HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
00f100/uuid on Packagist 00f100/uuid A PHP 5.3+ library for generating RFC 4122 version 1, 3, 4, and 5 universally unique identifiers (UUID).
0cool-f/banbuilder on Packagist 0cool-f/banbuilder
0x13a/buxus on Packagist 0x13a/buxus A framework-agnostic, minimal & lightweight PHP command bus
0x13a/geodistance-php on Packagist 0x13a/geodistance-php Calculate geodistance between two points, latitude and longitude
0x20h/phloppy on Packagist 0x20h/phloppy A PHP client for Disque
100idea/yii2-settings on Packagist 100idea/yii2-settings Component to store application settings in cache and database as a key-value pair
10up/wp-gears on Packagist 10up/wp-gears Integrate Gearman with WordPress
1200wd/quickpay-php-client on Packagist 1200wd/quickpay-php-client PHP-SDK to communicate with the payment provider QuickPay
14four/oauth2-basecamp on Packagist 14four/oauth2-basecamp Basecamp OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
178inaba/toml-helper on Packagist 178inaba/toml-helper helper for loading toml.
178inaba/tomload on Packagist 178inaba/tomload helper for loading toml.
1blankz7/php-structure-check on Packagist 1blankz7/php-structure-check Structural check of arrays for PHP 5.6+
20steps/bricks-rest-core on Packagist 20steps/bricks-rest-core The ultimate solution to create web APIs.
20steps/commons-ensure-bundle on Packagist 20steps/commons-ensure-bundle Symfony bundle with static helper functions for checking coding pre-/post-conditions
20steps/libphonenumber-for-php on Packagist 20steps/libphonenumber-for-php PHP Port of Google's libphonenumber
20steps/phone-number-bundle on Packagist 20steps/phone-number-bundle Integrates libphonenumber into your Symfony2 application
25th/restmachine on Packagist 25th/restmachine webmachine for PHP
25th/serializing on Packagist 25th/serializing
27cubes/cubeobject on Packagist 27cubes/cubeobject 27 Cubes Object Library
2amigos/command-bus on Packagist 2amigos/command-bus Simple Command Bus
2amigos/google-places-library on Packagist 2amigos/google-places-library
2amigos/mailer on Packagist 2amigos/mailer Mailer adapter for the SwiftMailer library with queuing capabilities.
2amigos/yii2-arrayquery-component on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-arrayquery-component Yii2 component that allows for searching/filtering the elements of an array.
2amigos/yii2-chartjs-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-chartjs-widget ChartJs widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-ckeditor-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-ckeditor-widget CKEditor widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-date-picker-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-date-picker-widget Bootstrap DatePicker widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-date-time-picker-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-date-time-picker-widget Bootstrap DateTimePicker widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-disqus-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-disqus-widget DISQUS widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-dosamigos-asset-bundle on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-dosamigos-asset-bundle 2amigOS! Asset Bundle for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-editable-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-editable-widget X-Editable widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-file-input-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-file-input-widget Jasny file input widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-file-upload-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-file-upload-widget Blueimp file upload widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-gallery-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-gallery-widget Blueimp gallery widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-google-maps-library on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-google-maps-library Google Maps API library for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-google-places-library on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-google-places-library Google Places API Library for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-grid-view-library on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-grid-view-library The GridView widget extensions for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-highcharts-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-highcharts-widget Highcharts JS widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-awesome-plugin on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-awesome-plugin Yii2 Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Font Awesome Icons.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-extension on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-extension LeafLet Mobile-Friendly Interactive Maps Extension Library for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-geocoder-plugin on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-geocoder-plugin Yii2 LeafLet Plugin to provide support for address lookup with dropdown list of results to Leaflet.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-geosearch-plugin on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-geosearch-plugin Yii2 LeafLet Plugin to provide support for address lookup (a.k.a. geocoding / geoseaching) to Leaflet.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-makimarker-plugin on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-makimarker-plugin Yii2 Leaflet plugin to create map icons using Maki Icons from MapBox.
2amigos/yii2-leaflet-markercluster-plugin on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-leaflet-markercluster-plugin Yii2 LeafLet Plugin to provide beautiful, sophisticated, high performance marker clustering solution with smooth animations and lots of great features.
2amigos/yii2-nexmo-library on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-nexmo-library The Nexmo library for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-qrcode-helper on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-qrcode-helper Create QrCodes based on libqrencode C library.
2amigos/yii2-resource-manager-component on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-resource-manager-component Resource manager eases your project resources management.
2amigos/yii2-selectize-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-selectize-widget The selectize.js widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-semantic-ui on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-semantic-ui Semantic UI Extension library for Yii2
2amigos/yii2-switch-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-switch-widget The bootstrap switch widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-table-export-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-table-export-widget The table export widget for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-taggable-behavior on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-taggable-behavior The taggable behavior for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-tinymce-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-tinymce-widget TinyMCE widget for Yii2.
2amigos/yii2-translateable-behavior on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-translateable-behavior The translateable behavior for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-transliterator-helper on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-transliterator-helper The transliterator helper for the Yii framework
2amigos/yii2-type-ahead-widget on Packagist 2amigos/yii2-type-ahead-widget The bootstrap typeahead widget for the Yii framework
3050860/oauth2-odnoklassniki on Packagist 3050860/oauth2-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki provider for league/oauth2-client
3ie/laravel-storedprocedures on Packagist 3ie/laravel-storedprocedures
3logic/wpframework on Packagist 3logic/wpframework Object-oriented custom post type/taxonomies framework for Wordpress
3nr1c/structure on Packagist 3nr1c/structure Structure provides a set of classes to check the data type and format of your variables.
3rd-sense/generators on Packagist 3rd-sense/generators Laravel 5 generators.
3runodesign/setrobot on Packagist 3runodesign/setrobot Tema base para o desenvolvimento com o WordPress.
4d47/archieml on Packagist 4d47/archieml PHP parser for the Archie Markup Language
4d47/tag on Packagist 4d47/tag Tag string generator (Engineered for making soup)
51systems/php-stdlib on Packagist 51systems/php-stdlib Collection of extensions to Php that don't merit their own project.
6by6/freeagent-php on Packagist 6by6/freeagent-php A wrapper for the freeagent API
7rin0/seven-manager on Packagist 7rin0/seven-manager Seven Manager
7rin0/seven-manager-bundle on Packagist 7rin0/seven-manager-bundle Seven Manager - Core Bundle
8823-scholar/phpspec on Packagist 8823-scholar/phpspec Specification-oriented BDD framework for PHP 5.3+
91carriage/2fa on Packagist 91carriage/2fa Adds TOTP-2FA to SilverStripe
99designs/http-signatures on Packagist 99designs/http-signatures Sign and verify HTTP messages
99designs/http-signatures-guzzle on Packagist 99designs/http-signatures-guzzle Sign and verify HTTP messages with Guzzle
99designs/http-signatures-guzzlehttp on Packagist 99designs/http-signatures-guzzlehttp Sign and verify HTTP messages with Guzzle 6
99designs/phumbor on Packagist 99designs/phumbor A minimal Thumbor library for PHP
a1comms/gae-support-l5 on Packagist a1comms/gae-support-l5 Google App Engine & Local SDK Support for Laravel 5.1 apps.
a1comms/gae-support-lumen on Packagist a1comms/gae-support-lumen Google App Engine & Local SDK Support for Lumen apps.
a1essandro/neural-network on Packagist a1essandro/neural-network Artificial neural network
a2design-inc/php-html-parser on Packagist a2design-inc/php-html-parser An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
a2design-inc/phpseclib on Packagist a2design-inc/phpseclib
a2design/eloquent-presenter on Packagist a2design/eloquent-presenter Model Presenters for Laravel
a2design/laravel-reviewable on Packagist a2design/laravel-reviewable Reviewable Polymorphic Eloquent Models for Laravel 5
a2design/laravel-service-provider on Packagist a2design/laravel-service-provider DRY Service Provider for Laravel 5 Packages
a2lix/auto-form-bundle on Packagist a2lix/auto-form-bundle Automatize form creation
a2lix/translation-form-bundle on Packagist a2lix/translation-form-bundle Translate your doctrine objects easily with some helps
a6digital/laravel-default-profile-image on Packagist a6digital/laravel-default-profile-image Laravel package to create default profile image using name of user.
a7madev/laravel-stapler on Packagist a7madev/laravel-stapler Easy file upload management for the Laravel Framework.
a7madev/stapler on Packagist a7madev/stapler Elegant and simple ORM-based file upload package for php.
aacotroneo/laravel-saml2 on Packagist aacotroneo/laravel-saml2 A Laravel package for Saml2 integration as a SP (service provider) based on OneLogin toolkit, which is much lightweight than simplesamlphp
aaemnnosttv/post-link-shortcodes on Packagist aaemnnosttv/post-link-shortcodes
aaemnnosttv/shortcode-alias-api on Packagist aaemnnosttv/shortcode-alias-api A plugin for shortcode doppelgangery.
aaemnnosttv/war on Packagist aaemnnosttv/war A War (the card game) engine
aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-dotenv-command on Packagist aaemnnosttv/wp-cli-dotenv-command Dotenv commands for WP-CLI
aak74/bitrix on Packagist aak74/bitrix Классы для удобного доступа к данным в 1C-Bitrix
aak74/bx-data on Packagist aak74/bx-data Классы для удобного доступа к данным в 1C-Bitrix
aak74/queue on Packagist aak74/queue Generic queue
aalaap/hashapass on Packagist aalaap/hashapass Hashapass is a library that generates unique and secure passwords, which are a hashed combination of a master password and a variable parameter, using Base64 and HMAC-SHA1 encoding.
aaleksu/collections on Packagist aaleksu/collections Collections Abstraction library
aaleksu/orm on Packagist aaleksu/orm Object-Relational-Mapper for PHP by aaleksu
aamant/backoffice on Packagist aamant/backoffice Backoffice for Laravel
aamant/distance on Packagist aamant/distance calculating the distance between differents points
aamant/email-confirmation on Packagist aamant/email-confirmation Email confirmation for Laravel 4