HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
xabbuh/block-relocation-problem on Packagist xabbuh/block-relocation-problem Algorithms for solving block relocation problems
xabbuh/oauth1-authentication on Packagist xabbuh/oauth1-authentication OAuth1 authentication for the HTTPlug library
xabbuh/panda-bundle on Packagist xabbuh/panda-bundle integration of the Panda encoding services into the Symfony2 Framework
xabbuh/panda-client on Packagist xabbuh/panda-client PHP client for the Panda encoding REST-API
xabbuh/xapi-client on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-client client library for the Experience API (xAPI)
xabbuh/xapi-client-bundle on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-client-bundle Symfony integration of the Experience API (xAPI) client
xabbuh/xapi-common on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-common base package for Experience API implementations
xabbuh/xapi-doctrine-storage on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-doctrine-storage common classes for Doctrine based driver implementations of an xAPI storage
xabbuh/xapi-model on Packagist xabbuh/xapi-model Experience API model classes
xaberr/jate on Packagist xaberr/jate Just Another Template Engine
xafardero/generate-cups on Packagist xafardero/generate-cups This is a generator for spanish CUPS
xamin/handlebars.php on Packagist xamin/handlebars.php Handlebars processor for php
xandros15/oauth2-imgur on Packagist xandros15/oauth2-imgur Imgur OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
xaoc/laravel-js-localization on Packagist xaoc/laravel-js-localization Laravel Localization in JavaScript
xaoc303/battle-calc on Packagist xaoc303/battle-calc
xavierfaucon/bravoids on Packagist xavierfaucon/bravoids Converts Ids (base10) to Hashids (base50 or 62)
xavren/expression-language on Packagist xavren/expression-language Symfony ExpressionLanguage Component Fork
xcitestudios/generic on Packagist xcitestudios/generic Standard interfaces
xcitestudios/network on Packagist xcitestudios/network Standard function network classes and interfaces
xcitestudios/parallelisation on Packagist xcitestudios/parallelisation Standard function parallelisation classes and interfaces
xcopy/dieselup on Packagist xcopy/dieselup Lift up your topic to the top in Diesel Forum
xearts/itaiji-converter on Packagist xearts/itaiji-converter
xearts/upload-service-provider on Packagist xearts/upload-service-provider
xeeeveee/sudoku on Packagist xeeeveee/sudoku PHP sudoku logic library - Generate and solve sudoku puzzles
xemlock/array_column on Packagist xemlock/array_column array_column() implementation for PHP versions earlier than 5.5
xemlock/htmlpurifier-html5 on Packagist xemlock/htmlpurifier-html5 HTML Purifier definitions for HTML5 elements
xengine/mailgun-php on Packagist xengine/mailgun-php The Mailgun SDK provides methods for all API functions.
xenolope/cartographer on Packagist xenolope/cartographer A super-simple library to map JSON documents to objects, similar to Java's Jackson
xenolope/namespacery on Packagist xenolope/namespacery A library to help parse namespaces
xeois/yii2-admin on Packagist xeois/yii2-admin RBAC Auth manager for Yii2
xeois/yii2-dynamicform on Packagist xeois/yii2-dynamicform It is widget to yii2 framework to clone form elements in a nested manner, maintaining accessibility.
xepan/atk4 on Packagist xepan/atk4 Agile UI - User Interface Component Library
xepan/omnipay on Packagist xepan/omnipay Includes Omnipay payment processing library and all officially supported gateways
xerbol/toml-parser on Packagist xerbol/toml-parser A PHP parser for TOML that is compatible with specification 0.4.0
xethron/laravel-4-generators on Packagist xethron/laravel-4-generators Rapidly generate resources, migrations, models, and much more.
xeurun/knp-snappy-bundle on Packagist xeurun/knp-snappy-bundle Easily create PDF and images in Symfony2 by converting Twig/HTML templates.
xiabin/oauth2-sinaweibo on Packagist xiabin/oauth2-sinaweibo Sina Weibo OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
xiag/rql-parser on Packagist xiag/rql-parser
xigen/comodo-decode-csr on Packagist xigen/comodo-decode-csr
xiian/composer-repo-tool on Packagist xiian/composer-repo-tool Easily manage custom repositories in your composer setup.
xiidea/easy-audit on Packagist xiidea/easy-audit A Symfony Bundle To Log Selective Events. It is easy to configure and easy to customize for your need
xiidea/easy-menu-acl-bundle on Packagist xiidea/easy-menu-acl-bundle Role Based Access filter for Symfony2 KnpMenuBundle
xinax/laravel-latch on Packagist xinax/laravel-latch Laravel wrapper for Latch SDK (Second security layer).
xinc/getopt on Packagist xinc/getopt Command line arguments parser for PHP 5.3
xing/eway on Packagist xing/eway eWAY driver for the Drupal eWAY integration payment processing library
xingchao/laravel-unpian on Packagist xingchao/laravel-unpian A php SDK for yunpian(云片网络短信服务商) sms RESTFULL API
xingchao/laravel-yunpian on Packagist xingchao/laravel-yunpian A php SDK for yunpian(云片网络短信服务商) sms RESTFULL API
xjchen/limited-trait on Packagist xjchen/limited-trait
xjchen/oauth2-wechat on Packagist xjchen/oauth2-wechat Wechat OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
xjchen/wechat-filter on Packagist xjchen/wechat-filter Laravel Package for 微信用户身份获取
xjonar/xjonar on Packagist xjonar/xjonar A Simple MVC Framework
xjtuwangke/laravel-api on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-api
xjtuwangke/laravel-app-push on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-app-push
xjtuwangke/laravel-cms on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-cms
xjtuwangke/laravel-code on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-code
xjtuwangke/laravel-custom-memcached on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-custom-memcached
xjtuwangke/laravel-kform on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-kform form helper for laravel
xjtuwangke/laravel-models on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-models
xjtuwangke/laravel-payments on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-payments
xjtuwangke/laravel-qiniu on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-qiniu
xjtuwangke/laravel-quiz on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-quiz
xjtuwangke/laravel-seeder on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-seeder
xjtuwangke/laravel-sms on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-sms
xjtuwangke/laravel-wechat-bundle on Packagist xjtuwangke/laravel-wechat-bundle
xkerman/restricted-unserialize on Packagist xkerman/restricted-unserialize provide PHP Object Injection safe unserialize function
xlstudio/xunsearch on Packagist xlstudio/xunsearch Laravel 5 package for full-text search over Eloquent models based on XunSearch.
xmaestro/urlshortner on Packagist xmaestro/urlshortner
xmarcos/carbon-client on Packagist xmarcos/carbon-client A PHP client for Carbon (Graphite's backend) using the plaintext protocol.
xmarcos/carbon-client-service-provider on Packagist xmarcos/carbon-client-service-provider A Silex Service Provider for Carbon (Graphite's backend)
xmarcos/dot-container on Packagist xmarcos/dot-container DotContainer enables deep array access using dot-notation.
xmarcos/elasticsearch-service-provider on Packagist xmarcos/elasticsearch-service-provider A Silex Service Provider for Elasticsearch
xolf/dreamcoil on Packagist xolf/dreamcoil PhP web micro-framework for the smooth people on the big blue planet
xolf/io-db on Packagist xolf/io-db File Database
xotelia/fixerio-php-client on Packagist xotelia/fixerio-php-client FixerIO PHP client
xotelia/saasmetrics-php-client on Packagist xotelia/saasmetrics-php-client SaasMetrics PHP client
xotelia/streak-php-client on Packagist xotelia/streak-php-client Streak PHP client
xotelia/xotelia-php-client on Packagist xotelia/xotelia-php-client Xotelia PHP client
xp-forge/address on Packagist xp-forge/address Creates objects from XML input streams while parsing them.
xp-forge/assert on Packagist xp-forge/assert Assertions for the XP Framework
xp-forge/credentials on Packagist xp-forge/credentials Credentials
xp-forge/ews on Packagist xp-forge/ews Exchange Webservies
xp-forge/functions on Packagist xp-forge/functions Functional interfaces
xp-forge/geoip on Packagist xp-forge/geoip GeoIP database
xp-forge/google-authenticator on Packagist xp-forge/google-authenticator Google authenticator (HOTP & TOTP)
xp-forge/google-search on Packagist xp-forge/google-search Google Websearch Protocol
xp-forge/gsa-xmlfeed on Packagist xp-forge/gsa-xmlfeed Feed API for Google Search Appliance (GSA)
xp-forge/handlebars on Packagist xp-forge/handlebars Handlebars for XP Framework
xp-forge/ical on Packagist xp-forge/ical iCalendar
xp-forge/inject on Packagist xp-forge/inject Dependency injection for the XP Framework
xp-forge/jira-api on Packagist xp-forge/jira-api Atlassian JIRA client API for XP Framework
xp-forge/json on Packagist xp-forge/json Reads and writes JSON to and from various input sources
xp-forge/json-patch on Packagist xp-forge/json-patch Implements JSON patch documents described in RFC #6902
xp-forge/keepass on Packagist xp-forge/keepass KeePass databases
xp-forge/markdown on Packagist xp-forge/markdown Markdown
xp-forge/match on Packagist xp-forge/match Match DSL
xp-forge/measure on Packagist xp-forge/measure Measuring performance of different implementations in an xUnit-style way
xp-forge/mirrors on Packagist xp-forge/mirrors Mirrors
xp-forge/mustache on Packagist xp-forge/mustache The mustache template language implemented for the XP Framework
xp-forge/nsca on Packagist xp-forge/nsca NSCA (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) Client
xp-forge/opensearch on Packagist xp-forge/opensearch Opensearch XML classes