HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
wesleyem/arsenal on Packagist wesleyem/arsenal A custom extension for the Dropbox Client class with PHP 5.3+.
weverson83/entity-merger on Packagist weverson83/entity-merger An entity merger
whatwedo/postfinance-e-payment on Packagist whatwedo/postfinance-e-payment PHP 5 library for handling PostFinance E-Payments
wheniwork/oauth2-square on Packagist wheniwork/oauth2-square Square OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
whisperbuddy/whisperbuddy-php on Packagist whisperbuddy/whisperbuddy-php PHP library for whisperbuddy.com's Lead and Listener
whyte624/mailbox-analyzer-bundle on Packagist whyte624/mailbox-analyzer-bundle Checks mailboxes, to unsubscribe (or other actions) users
widget/widget on Packagist widget/widget A micro-framework provided powerful and simple APIs for faster and easier PHP 5.3+ development.
widmogrod/php-functional on Packagist widmogrod/php-functional Functors, Applicative and Monads are fascinating concept. Purpose of this library is to explore them in OOP PHP world.
widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module on Packagist widmogrod/zf2-assetic-module Zend Framework 2 module that provides complete integration of Assetic library
wikibase/data-model on Packagist wikibase/data-model PHP implementation of the Wikibase DataModel
wikibase/query-engine on Packagist wikibase/query-engine Answers Ask queries against a collection of Wikibase entities
wikibase/wikibase on Packagist wikibase/wikibase Structured data repository for MediaWiki
wikimedia/slimapp on Packagist wikimedia/slimapp Common classes to help with creating an application using the Slim micro framework and Twig template engine.
willdurand/geocoder on Packagist willdurand/geocoder The almost missing Geocoder PHP 5.4 library.
willdurand/hateoas on Packagist willdurand/hateoas A PHP library to support implementing representations for HATEOAS REST web services
willdurand/hateoas-bundle on Packagist willdurand/hateoas-bundle Integration of Hateoas into Symfony2.
willdurand/js-translation-bundle on Packagist willdurand/js-translation-bundle A pretty nice way to expose your translation messages to your JavaScript.
willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator on Packagist willdurand/jsonp-callback-validator JSONP callback validator.
willdurand/negotiation on Packagist willdurand/negotiation Content Negotiation tools for PHP provided as a standalone library.
willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior on Packagist willdurand/propel-typehintable-behavior Insane Propel behavior that helps you to be compliant with third-party interfaces by adding type hint to generated methods.
willdurand/rest-extra-bundle on Packagist willdurand/rest-extra-bundle This bundle provides extra features for your REST APIs built using Symfony2.
willdurand/stack-negotiation on Packagist willdurand/stack-negotiation Stack middleware for content negotiation.
williamorazi/cron-expression on Packagist williamorazi/cron-expression CRON for PHP: Calculate the next or previous run date and determine if a CRON expression is due
willwh/getid3 on Packagist willwh/getid3 This fork of GetId3 library updates to PSR-2 / PSR-4 CS, adds namespaces and makes it installable by composer.
wilsonpinto/laravel-blade-directives on Packagist wilsonpinto/laravel-blade-directives This package adds custom directives for the Laravel 5 blade engine.
wilsonpinto/wunderlist on Packagist wilsonpinto/wunderlist PHP wrapper for Wunderlist API.
wilsonpinto/wunderlist-artisan on Packagist wilsonpinto/wunderlist-artisan Integrate Wunderlist with Laravel Artisan.
windwalker/framework on Packagist windwalker/framework A Modern PHP framework.
windwalker/http on Packagist windwalker/http Windwalker Http package
windwalker/joomla-rad on Packagist windwalker/joomla-rad Rapido de la vento viro.
winglian/twigbridge on Packagist winglian/twigbridge Adds the power of Twig to Laravel
wingu/code-generator on Packagist wingu/code-generator Wingu OctopusCore CoreGenerator
wingu/reflection on Packagist wingu/reflection Library on top of PHP Reflection with some extra helper methods and a more powerful PHP DocBlock and annotation tags reflection
wisembly/totem on Packagist wisembly/totem Changeset calculator between data states
wittiws/php-file-converters on Packagist wittiws/php-file-converters Standardized file converter library.
wittiws/quipxml on Packagist wittiws/quipxml Enhanced SimpleXml-based toolkit
wittiws/splash on Packagist wittiws/splash Chainable SPL and custom iterators.
wkse/redirect on Packagist wkse/redirect Allows users to redirect from old URLs to new URLs.
wn/lumen-generators on Packagist wn/lumen-generators A collection of generators for Lumen and Laravel 5.
wnx/php-swiss-cantons on Packagist wnx/php-swiss-cantons Search for Swiss Cantons by name or abbreviation.
wolnosciowiec/wolnosciowiec-web-deploy on Packagist wolnosciowiec/wolnosciowiec-web-deploy Deploys the application from web instead of shell, which fits for smaller applications hosted on shared hostings
woodworker/ww-helper on Packagist woodworker/ww-helper Small collection of helper functions for PHP
woothee/woothee on Packagist woothee/woothee Cross-language UserAgent classifier library, PHP implementation
wor10ck/telegram-bot-sdk on Packagist wor10ck/telegram-bot-sdk The Unofficial Telegram Bot API PHP SDK
worddrop/bookworm on Packagist worddrop/bookworm A PHP utility to estimate reading time.
worddrop/humongous on Packagist worddrop/humongous PHP library for turning large numbers into numbers formatted as 1.3k.
wouterj/eloquent-bundle on Packagist wouterj/eloquent-bundle Implementing the Eloquent ORM into Symfony
wowe/laravel-eloquent-scopes on Packagist wowe/laravel-eloquent-scopes Some general scopes for Eloquent
wowe/laravel-response-cache on Packagist wowe/laravel-response-cache Route response caching for Laravel
wp-pay-gateways/buckaroo on Packagist wp-pay-gateways/buckaroo Buckaroo driver for the WordPress payment processing library.
wp-pay-gateways/ing-ideal-basic on Packagist wp-pay-gateways/ing-ideal-basic ING - iDEAL Basic driver for the WordPress payment processing library.
wpsmith/cmb2-conditionals on Packagist wpsmith/cmb2-conditionals CMB2 Conditionals is a plugin for CMB2 which allows developers to relate fields so one of them could only appear when one other have an specific value or when is not empty.
writeligent/doctrine-extensions on Packagist writeligent/doctrine-extensions
wrseward/pdf-parser on Packagist wrseward/pdf-parser PHP library to parse text from PDF files
wsiservices/smartystreetsapi on Packagist wsiservices/smartystreetsapi
wsw/phpmailer on Packagist wsw/phpmailer PHPMailer modificado para receber duas chaves DKIM
wtfzdotnet/php-tmdb-api on Packagist wtfzdotnet/php-tmdb-api PHP wrapper for TMDB (TheMovieDatabase) API v3. Supports two types of approaches, one modelled with repositories, models and factories. And the other by simple array access to RAW data from The Movie Database.
wtfzdotnet/wtfz-tmdb-bundle on Packagist wtfzdotnet/wtfz-tmdb-bundle Symfony2 Bundle for TMDB ( The Movie Database ) API. Provides easy access to the php-tmdb/api library.
wubbajack/filecrypt on Packagist wubbajack/filecrypt PHP package for encrypted and decrypting files
wucdbm/bower-bundle on Packagist wucdbm/bower-bundle Handle asset dependencies with bower
wulei123/wechat on Packagist wulei123/wechat
wurfl/wurfl-api on Packagist wurfl/wurfl-api WURFL, the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe, is a Device Description Repository (DDR), i.e. a software component that maps HTTP Request headers to the profile of the HTTP client (Desktop, Mobile Device, Tablet, etc.) that issued the request
wuzzitor/string-util on Packagist wuzzitor/string-util Provides a consistent, self-explaining layer to accomplish common string operations.
wyndow/teazee on Packagist wyndow/teazee A simple interface to determine the timezone and time offset data for a location on the earth.
wyrihaximus/api-client on Packagist wyrihaximus/api-client
wyrihaximus/api-client-resource-generator on Packagist wyrihaximus/api-client-resource-generator
wyrihaximus/appveyor-client on Packagist wyrihaximus/appveyor-client
wyrihaximus/cli-fly on Packagist wyrihaximus/cli-fly Flysystem Service Provider for Cilex
wyrihaximus/fly-pie on Packagist wyrihaximus/fly-pie Flysystem integration plugin for CakePHP3
wyrihaximus/minify-html on Packagist wyrihaximus/minify-html Html minifier for CakePHP3
wyrihaximus/phergie-http on Packagist wyrihaximus/phergie-http Phergie plugin for Provide HTTP functionality to other plugins
wyrihaximus/phergie-url on Packagist wyrihaximus/phergie-url Phergie plugin for Display URL information about links
wyrihaximus/phunin-node on Packagist wyrihaximus/phunin-node munin-node in PHP
wyrihaximus/pimple-flysystem-service on Packagist wyrihaximus/pimple-flysystem-service Flysystem Service for Pimple
wyrihaximus/pusher-client on Packagist wyrihaximus/pusher-client
wyrihaximus/ratchet on Packagist wyrihaximus/ratchet Ratchet websockets integration plugin for CakePHP
wyrihaximus/ratchet-commands on Packagist wyrihaximus/ratchet-commands Brings 2 way communication to wyrihaximus/ratchet.
wyrihaximus/ratchet-model-push on Packagist wyrihaximus/ratchet-model-push Allows models to push data on write operations to wyrihaximus/ratchet.
wyrihaximus/ratchet-statistics on Packagist wyrihaximus/ratchet-statistics Gathers metrics/statistics from wyrihaximus/ratchet.
wyrihaximus/react-async-interop-loop on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-async-interop-loop
wyrihaximus/react-cache-filesystem on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-cache-filesystem
wyrihaximus/react-cache-redis on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-cache-redis
wyrihaximus/react-child-process-pool-phunin-node-plugin on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-child-process-pool-phunin-node-plugin Messenger decorator for react/child-process
wyrihaximus/react-event-loop-inspector on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-event-loop-inspector
wyrihaximus/react-event-loop-inspector-phunin-node-plugin on Packagist wyrihaximus/react-event-loop-inspector-phunin-node-plugin
wyrihaximus/sli-fly on Packagist wyrihaximus/sli-fly Flysystem Service Provider for Silex
wyrihaximus/travis-client on Packagist wyrihaximus/travis-client
wyrihaximus/twig-view on Packagist wyrihaximus/twig-view Twig powered View for CakePHP3
wyrimaps/battlenet-client on Packagist wyrimaps/battlenet-client
x25/rpc-server on Packagist x25/rpc-server Reflection based JSON-RPC server
x3ak/doctrine-orm on Packagist x3ak/doctrine-orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP
xabbuh/di-configuration-bundle on Packagist xabbuh/di-configuration-bundle Override Symfony service definition configuration with ease
xabbuh/panda-bundle on Packagist xabbuh/panda-bundle integration of the Panda encoding services into the Symfony2 Framework
xabbuh/xapi-serializer on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-serializer Experience API model serializer
xabbuh/xapi-validator on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-validator Experience API model validator
xafardero/generate-iban on Packagist xafardero/generate-iban Generate the IBAN letter with a CCC
xedin/symfony2-db-backup-bundle on Packagist xedin/symfony2-db-backup-bundle Fork of https://github.com/dizda/CloudBackupBundle. Used to create backup of selected db (mongo / mysql / etc)
xengine/mailgun-php on Packagist xengine/mailgun-php The Mailgun SDK provides methods for all API functions.
xengine/migrations-generator on Packagist xengine/migrations-generator Generates Laravel Migrations from an existing database
xepan/mail on Packagist xepan/mail Nette Mail: Sending E-mails