HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages working to support HHVM

Name Description
zendframework/zendframework1 on Packagist zendframework/zendframework1 Zend Framework 1
zendframework/zendservice-amazon on Packagist zendframework/zendservice-amazon OOP wrapper for the Amazon web service
zendframework/zendservice-api on Packagist zendframework/zendservice-api Micro framework for HTTP API client
zendframework/zendservice-recaptcha on Packagist zendframework/zendservice-recaptcha OOP wrapper for the ReCaptcha web service
zendframework/zendxml on Packagist zendframework/zendxml Utility library for XML usage, best practices, and security in PHP
zendframework/zf1-extras on Packagist zendframework/zf1-extras Zend Framework 1 Extras
zenify/coding-standard on Packagist zenify/coding-standard Set of rules for PHP_CodeSniffer preferring tabs and based on Nette coding standard.
zenify/doctrine-behaviors on Packagist zenify/doctrine-behaviors Integration of KnpLabs/DoctrineBehaviors to Nette\DI
zenify/doctrine-extensions-tree on Packagist zenify/doctrine-extensions-tree Implementation of Tree from DoctrineExtensions to Nette.
zenify/doctrine-filters on Packagist zenify/doctrine-filters Doctrine Filters integration into Nette
zenify/doctrine-fixtures on Packagist zenify/doctrine-fixtures Doctrine Fixtures, Faker and Alice integration into Nette
zenify/doctrine-methods-hydrator on Packagist zenify/doctrine-methods-hydrator Hydrates presenter methods from parameters to entities
zenify/doctrine-migrations on Packagist zenify/doctrine-migrations Implementation of Doctrine Migrations to Nette
zenify/doctrine-query-stats on Packagist zenify/doctrine-query-stats Easy blame of duplicated Doctrine queries for Nette
zenify/flash-message-component on Packagist zenify/flash-message-component Flash message component for Nette
zenify/modular-routing on Packagist zenify/modular-routing Nette extension for modular routing
zenify/title-component on Packagist zenify/title-component Title component for Nette
zenstruck/jwt on Packagist zenstruck/jwt JSON Object Signing and Encryption library for PHP.
zenstruck/porpaginas on Packagist zenstruck/porpaginas Library that generically solves several pagination issues with DAO/repository abstractions.
zephir/luya on Packagist zephir/luya LUYA is a fast and flexible PHP framework and content management system built with the goal to please developers, clients and users alike. Built upon Yii 2.
zephir/luya-module-admin on Packagist zephir/luya-module-admin Administration core module for all LUYA admin modules
zephir/luya-module-cms on Packagist zephir/luya-module-cms Frontend module to display CMS content
zephir/luya-module-crawler on Packagist zephir/luya-module-crawler An full search page crawler to enable complex and customized searching abilities.
zetacomponents/archive on Packagist zetacomponents/archive The component allows you to create, modify, and extract archive files of various formats. The currently supported archives formats are Tar (with the flavours: ustar, v7, pax, and gnu) and Zip.
zetacomponents/base on Packagist zetacomponents/base The Base package provides the basic infrastructure that all packages rely on. Therefore every component relies on this package.
zetacomponents/console-tools on Packagist zetacomponents/console-tools A set of classes to do different actions with the console (also called shell). It can render a progress bar, tables and a status bar and contains a class for parsing command line options.
zetacomponents/feed on Packagist zetacomponents/feed This component handles parsing and creating RSS1, RSS2 and ATOM feeds, with support for different feed modules (dc, content, creativeCommons, geo, iTunes).
zetacomponents/mail on Packagist zetacomponents/mail The component allows you construct and/or parse Mail messages conforming to the mail standard. It has support for attachments, multipart messages and HTML mail. It also interfaces with SMTP to send mail or IMAP, POP3 or mbox to retrieve e-mail.
zetacomponents/mvc-tools on Packagist zetacomponents/mvc-tools The MvcTools component provides functionality for request parsing, routing, dispatching, views and response writing. With the tools in this component you can very easily build an MVC framework.
zetacomponents/signal-slot on Packagist zetacomponents/signal-slot The SignalSlot component implements a mechanism for inter and intra object communication through the use of signals and slots.
zetacomponents/translation on Packagist zetacomponents/translation A component that reads XML translation definitions (the Qt Linguist format), supports caching of translation contexts and presents you with a class to apply translations to strings. A filter system allows you to transform translation definitions for speci
zetacomponents/user-input on Packagist zetacomponents/user-input A component that assists you to safely user input variables coming into your application. It builds on top of PHP's filter extension and extends it by providing a more inituitive API.
zeus-server/zf3-server on Packagist zeus-server/zf3-server A native PHP, event-driven, preemptive Multitasking Runtime Environment and Service Management System integrated with Zend Framework 3. It's main purpose is to perform multiple tasks (processes) concurrently.
zf-commons/zfc-rbac on Packagist zf-commons/zfc-rbac Zend Framework 2 Module that provides a layer of features of Zend\Permissions\Rbac
zf-commons/zfc-user on Packagist zf-commons/zfc-user A generic user registration and authentication module for ZF2. Supports Zend\Db and Doctrine2.
zf2timo/phpunit-pretty-result-printer on Packagist zf2timo/phpunit-pretty-result-printer Prints Result of PHPUnit in a nicer format
zf2timo/tte-maintenance on Packagist zf2timo/tte-maintenance A Module to move a Website to Maintenance Mode
zfcampus/zf-api-problem on Packagist zfcampus/zf-api-problem ZF2 Module providing API-Problem assets and rendering
zfcampus/zf-apigility on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility Apigility module for Zend Framework
zfcampus/zf-apigility-admin on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-admin Apigility Admin module
zfcampus/zf-apigility-doctrine on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-doctrine Apigility Doctrine module
zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation Apigility API documentation module
zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation-apiblueprint on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation-apiblueprint Apigility API Blueprint Documentation Module
zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation-swagger on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-documentation-swagger Apigility API Swagger documentation module
zfcampus/zf-apigility-provider on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-provider Apigility interfaces
zfcampus/zf-asset-manager on Packagist zfcampus/zf-asset-manager Composer plugin for copying module assets into application document roots.
zfcampus/zf-composer-autoloading on Packagist zfcampus/zf-composer-autoloading Sets up Composer-based autoloading for your Zend Framework modules
zfcampus/zf-configuration on Packagist zfcampus/zf-configuration Zend Framework module providing a REST resource for manipulating configuration
zfcampus/zf-console on Packagist zfcampus/zf-console Library for creating and dispatching console commands
zfcampus/zf-content-negotiation on Packagist zfcampus/zf-content-negotiation ZF2 Module providing content-negotiation features
zfcampus/zf-content-validation on Packagist zfcampus/zf-content-validation Zend Framework module providing incoming content validation
zfcampus/zf-deploy on Packagist zfcampus/zf-deploy Deployment tool for Zend Framework applications
zfcampus/zf-development-mode on Packagist zfcampus/zf-development-mode Zend Framework development mode script
zfcampus/zf-doctrine-querybuilder on Packagist zfcampus/zf-doctrine-querybuilder Apigility Doctrine QueryBuilder module
zfcampus/zf-hal on Packagist zfcampus/zf-hal ZF2 Module providing Hypermedia Application Language assets and rendering
zfcampus/zf-http-cache on Packagist zfcampus/zf-http-cache ZF2 Module providing http cache headers support
zfcampus/zf-mvc-auth on Packagist zfcampus/zf-mvc-auth ZF2 Module providing Authentication and Authorization events and infrastructure
zfcampus/zf-oauth2 on Packagist zfcampus/zf-oauth2 ZF2 module for implementing an OAuth2 server
zfcampus/zf-rest on Packagist zfcampus/zf-rest ZF Module providing structure for RESTful resources
zfcampus/zf-rpc on Packagist zfcampus/zf-rpc ZF2 Module for simplifying the creation of RPC services
zfcampus/zf-versioning on Packagist zfcampus/zf-versioning ZF2 Module providing listeners and route prototypes for implementing API versioning
zfr/json-api on Packagist zfr/json-api PSR-7 compliant library to create and manipulate JSON.API compliant payload
zfr/rbac on Packagist zfr/rbac Zend Framework 3 prototype for Zend\Permissions\Rbac.
zfr/zfr-command-bus on Packagist zfr/zfr-command-bus
zfr/zfr-cors on Packagist zfr/zfr-cors Zend Framework 2 module that let you deal with CORS requests
zfr/zfr-eb-worker on Packagist zfr/zfr-eb-worker Thin abstraction around AWS SQS for Elastic Beanstalk worker environments
zfr/zfr-oauth2-server on Packagist zfr/zfr-oauth2-server PHP library to create an OAuth 2 server
zfr/zfr-oauth2-server-doctrine on Packagist zfr/zfr-oauth2-server-doctrine Doctrine 2 adapter for ZfrOAuth2Server
zfr/zfr-oauth2-server-module on Packagist zfr/zfr-oauth2-server-module Zend Framework 2 module for ZfrOAuth2Server
zhuravljov/yii2-queue on Packagist zhuravljov/yii2-queue Yii2 Queue Extension which supported DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
zientalak/devicedetector on Packagist zientalak/devicedetector Device Detector for PHP
zimbra-api/soap-api on Packagist zimbra-api/soap-api PHP wrapper library around the Zimbra Soap API (web service)
zimbra/soap-api on Packagist zimbra/soap-api PHP wrapper library around the Zimbra Soap API (web service)
zircote/swagger-php on Packagist zircote/swagger-php Swagger-PHP - Generate interactive documentation for your RESTful API using phpdoc annotations
zk2/sf-php-git-hooks on Packagist zk2/sf-php-git-hooks Git hooks for PHP projects.
zlabs/carrier-bundle on Packagist zlabs/carrier-bundle Finds carrier by phone number in Guatemala
zoddo/postmodels on Packagist zoddo/postmodels This extension allows you to create post models that can be used when posting a new message.
zoddo/template on Packagist zoddo/template HTML Template system
zonuexe/aliasloader on Packagist zonuexe/aliasloader Class aliasing for provide flat namespace on your application.
zonuexe/baguette on Packagist zonuexe/baguette Simple classes for WebApp
zonuexe/functools on Packagist zonuexe/functools Functional toolbox
zonuexe/http on Packagist zonuexe/http HTTP constants repository
zonuexe/http-accept-language on Packagist zonuexe/http-accept-language HTTP Accept-Language Header parser
zonuexe/objectsystem on Packagist zonuexe/objectsystem Object system for PHP
zonuexe/phactory on Packagist zonuexe/phactory A Database Factory for PHP Unit Tests
zonuexe/php-checker on Packagist zonuexe/php-checker Simple PHP checker
zonuexe/simple-routing on Packagist zonuexe/simple-routing Simple Web Application Router
zonuexe/teto-cli on Packagist zonuexe/teto-cli
zonuexe/tsukudol-nizicon on Packagist zonuexe/tsukudol-nizicon Niji No Conquistador on PHP
zoujingli/wechat-php-sdk on Packagist zoujingli/wechat-php-sdk WeChat development of SDK
zqhong/route on Packagist zqhong/route A route inspired by nikic/fast-route
zrashwani/arachnid on Packagist zrashwani/arachnid A crawler to find all unique internal pages on a given website
zrashwani/news-scrapper on Packagist zrashwani/news-scrapper scrapping news data from a webpage using structured data
zrcing/php-resque on Packagist zrcing/php-resque Redis backed library for creating background jobs and processing them later. Based on resque for Ruby.
zwfec/laravel-debugbar on Packagist zwfec/laravel-debugbar PHP Debugbar integration for Laravel
zycon42/param-converters on Packagist zycon42/param-converters Presenter parameters converters for Nette framework
zycon42/security on Packagist zycon42/security Security extension for Nette framework
zyfmix/xmpp on Packagist zyfmix/xmpp Library for XMPP protocol (Jabber) connections
zzantares/proxmoxve on Packagist zzantares/proxmoxve A simple PHP 5.4+ Proxmox API client.
zzhh9857/php-curl-class on Packagist zzhh9857/php-curl-class PHP Curl Class is an object-oriented wrapper of the PHP cURL extension.