HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
weboftalent/facebook-tools on Packagist weboftalent/facebook-tools Facebook LikeBoxPage, Like Button, Metadata
weboftalent/faq on Packagist weboftalent/faq Simple frequently asked questions module for SilverStripe
weboftalent/flickr on Packagist weboftalent/flickr Import,manage and render your flickr photos. Command line and GUI tools.
weboftalent/footer-text on Packagist weboftalent/footer-text Optionally configure text in the footer of your site
weboftalent/gridrows on Packagist weboftalent/gridrows SilverStripe module to facilitate easier templating of DataObjects laid out in a grid
weboftalent/html-tagline on Packagist weboftalent/html-tagline Enable an HTML tag line instead of a textual one
weboftalent/imageeditpartialcachebust on Packagist weboftalent/imageeditpartialcachebust Simplify partial caching queries for folders of DataObjects associated with Images by cache busting these DataObjects when the associated image is edited
weboftalent/indexlastedited on Packagist weboftalent/indexlastedited Ensure that the LastEdited field is indexed so that performance for partials is consistent with large sites
weboftalent/links on Packagist weboftalent/links Add editable links to any DataObject
weboftalent/mappable on Packagist weboftalent/mappable Fork of Uncle Cheese's original Mappable module. Inline JavaScript is minimal, and templated such that other mapping systems can be added later. A map editing interface is also included, addable by a one line configuration call.
weboftalent/mappable-poi on Packagist weboftalent/mappable-poi Adds point of interest functionality to the mappable module.
weboftalent/openweathermap on Packagist weboftalent/openweathermap SilverStripe module for Open Weather Map
weboftalent/page-with-image on Packagist weboftalent/page-with-image Same as a standard page but with the addition of a main image
weboftalent/portlets on Packagist weboftalent/portlets Module to quickly render portlets of data from a simple template call
weboftalent/prevnextsibling on Packagist weboftalent/prevnextsibling Helper method and template to allow previous and next sibling integration easily
weboftalent/responsive-mce-images on Packagist weboftalent/responsive-mce-images Render images added to TinyMCE in a responsive manner
weboftalent/silverstripe-shortcode-gist on Packagist weboftalent/silverstripe-shortcode-gist Adds a shortcode for GitHub gists in Silverstripe
weboftalent/silverstripe-shortcode-youtube on Packagist weboftalent/silverstripe-shortcode-youtube Adds a shortcode for embedding YouTube video. For Silverstripe
weboftalent/sitemap on Packagist weboftalent/sitemap SilverStripe module to add a simple sitemap to your website
weboftalent/slider on Packagist weboftalent/slider Store slides under the current page, and render them using various jQuery slideshow viewers
weboftalent/ss3gallery on Packagist weboftalent/ss3gallery Forked and tweaked version of ss3 gallery
weboftalent/staff on Packagist weboftalent/staff Simple module to store and render members of staff for an organisation
weboftalent/template-override on Packagist weboftalent/template-override Enable optional template override for a single page
weboftalent/twitter-tools on Packagist weboftalent/twitter-tools Embed tweets using shortcodes. Optionally add Twitter cards to pages.
webonyx/graphql-php on Packagist webonyx/graphql-php A PHP port of GraphQL reference implementation
webpatser/laravel-uuid on Packagist webpatser/laravel-uuid Class to generate a UUID according to the RFC 4122 standard. Support for version 1, 3, 4 and 5 UUID are built-in.
webplates/package on Packagist webplates/package Webplates package
webplates/symfony-standard on Packagist webplates/symfony-standard Symfony skeleton app
websight/l5-google-client on Packagist websight/l5-google-client Wraps a authenticated google api client
websix/br-validations on Packagist websix/br-validations Common validations for Brazillian numbers, such as CPF, CNPJ and others
websix/templater on Packagist websix/templater Compiles data in json into a docx template
websix/xlsx-compiler on Packagist websix/xlsx-compiler Xlsx compiler aimed in to be simple, fast and straight to the point
websocket/websocket on Packagist websocket/websocket WebSocket implementation.
websocket/websocketclient on Packagist websocket/websocketclient Description of project rc-websockets.
websoftwares/monolog-zmq-handler on Packagist websoftwares/monolog-zmq-handler Sends your logs over a ZeroMQ (ØMQ) socket.
websoftwares/yo on Packagist websoftwares/yo Yo API PHP Package
webspot/eventmanager on Packagist webspot/eventmanager Webspot EventManager
webspot/firewall on Packagist webspot/firewall Webspot Firewall with StackPHP support
webspot/messagebus on Packagist webspot/messagebus Webspot MessageBus
webspot/modulemanager on Packagist webspot/modulemanager Webspot Module Manager library
webstax/do-oauth-creator on Packagist webstax/do-oauth-creator A php wrapper for creating DigitalOcean client account keys for use with an application.
webstra/share on Packagist webstra/share Share links with Laravel 5
webstronauts/draft-php on Packagist webstronauts/draft-php A php implementation of Facebook's Draft.js library
webstronauts/pusher-bundle on Packagist webstronauts/pusher-bundle Bundle for integrating the Pusher PHP library with Symfony.
webstronauts/react-bundle on Packagist webstronauts/react-bundle Bundle for getting async support in Symfony through React's promises.
webtools/raw on Packagist webtools/raw A CRUD package for Laravel inspired by the Grocery CRUD library for Codeigniter
webtoolsnz/swift-sdk on Packagist webtoolsnz/swift-sdk PHP SDK for the Swift SMS campaign tool
webtoolsnz/yii2-admin-lte on Packagist webtoolsnz/yii2-admin-lte Yii2 Integration kit for Admin LTE theme
webtoolsnz/yii2-validators on Packagist webtoolsnz/yii2-validators A collection of yii2 validators.
webtoolsnz/yii2-widgets on Packagist webtoolsnz/yii2-widgets A Yii2 widgets library by Webtools
webtown/doctrine-schema-update-bundle on Packagist webtown/doctrine-schema-update-bundle Disable the doctrine:schema:update command. Force using migration method.
webtrendi/clapp on Packagist webtrendi/clapp Parses command line arguments passed to a PHP script
webuilder240/is-php on Packagist webuilder240/is-php this labrary is is.js inspired Library for php
webuilder240/jp_ems_fee on Packagist webuilder240/jp_ems_fee this is MyPackage
webuni/commonmark-attributes-extension on Packagist webuni/commonmark-attributes-extension The attributes extension adds a syntax to define attributes on the various HTML elements in CommonMark PHP implementation.
webuni/commonmark-bundle on Packagist webuni/commonmark-bundle The table extension for CommonMark PHP implementation
webuni/commonmark-table-extension on Packagist webuni/commonmark-table-extension The table extension for CommonMark PHP implementation
webuni/commonmark-twig-renderer on Packagist webuni/commonmark-twig-renderer The Twig renderer for CommonMark PHP implementation
webuni/composer-yaml-plugin on Packagist webuni/composer-yaml-plugin Composer plugin to convert a composer.yml to json or vice-versa.
webuni/front-matter on Packagist webuni/front-matter Front matter parser and dumper for PHP
webuni/srazy-api-client on Packagist webuni/srazy-api-client The missing API for http://srazy.info
webup/laravel-sendinblue on Packagist webup/laravel-sendinblue Laravel's mail transport for SendinBlue
webup/share-links on Packagist webup/share-links Generate share links easily
webwizo/laravel-shortcodes on Packagist webwizo/laravel-shortcodes Wordpress like shortcodes for Laravel 5.x
webwizo/php-trello-api on Packagist webwizo/php-trello-api Trello API v1 client
webworks-nuernberg/php-parsecsv on Packagist webworks-nuernberg/php-parsecsv CSV data parser for PHP, Symfony ready (based on https://github.com/parsecsv/parsecsv-for-php)
webysther/composer-meta-qa on Packagist webysther/composer-meta-qa Metapackage for PHP QA Tools.
webysther/composer-plugin-qa on Packagist webysther/composer-plugin-qa A full featured composer plugin for PHP QA Tools.
weejames/geotools on Packagist weejames/geotools A lightweight set of tools for working with geodata in PHP.
weezqydy/mpesa on Packagist weezqydy/mpesa M-Pesa B2C and C2B API PHP implementation
weezqydy/sematimeapi on Packagist weezqydy/sematimeapi Sematime API Gateway
wegnermedia/commander on Packagist wegnermedia/commander Simple Command Handler Support
wegnermedia/event-manager on Packagist wegnermedia/event-manager Simple Event Manager Tool for Laravel
wegnermedia/eventer on Packagist wegnermedia/eventer Easy Event Management
wegnermedia/generators on Packagist wegnermedia/generators A handy generators tool for rocket applications
wegnermedia/informer on Packagist wegnermedia/informer Flash Message Support for Laravel.
wegnermedia/melon on Packagist wegnermedia/melon
wegnermedia/presenter on Packagist wegnermedia/presenter Simple View Presenter for Laravel.
wegooup/subscription on Packagist wegooup/subscription
weiler/geoip on Packagist weiler/geoip Support for multiple GeoIP services.
weiliang/sleepingowl on Packagist weiliang/sleepingowl Administrative interface builder for Laravel.提供更好的中文支持..
weisd/alipay on Packagist weisd/alipay
weison-tech/yii2-authclient on Packagist weison-tech/yii2-authclient External authentication via OAuth and OpenID for the Yii framework
weison-tech/yii2-file-upload-widget on Packagist weison-tech/yii2-file-upload-widget Blueimp file upload widget for the Yii framework
weison-tech/yii2-imperavi-widget on Packagist weison-tech/yii2-imperavi-widget The imperavi redactor widget for Yii 2 framework.
weison-tech/yii2-scroll-pager on Packagist weison-tech/yii2-scroll-pager Infinite AJAX scrolling for Yii2 ListView widget
welderlourenco/laravel-facebook on Packagist welderlourenco/laravel-facebook The cleaner and more organized bridge from you to facebook platform.
welderlourenco/laravel-seeder on Packagist welderlourenco/laravel-seeder Run your seeder files without touching your DatabaseSeeder.php file.
weleoka/crssb on Packagist weleoka/crssb Simple Pie wrapper CRSSB for simplepie
wenpeng/upload on Packagist wenpeng/upload Handle file uploads with extensible validation and storage strategies
wensleydale/keen-io-laravel on Packagist wensleydale/keen-io-laravel A minimal service provider to set up and use the Keen.io PHP library in Laravel 5
wensleydale/sendpulse-laravel on Packagist wensleydale/sendpulse-laravel A minimal service provider to set up and use the SendPulse PHP library in Laravel 5
wensleydale/spark on Packagist wensleydale/spark PHP library for the Spark.io API
wepay/signer on Packagist wepay/signer Cryptographically sign WePay data to prevent tampering.
werd/xml-xpath-validation on Packagist werd/xml-xpath-validation XML XPath based validation
werkint/react-guzzle-http-client on Packagist werkint/react-guzzle-http-client Asyncronous GuzzleRing adapter powered by react/http-client
werkint/reactphp-event-loop on Packagist werkint/reactphp-event-loop Event loop abstraction layer that libraries can use for evented I/O.
werkint/reactphp-socket-client on Packagist werkint/reactphp-socket-client Async connector to open TCP/IP and SSL/TLS based connections.
werkint/reactphp-stream on Packagist werkint/reactphp-stream Basic readable and writable stream interfaces that support piping.
werkspot/bing-ads-api-bundle on Packagist werkspot/bing-ads-api-bundle A service to make API calls to bing ads in Symfony