanedwards.me/sweetalert)
yii2mod/yii2-user on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-user User module
yii2mod/yii2-validators on Packagist yii2mod/yii2-validators Collection of useful validators for Yii Framework 2.0
yii2tech/balance on Packagist yii2tech/balance Provides support for Balance accounting system based on debit and credit principle
yii2tech/config on Packagist yii2tech/config Provides support for Yii2 application runtime configuration
yii2tech/filedb on Packagist yii2tech/filedb Provides ActiveRecord interface for data declared in static files
yiisoft/yii on Packagist yiisoft/yii Yii Web Programming Framework
yiisoft/yii2-dev on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-dev Yii PHP Framework Version 2 - Development Package
yiisoft/yii2-httpclient on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-httpclient HTTP client extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-mongodb on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-mongodb MongoDB extension for the Yii framework
yjv/report-rendering on Packagist yjv/report-rendering library with classes that allow easy rendering of report data
yjv/type-factory on Packagist yjv/type-factory library with classes that allow easy starting of type factories
ympons/phpkairos on Packagist ympons/phpkairos PhpKairos is a nice client for the Kairos Face Recognition API
yoast/google-analytics on Packagist yoast/google-analytics Add Google Analytics to WordPress and be able to use all the powerful functions Google Analytics offers.
yoast/wordpress-seo on Packagist yoast/wordpress-seo Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.
yoelfme/pattern-repository on Packagist yoelfme/pattern-repository A package for implement the pattern repository in Laravel
yoghi/madda on Packagist yoghi/madda Model And Domain Driven Architecture
yokai/messenger-bundle on Packagist yokai/messenger-bundle Simplify message sending processes in a Symfony2 project
yoozi/golem on Packagist yoozi/golem PHP development toolkit for Yoozi RD team.
yoozi/lbs on Packagist yoozi/lbs 百度 LBS WEB 服务 API 的 PHP 封装实现.
yosymfony/config-loader on Packagist yosymfony/config-loader Configuration loader for YAML, TOML and JSON files
yosymfony/config-serviceprovider on Packagist yosymfony/config-serviceprovider A configuration ServiceProvider for Silex based on Symfony Config component with support for YAML, TOML and JSON
yosymfony/httpserver on Packagist yosymfony/httpserver A simple HTTP server
yosymfony/resource-watcher on Packagist yosymfony/resource-watcher A simple resource watcher using Symfony Finder
yosymfony/spress on Packagist yosymfony/spress Static site generator with blogs support
yosymfony/spress-installer on Packagist yosymfony/spress-installer Installer for Spress addons
younishd/endobox on Packagist younishd/endobox Simple PHP template engine.
yubico/u2flib-server on Packagist yubico/u2flib-server Library for U2F implementation
yusukezzz/routing on Packagist yusukezzz/routing Simple and fast request router for PHP
yuyat/callable_to_reflector on Packagist yuyat/callable_to_reflector Transforms any callable into Reflector
yuyat/compose on Packagist yuyat/compose Function to compose functions
yuyat/curry on Packagist yuyat/curry Function does currying
yuyat/piper on Packagist yuyat/piper Helps functional programming in OO style.
zackkitzmiller/tiny on Packagist zackkitzmiller/tiny A reversible base62 ID obfuscater.
zapoyok/core-bundle on Packagist zapoyok/core-bundle Core Bundle
zapoyok/ocr-wrapper on Packagist zapoyok/ocr-wrapper A wrapper to work with OCR like Tesseract, Gocr,…
zapoyok/tika-wrapper on Packagist zapoyok/tika-wrapper PHP Wrapper for Apache Tika (using the tika-app jar)