HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
yaro/adminer on Packagist yaro/adminer adminer for laravel 4
yaro/mecha on Packagist yaro/mecha Browser ide fo Laravel
yaro/soc-share on Packagist yaro/soc-share Social network share link builder
yaro/socket on Packagist yaro/socket simple websocket implementation for Laravel 4/5
yashin32/laravalid on Packagist yashin32/laravalid This package makes validation rules defined in laravel work client-side by converting to html/js plugins such as jquery validation. It also allows to use laravel validation messages so you can show same messages for both sides.
yasiekz/router-bundle on Packagist yasiekz/router-bundle Bundle that provides aviability of generating URL address to objects instead of giving route name and route parameters
yassa/wotb-api on Packagist yassa/wotb-api Client for World of Tanks Blitz API
yateric/cacheable on Packagist yateric/cacheable Makes any object method return cacheable.
yavor-ivanov/csv-importer on Packagist yavor-ivanov/csv-importer A CSV importer/exporter library for Laravel
yceruto/breadcrumbs-bundle on Packagist yceruto/breadcrumbs-bundle Friendly breadcrumbs for Symfony applications.
ycms/modules on Packagist ycms/modules Laravel Modules
ycms/redbean on Packagist ycms/redbean A Laravel 4 implementation of Redbean 4.
yddph/l5-generators on Packagist yddph/l5-generators
yeephp/yeephp on Packagist yeephp/yeephp YeePHP is a framework designed for Web Developers in mind, without overwhelming your Apps or API Projects with overheads which reflect in the performance of your final products.
yeesoft/yii2-multilingual on Packagist yeesoft/yii2-multilingual Yii2 Multilingual Module
yehiahamid/easyparse on Packagist yehiahamid/easyparse query sting parser for rest apis supports filterations, sorting, fields, embeds
yep/reflection on Packagist yep/reflection PHP class reflection enhancements
yep/stopwatch on Packagist yep/stopwatch Stopwatch
yep/tokenizer on Packagist yep/tokenizer Tokenizer
yep/tracy-twig-extensions on Packagist yep/tracy-twig-extensions Twig extensions for Tracy Debugger
yepsql/yepsql on Packagist yepsql/yepsql SQL templating helper for PHP inspired by yesql.
yepsua/commons-lang-helpers on Packagist yepsua/commons-lang-helpers Helpers for Syntax Generators
yeriomin/console-app on Packagist yeriomin/console-app A skeleton PHP console app with helpers for logging, running in a single instance, console input parameters.
yeriomin/getopt on Packagist yeriomin/getopt A small PHP getopt helper/library. Provides a customizable input parameter interpretation and usage message generation.
yetanotherape/diff-match-patch on Packagist yetanotherape/diff-match-patch Port of the google-diff-match-patch (https://code.google.com/p/google-diff-match-patch/) lib to PHP
yethee/enum-bundle on Packagist yethee/enum-bundle This bundle provides a typed enumeration for Symfony2 applications
yeugone/enum-bundle on Packagist yeugone/enum-bundle Bring simple enumeration implementation to Symfony2
yfix/yf on Packagist yfix/yf YF PHP Framework
yftzeng/idiorm on Packagist yftzeng/idiorm A lightweight nearly-zero-configuration object-relational mapper and fluent query builder for PHP5
yhbyun/laravel-securimage on Packagist yhbyun/laravel-securimage Laravel 5 Securimage helper
yhbyun/snowman on Packagist yhbyun/snowman Laravel 4 Repository Pattern Generator
yii2tech/activemail on Packagist yii2tech/activemail Project installation support extension for the Yii2 framework
yii2tech/admin on Packagist yii2tech/admin Admin pack (actions, widgets, etc) for Yii2
yii2tech/ar-dynattribute on Packagist yii2tech/ar-dynattribute Provides dynamic ActiveRecord attributes stored into the single field in serialized state
yii2tech/ar-eagerjoin on Packagist yii2tech/ar-eagerjoin Provides support for ActiveRecord relation eager loading via join without extra query in Yii2
yii2tech/ar-file on Packagist yii2tech/ar-file Provides support for ActiveRecord file attachment
yii2tech/ar-linkmany on Packagist yii2tech/ar-linkmany Provides support for many-to-many relations saving in Yii2 ActiveRecord
yii2tech/ar-position on Packagist yii2tech/ar-position Provides support for ActiveRecord custom sort in Yii2
yii2tech/ar-role on Packagist yii2tech/ar-role Provides support for ActiveRecord relation role (table inheritance) composition in Yii2
yii2tech/ar-search on Packagist yii2tech/ar-search Provides unified search model for Yii ActiveRecord
yii2tech/ar-softdelete on Packagist yii2tech/ar-softdelete Provides support for ActiveRecord soft delete in Yii2
yii2tech/ar-variation on Packagist yii2tech/ar-variation Provides support for ActiveRecord variation via related models in Yii2
yii2tech/authlog on Packagist yii2tech/authlog Provides support for Identity auth tracking and brute-force protection
yii2tech/balance on Packagist yii2tech/balance Provides support for Balance accounting system based on debit and credit principle
yii2tech/behavior-trait on Packagist yii2tech/behavior-trait Allows handling events via inline declared methods, which can be added by traits
yii2tech/crontab on Packagist yii2tech/crontab Crontab support extension for the Yii2 framework
yii2tech/csv-grid on Packagist yii2tech/csv-grid Yii2 extension data export to CSV file
yii2tech/embedded on Packagist yii2tech/embedded Provides support for embedded (nested) models in Yii2
yii2tech/file-storage on Packagist yii2tech/file-storage File storage abstraction layer for Yii2
yii2tech/filedb on Packagist yii2tech/filedb Provides ActiveRecord interface for data declared in static files
yii2tech/html2pdf on Packagist yii2tech/html2pdf Provides support for HTML to PDF and PHP to PDF conversion
yii2tech/https on Packagist yii2tech/https Tools for the secure connection (https) handling
yii2tech/install on Packagist yii2tech/install Project installation support extension for the Yii2 framework
yii2tech/model-change on Packagist yii2tech/model-change Provides model data and state change tracking for Yii2
yii2tech/selfupdate on Packagist yii2tech/selfupdate Basic extension for the Yii2 project self-update from VCS
yii2tech/sitemap on Packagist yii2tech/sitemap Provides support for site map creation
yiibr/yii2-br-validator on Packagist yiibr/yii2-br-validator Provide validations and features for brazilian localization
yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-app-advanced Yii 2 Advanced Project Template
yiisoft/yii2-app-basic on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-app-basic Yii 2 Basic Project Template
yiisoft/yii2-authclient on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-authclient External authentication via OAuth and OpenID for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-bootstrap The Twitter Bootstrap extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-debug on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-debug The debugger extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-dev on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-dev Yii PHP Framework Version 2 - Development Package
yiisoft/yii2-elasticsearch on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-elasticsearch Elasticsearch integration and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-faker on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-faker Fixture generator. The Faker integration for the Yii framework.
yiisoft/yii2-gii on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-gii The Gii extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-httpclient on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-httpclient HTTP client extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-imagine on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-imagine The Imagine integration for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-jui on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-jui The Jquery UI extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-mongodb on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-mongodb MongoDB extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-redis on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-redis Redis Cache, Session and ActiveRecord for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-smarty on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-smarty The Smarty integration for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-sphinx on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-sphinx Sphinx full text search engine extension for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-swiftmailer The SwiftMailer integration for the Yii framework
yiisoft/yii2-twig on Packagist yiisoft/yii2-twig The Twig integration for the Yii framework
yikesinc/yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender on Packagist yikesinc/yikes-inc-easy-mailchimp-extender Powerful MailChimp plugin for WordPress created by Yikes Inc.
yitznewton/maybe-php on Packagist yitznewton/maybe-php A Maybe monad implementation for PHP
yitznewton/php-base on Packagist yitznewton/php-base Base for PHP projects
yitznewton/procslyte on Packagist yitznewton/procslyte ProCSLyte: a PHP processor for Citation Style Language (CSL)
yjv/report-rendering on Packagist yjv/report-rendering library with classes that allow easy rendering of report data
yljphp/phpseclib on Packagist yljphp/phpseclib PHP Secure Communications Library - Pure-PHP implementations of RSA, AES, SSH2, SFTP, X.509 etc.
ynievesdotnet/fourstream on Packagist ynievesdotnet/fourstream A Laravel 5.x websocket server made easy...
ynloultratech/prepaynation-api on Packagist ynloultratech/prepaynation-api API implementation to communicate with Prepay Nation and make payments
ynloultratech/qpay-api on Packagist ynloultratech/qpay-api API implementation for Incomm Agent Solutions payment processing platform
yoannrenard/phpunit-desktop-notifier on Packagist yoannrenard/phpunit-desktop-notifier Get a desktop notification when PHPUnit has finished to run your tests
yoast/google-analytics on Packagist yoast/google-analytics Add Google Analytics to WordPress and be able to use all the powerful functions Google Analytics offers.
yoast/wordpress-seo on Packagist yoast/wordpress-seo Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the Yoast SEO plugin.
yocmen/html-minify on Packagist yocmen/html-minify Minifies the HTML output of Laravel 5 applications (Originally from https://github.com/fitztrev/laravel-html-minify)
yoghi/madda on Packagist yoghi/madda Model And Domain Driven Architecture
yogirzlsinatrya/terbilang on Packagist yogirzlsinatrya/terbilang Merubah nominal rupiah menjadi kata
yohang/calendr on Packagist yohang/calendr Object Oriented calendar management
yohang/finite on Packagist yohang/finite A simple PHP5.3+ Finite State Machine
yohang/satis-admin on Packagist yohang/satis-admin A simple web-based interface for Satis repositories
yokai/enum-bundle on Packagist yokai/enum-bundle Bring simple enumeration implementation to Symfony2
yolcar/generators on Packagist yolcar/generators Extend Laravel 5's generators.
yoncode/baum on Packagist yoncode/baum The Baum Nested Sets modified package to works with Silex application and PHP 5.3..
yooper/php-text-analysis on Packagist yooper/php-text-analysis PHP Text Analysis is a library for performing Information Retrieval (IR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks using the PHP language
yosymfony/config-loader on Packagist yosymfony/config-loader Configuration loader for YAML, TOML and JSON files
yosymfony/embedded-composer on Packagist yosymfony/embedded-composer Embed Composer into another application
yosymfony/httpserver on Packagist yosymfony/httpserver A simple HTTP server