HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
volnix/csrf on Packagist volnix/csrf CSRF protection library that compares provided token to session token to ensure request validity.
volnix/flashy on Packagist volnix/flashy A wrapper around Symfony's HTTP foundation session flashbag to handle messages and form flash data
volnix/jobber on Packagist volnix/jobber A slim library for printing typical CLI job output.
volnix/paginate on Packagist volnix/paginate A simple pagination library that is easily extensible for custom pagination operations.
voodoo-mobile/deployer on Packagist voodoo-mobile/deployer Deployment Tool
voodoo-mobile/readmegen on Packagist voodoo-mobile/readmegen Readme file / doc generator. It uses VCS logs as a source of information.
voodoo-rocks/deployer on Packagist voodoo-rocks/deployer Deployment Tool Fork for Voodoo Rocks
voradius/api on Packagist voradius/api Voradius API service
voronkovich/sberbank-acquiring-client on Packagist voronkovich/sberbank-acquiring-client Client for working with Sberbank's acquiring REST API
vortgo/dbal-laravel-enum on Packagist vortgo/dbal-laravel-enum DBAL package for laravel migrations. Added field type - enum
voryx/pgasync on Packagist voryx/pgasync Async Reactive Postgres Driver for PHP (Non-blocking)
voryx/rxwebsocket on Packagist voryx/rxwebsocket Async Websockets for PHP using Rx
voryx/thruway on Packagist voryx/thruway PHP WAMP2 library
voryx/thruway-bundle on Packagist voryx/thruway-bundle WebSockets (WAMP2) integration for Symfony2
voryx/wamppost on Packagist voryx/wamppost HTTP to WAMP Publishing Proxy
voryx/worker-manager on Packagist voryx/worker-manager Watches a dir and starts up php workers when files are added or changed
voxsoftware/php-ffmpeg on Packagist voxsoftware/php-ffmpeg FFMpeg PHP, an Object Oriented library to communicate with AVconv / ffmpeg
vresh/twilio-bundle on Packagist vresh/twilio-bundle A simple Symfony 2, 3 bundle for the official sdk provided by Twilio.
vrkansagara/zfskeleton on Packagist vrkansagara/zfskeleton Zend Framework Skeleton Application for every project.
vse/abbc3 on Packagist vse/abbc3 Replace phpBB3's BBCode buttons with icons in an attractive and customizable toolbar. This extension also adds many new and useful custom BBCodes giving users more ways to customize their posts, including BBvideo (embed videos from dozens of media sites).
vse/browsehappy on Packagist vse/browsehappy Displays an Outdated Browser Banner on your phpBB forum's index page, visible only to Internet Explorer 6/7/8/9 users, to encourage them to upgrade to a modern browser.
vse/dbtool on Packagist vse/dbtool A phpBB extension that allows you to check, optimize and repair phpBB's MySQL database tables from a phpMyAdmin-like interface in the Administration Control Panel.
vse/lightbox on Packagist vse/lightbox Lightbox for phpBB will resize posted images to a maximum set width and display them fullscreen in an elegant Lightbox overlay effect.
vse/passwordstrength on Packagist vse/passwordstrength An extension for phpBB that will show users how strong (or weak) their password is as they type it into the password field when creating or updating their account.
vse/similartopics on Packagist vse/similartopics A phpBB extension that displays a list of similar (related) topics at the bottom of the current topic's page.
vse/topicpreview on Packagist vse/topicpreview A phpBB extension that displays a short excerpt of text from the first post in a tooltip while the mouse hovers over a topic’s title.
vss/oauth-extension-bundle on Packagist vss/oauth-extension-bundle OAuth Extension for FOSOAuthServerBundle
vss/resources-firewall-bundle on Packagist vss/resources-firewall-bundle Protect your resources with symfony2 firewalls.
vtalbot/markdown on Packagist vtalbot/markdown Markdown compiler for Laravel 4
vu/amqp-carapace on Packagist vu/amqp-carapace PHP Wrapper for AMQP
vu/zf2-amqp-carapace on Packagist vu/zf2-amqp-carapace ZF2 PHP Wrapper for Vu/AMQPCarapace
vu/zf2-test-extensions on Packagist vu/zf2-test-extensions Makes testing controllers and services easier in Zf2
vulcan/rivescript on Packagist vulcan/rivescript RiveScript interpreter library for PHP with Laravel support. RiveScript is a scripting language for chatterbots, making it easy to write trigger/response pairs for building up a bot's intelligence.
vunguyen/oauth2-server-laravel on Packagist vunguyen/oauth2-server-laravel An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen
vuthaihoc/pdf-parser on Packagist vuthaihoc/pdf-parser PHP library to parse text from PDF files, use symfony/process 3.x
vysinsky/babylon on Packagist vysinsky/babylon The transpiler for writing PHP 7 today
wa72/html-pretty-min on Packagist wa72/html-pretty-min HTML minifier and indenter that works on the DOM tree
wa72/htmlpagedom on Packagist wa72/htmlpagedom PHP implementation of the jQuery DOM manipulation API for HTML documents
waarneembemiddeling/bigregister-soap on Packagist waarneembemiddeling/bigregister-soap php 5.6+ implementation of the Dutch BIG Register SOAP interface
waavi/laravel-value-objects on Packagist waavi/laravel-value-objects Value Objects for Laravel 5.1
waavi/mailman on Packagist waavi/mailman Easier email sending for Laravel 5 with CSS inlining.
waavi/recaptcha on Packagist waavi/recaptcha Google Recaptcha for Laravel 5
waavi/responsecache on Packagist waavi/responsecache Response cache for Laravel 5.1
waavi/sanitizer on Packagist waavi/sanitizer Data sanitizer and Laravel 5 form requests with input sanitation.
waavi/save-url on Packagist waavi/save-url Laravel 5 package to redirect users to the last visited page on login.
waavi/tagging on Packagist waavi/tagging Tags for Laravel 5 Eloquent models.
waavi/translation on Packagist waavi/translation A Translation package for Laravel 5 with database and cache support
waavi/url-shortener on Packagist waavi/url-shortener Url Shortener for Laravel 5 with support for Google and Bitly drivers.
waldemarnt/pdfparser on Packagist waldemarnt/pdfparser Pdf parser library. Can read and extract information from pdf file.
walkeralencar/ci-php-analyzer on Packagist walkeralencar/ci-php-analyzer Advanced Static Analysis of and Auto-Fixer for PHP Code
wallabag/wallabag on Packagist wallabag/wallabag open source self hostable read-it-later web application
walva/payment-ogone-bundle on Packagist walva/payment-ogone-bundle Payment Bundle providing access to Ogone gateway
wambacom/php_codesniffer on Packagist wambacom/php_codesniffer PHP_CodeSniffer tokenizes PHP, JavaScript and CSS files and detects violations of a defined set of coding standards.
wan3574489/php-dom-wrapper on Packagist wan3574489/php-dom-wrapper Simple DOM wrapper to select nodes using either CSS or XPath expressions and manipulate results quickly and easily.
wandersonwhcr/balance on Packagist wandersonwhcr/balance Balance Balancete Contábil
wandu/framework on Packagist wandu/framework Wandu Framework
wanupsml/php-amqplib on Packagist wanupsml/php-amqplib This library is a pure PHP implementation of the AMQP protocol. It's been tested against RabbitMQ.
wanupsml/rabbitmq-bundle on Packagist wanupsml/rabbitmq-bundle Integrates php-amqplib with Symfony2 and RabbitMq
wardrobe/cabinet on Packagist wardrobe/cabinet Core files for Wardrobe v2.
warxcell/media-bundle on Packagist warxcell/media-bundle Symfony SonataMediaBundle
wassafr/utilphp on Packagist wassafr/utilphp Form from brandonwamboldt/utilphp
wave/wave on Packagist wave/wave Small extensible framework in PHP
wave/wave-database on Packagist wave/wave-database Database interaction package for wave Framework
wborba/willer on Packagist wborba/willer php framework
wdalmut/frankie on Packagist wdalmut/frankie
wearearchitect/sharepoint-oauth-app-client on Packagist wearearchitect/sharepoint-oauth-app-client SharePoint OAuth App Client
wearejh/statics-merger on Packagist wearejh/statics-merger A composer plugin that symlinks static assets into the JH Magento Skeleton
weasty/sonata-seo-bundle on Packagist weasty/sonata-seo-bundle Symfony SonataSeoBundle
webbeta/socket on Packagist webbeta/socket Library for building an evented socket server.
webchemistry/component-macro on Packagist webchemistry/component-macro
webchemistry/extend-presenter on Packagist webchemistry/extend-presenter
webchemistry/forms on Packagist webchemistry/forms Extension for Nette forms
webchemistry/forms-controls on Packagist webchemistry/forms-controls Components for nette forms
webchemistry/forms-doctrine on Packagist webchemistry/forms-doctrine Helper for doctrine forms
webchemistry/forms-multiplier on Packagist webchemistry/forms-multiplier Multiplier for nette forms
webchemistry/forms-wizard on Packagist webchemistry/forms-wizard Wizard component for nette/forms
webchemistry/images on Packagist webchemistry/images Image storage for easier uploading, deleting and manipulation.
webchemistry/parameters on Packagist webchemistry/parameters Parameters provider
webchemistry/testing-helpers on Packagist webchemistry/testing-helpers
webchemistry/thepay on Packagist webchemistry/thepay
webchemistry/utils on Packagist webchemistry/utils
webcook/bootstrap-form-renderer on Packagist webcook/bootstrap-form-renderer Nette forms renderer with bootstrap
webcreate/conveyor on Packagist webcreate/conveyor Build and deploy tool for PHP
webdawe/magento-shell-scripts on Packagist webdawe/magento-shell-scripts Useful Magento Shell Scripts
webdevlabs/phreak on Packagist webdevlabs/phreak Phreak! the ultimate development tool for lamez :)
webdevvie/nestis on Packagist webdevvie/nestis A simple php class that allows for the retrieval of nested object without null checks
webfactory/content-mapping on Packagist webfactory/content-mapping Mini framework for mapping content from a source to a destination system, e.g. from Propel objects to Solr or from Doctrine entities to ElasticSearch.
webfactory/doctrine-orm-test-infrastructure on Packagist webfactory/doctrine-orm-test-infrastructure Provides utils to create a test infrastructure for Doctrine 2 entities.
webfactory/exceptions-bundle on Packagist webfactory/exceptions-bundle A simple controller to display error pages during development plus some building blocks for more user-friendly error pages.
webfactory/icu-translation-bundle on Packagist webfactory/icu-translation-bundle Enables ICU message formatting for translations in Symfony applications.
webfactory/piwik-bundle on Packagist webfactory/piwik-bundle Symfony2 Bundle that adds a twig-function for the Piwik tracking code.
webfactory/polyglot-bundle on Packagist webfactory/polyglot-bundle Symfony2 bundle simplifying translations in Doctrine.
webfactory/slimdump on Packagist webfactory/slimdump slimdump is a little tool to help you creating dumps of large MySQL-databases.
webfactory/slug-validation-bundle on Packagist webfactory/slug-validation-bundle Transparent validation of URL slugs in Symfony applications.
webfactory/symfony-application-tests on Packagist webfactory/symfony-application-tests Contains several generic test scenarios that can be applied to Symfony 2 applications.
webignition/css-validator-output-parser on Packagist webignition/css-validator-output-parser Parser for output from the W3C CSS validator
webignition/css-validator-wrapper on Packagist webignition/css-validator-wrapper PHP wrapper for the W3C css-validator.jar command line tool
webignition/html-document-link-checker on Packagist webignition/html-document-link-checker Check the links in a HTML document, find the working ones, find the broken ones, make happy people
webignition/html-document-link-finder on Packagist webignition/html-document-link-finder Find anchor URLs in a given HTML document
webignition/html-validator-output-parser on Packagist webignition/html-validator-output-parser Parser for W3C HTML validator command line json output