HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
xp-forge/ical on Packagist xp-forge/ical iCalendar
xp-forge/inject on Packagist xp-forge/inject Dependency injection for the XP Framework
xp-forge/jira-api on Packagist xp-forge/jira-api Atlassian JIRA client API for XP Framework
xp-forge/json on Packagist xp-forge/json Reads and writes JSON to and from various input sources
xp-forge/json-patch on Packagist xp-forge/json-patch Implements JSON patch documents described in RFC #6902
xp-forge/keepass on Packagist xp-forge/keepass KeePass databases
xp-forge/markdown on Packagist xp-forge/markdown Markdown
xp-forge/match on Packagist xp-forge/match Match DSL
xp-forge/measure on Packagist xp-forge/measure Measuring performance of different implementations in an xUnit-style way
xp-forge/mirrors on Packagist xp-forge/mirrors Mirrors
xp-forge/mustache on Packagist xp-forge/mustache The mustache template language implemented for the XP Framework
xp-forge/nsca on Packagist xp-forge/nsca NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) Client
xp-forge/opensearch on Packagist xp-forge/opensearch Opensearch XML classes
xp-forge/parse on Packagist xp-forge/parse Parses code based on rules
xp-forge/partial on Packagist xp-forge/partial Partial types
xp-forge/pivot on Packagist xp-forge/pivot Pivot table
xp-forge/ratelimit on Packagist xp-forge/ratelimit Rate limiting
xp-forge/sequence on Packagist xp-forge/sequence Data sequences
xp-forge/stomp on Packagist xp-forge/stomp STOMP protocol implementation
xp-forge/terminal on Packagist xp-forge/terminal Terminal control
xp-forge/wrappers on Packagist xp-forge/wrappers Wrapper types
xp-forge/yaml on Packagist xp-forge/yaml YAML parser
xp-framework/collections on Packagist xp-framework/collections Generic collections for the XP Framework
xp-framework/command on Packagist xp-framework/command XPCLI
xp-framework/core on Packagist xp-framework/core The XP framework is an all-purpose, object oriented PHP framework.
xp-framework/csv on Packagist xp-framework/csv Contains the XP Framework's CSV API
xp-framework/doclet on Packagist xp-framework/doclet Doclet API for XP Framework
xp-framework/ftp on Packagist xp-framework/ftp FTP protocol support for the XP Framework
xp-framework/http on Packagist xp-framework/http HTTP protocol support for the XP Framework
xp-framework/io-collections on Packagist xp-framework/io-collections I/O Collections for the XP Framework
xp-framework/ldap on Packagist xp-framework/ldap LDAP support for the XP Framework
xp-framework/logging on Packagist xp-framework/logging Logging for the XP Framework
xp-framework/mail on Packagist xp-framework/mail Mail for XP
xp-framework/math on Packagist xp-framework/math Big number handling
xp-framework/mocks on Packagist xp-framework/mocks Mocks for the XP Framework
xp-framework/networking on Packagist xp-framework/networking Networking for the XP Framework: Client and server APIs
xp-framework/parser on Packagist xp-framework/parser Generic parser API for XP Framework
xp-framework/patterns on Packagist xp-framework/patterns Pattern matching
xp-framework/rdbms on Packagist xp-framework/rdbms RDBMS support for the XP Framework
xp-framework/rest on Packagist xp-framework/rest REST Client and Server APIs for the XP Framework
xp-framework/scriptlet on Packagist xp-framework/scriptlet Scriptlets for the XP Framework
xp-framework/security on Packagist xp-framework/security Authentication, Certificates, Checksum, Passwords and Crypto
xp-framework/text-encode on Packagist xp-framework/text-encode Text encoding
xp-framework/tokenize on Packagist xp-framework/tokenize Text tokenizing
xp-framework/unittest on Packagist xp-framework/unittest Unittests for the XP Framework
xp-framework/uses on Packagist xp-framework/uses Uses BC
xp-framework/webservices on Packagist xp-framework/webservices Webservices for XP Framework
xp-framework/webtest on Packagist xp-framework/webtest Web tests for the XP Framework
xp-framework/xml on Packagist xp-framework/xml XML APIs for the XP Framework
xp-lang/compiler on Packagist xp-lang/compiler XP Compiler
xpamamadeus/mitm3uparser on Packagist xpamamadeus/mitm3uparser m3u playlist parser
xparse/css-expression-translator on Packagist xparse/css-expression-translator Translate css to xpath
xparse/element-finder on Packagist xparse/element-finder
xparse/expression-translator on Packagist xparse/expression-translator Translate custom expressions to xpath
xparse/parser on Packagist xparse/parser Parser client
xparse/recursive-pagination on Packagist xparse/recursive-pagination Recursive Pagination
xpaw/php-source-query-class on Packagist xpaw/php-source-query-class PHP library to query and send RCON commands to servers based on "Source Engine Query" protocol
xpaw/steamid on Packagist xpaw/steamid SteamID conversion library
xploit/lara-cloud on Packagist xploit/lara-cloud CloudFlare Provides A Simple CloudFlare Module For Laravel 5
xprmental/pshell on Packagist xprmental/pshell Shell wrapper for PHP
xrelease/oauth2-xrel on Packagist xrelease/oauth2-xrel xREL OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
xrow/soap-client on Packagist xrow/soap-client A PHP client for the Salesforce SOAP API
xsanisty/silexstarter on Packagist xsanisty/silexstarter A starter application based on Silex framework
xsfour/ring on Packagist xsfour/ring
xsolla/xsolla-sdk-php on Packagist xsolla/xsolla-sdk-php Xsolla SDK for PHP. Xsolla is the authorized reseller and merchant providing e-commerce services for online games.
xt9/escaper on Packagist xt9/escaper xt9 Escaper, shortcut to escaping strings using php.
xtcat/laravel-redis-fallback on Packagist xtcat/laravel-redis-fallback Laravel 5 redis cache fallback to file
xtrasmal/tactician-middleware-bundle on Packagist xtrasmal/tactician-middleware-bundle The Tactician Middleware bundle
xtrasmal/tactician-provider on Packagist xtrasmal/tactician-provider Laravel ServiceProvider for the Tactician CommandBus library
xtwoend/kartunama on Packagist xtwoend/kartunama Jobclick modul kartunama
xtwoend/news on Packagist xtwoend/news
xtwoend/products on Packagist xtwoend/products Package Tokoku
xtwoend/videoplus on Packagist xtwoend/videoplus
xujiajun/tast-router on Packagist xujiajun/tast-router A Simple PHP Router.support REST and reverse routing etc.
xunto/alfresco-control on Packagist xunto/alfresco-control Simple alfresco api wrapper.
xurumelous/torrent-scraper on Packagist xurumelous/torrent-scraper Provide an abstraction to seach for torrent files on many websites.
xutongle/yii2-apistore on Packagist xutongle/yii2-apistore The apistore extension for the Yii framework
xutongle/yii2-authclient on Packagist xutongle/yii2-authclient Yii Authclient for Weibo, QQ, Wechat and etc
xutongle/yii2-taggable on Packagist xutongle/yii2-taggable The taggable behavior for the Yii framework
xutongle/yii2-typeahead-widget on Packagist xutongle/yii2-typeahead-widget The bootstrap typeahead widget for the Yii framework
xuzh/toastr_flash on Packagist xuzh/toastr_flash Bootstrap and toastr Easy flash notifications
xwiz/pepipost on Packagist xwiz/pepipost Laravel 4.2 package for Pepipost
xxtea/xxtea on Packagist xxtea/xxtea XXTEA is a fast and secure encryption algorithm. This is a XXTEA library for PHP.
xxy/wechat on Packagist xxy/wechat CorporationWechat SDK for Laravel 4 微信企业号SDK
y-yamagata/psysh-laravel on Packagist y-yamagata/psysh-laravel add psysh command.
y0lk/oauth1-etsy on Packagist y0lk/oauth1-etsy Etsy API OAuth 1.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth1-Client
yaap/theme on Packagist yaap/theme Theme support for Laravel 4/5 with assets, theme extends etc.
yab/cerebrum on Packagist yab/cerebrum The easiest way to add some mental magic to any part of your Laravel/Lumen app.
yab/crudmaker on Packagist yab/crudmaker An incredibly powerful and some say magical CRUD maker for Laravel
yab/crypto on Packagist yab/crypto Cryptography tools for Laravel and Lumen
yab/formmaker on Packagist yab/formmaker A remarkably magical form and input maker tool for Laravel.
yab/laracogs on Packagist yab/laracogs Prepare your Laravel apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, facades and boilerplates.
yab/laratest on Packagist yab/laratest The easiest way to generate tests from your existing files and routes.
yab/watts on Packagist yab/watts Prepare your Lumen micro-service apps incredibly fast, with various commands, services, and configs.
yabacon/paystack-php on Packagist yabacon/paystack-php Helps make your Paystack API calls giving a stdClass object.
yadakhov/insert-on-duplicate-key on Packagist yadakhov/insert-on-duplicate-key A trait for MySQL INSERT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE.
yadakhov/json on Packagist yadakhov/json A simple wrapper class to work with json in PHP.
yadakhov/okdata on Packagist yadakhov/okdata A wrapper class for the OkData json api specifications.
yadakhov/sportsodd on Packagist yadakhov/sportsodd A class to work with sports odds. Convert between american and decimal odds.
yaim/mitter on Packagist yaim/mitter A Model-Sitter for Laravel Eloquent.