HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
zemistr/l10n on Packagist zemistr/l10n Localization, plurals and simple translator
zemistr/l10n-nette-translator on Packagist zemistr/l10n-nette-translator Simple l10n translator panel for Tracy
zenapply/php-peoplematter on Packagist zenapply/php-peoplematter
zenapply/php-request on Packagist zenapply/php-request Execute a CURL request
zenapply/php-viddler on Packagist zenapply/php-viddler
zendesk/zendesk_api_client_php on Packagist zendesk/zendesk_api_client_php PHP Client for Zendesk REST API. See http://developer.zendesk.com/api-docs
zendframework/zend-diactoros on Packagist zendframework/zend-diactoros PSR HTTP Message implementations
zendframework/zend-hydrator on Packagist zendframework/zend-hydrator
zendframework/zend-inputfilter on Packagist zendframework/zend-inputfilter
zendframework/zend-navigation on Packagist zendframework/zend-navigation provides support for managing trees of pointers to web pages
zendframework/zend-permissions-acl on Packagist zendframework/zend-permissions-acl provides a lightweight and flexible access control list (ACL) implementation for privileges management
zendframework/zend-psr7bridge on Packagist zendframework/zend-psr7bridge PSR-7 <-> Zend\Http bridge
zendframework/zend-tag on Packagist zendframework/zend-tag a component suite which provides a facility to work with taggable Items
zendframework/zend-uri on Packagist zendframework/zend-uri a component that aids in manipulating and validating » Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs)
zendframework/zendservice-apple-apns on Packagist zendframework/zendservice-apple-apns OOP Zend Framework 2 wrapper for Apple Push Notification Service
zendframework/zendservice-google-gcm on Packagist zendframework/zendservice-google-gcm OOP wrapper for Google Cloud Messaging
zendo/di on Packagist zendo/di Dependecy injection
zendx/viewautoescape on Packagist zendx/viewautoescape Zend Framework 1 auto escaping
zenginechris/elastic on Packagist zenginechris/elastic A Wrapper for the elasticsearch php api client
zenify/coding-standard on Packagist zenify/coding-standard Set of rules for PHP_CodeSniffer preferring tabs and based on Nette coding standard.
zenify/doctrine-behaviors on Packagist zenify/doctrine-behaviors Integration of KnpLabs/DoctrineBehaviors to Nette\DI
zenify/doctrine-extensions-tree on Packagist zenify/doctrine-extensions-tree Implementation of Tree from DoctrineExtensions to Nette.
zenify/doctrine-filters on Packagist zenify/doctrine-filters Doctrine Filters integration into Nette
zenify/doctrine-methods-hydrator on Packagist zenify/doctrine-methods-hydrator Hydrates presenter methods from parameters to entities
zenify/modular-latte-filters on Packagist zenify/modular-latte-filters Nette extension for modular latte filters loading.
zenify/modular-presenter-mapping on Packagist zenify/modular-presenter-mapping Modularity for presenter mapping in Nette presenter factory.
zenify/modular-routing on Packagist zenify/modular-routing Nette extension for modular routing
zenify/nette-database-filters on Packagist zenify/nette-database-filters Integration of Filters concept to Nette\Database.
zenkay/dandelionapi on Packagist zenkay/dandelionapi PHP wrapper for Dandelion API, Semantic Text Analytics as a service
zenkay/datatxt on Packagist zenkay/datatxt PHP wrapper for Dandelion's dataTXT APIs
zenkay/machinereading on Packagist zenkay/machinereading PHP wrapper for Damantic's MachineReading APIs
zenstruck/asset-manifest-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/asset-manifest-bundle Loads an asset manifest to map your assets to dynamic ones.
zenstruck/backup on Packagist zenstruck/backup Library to create and archive backups
zenstruck/backup-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/backup-bundle Symfony2 Bundle that wraps backup commands
zenstruck/cache-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/cache-bundle Provides a httpcache warmup command for Symfony2
zenstruck/controller-util on Packagist zenstruck/controller-util Utilities for creating Symfony2 responses without dependencies.
zenstruck/controller-util-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/controller-util-bundle Symfony2 Bundle for zenstruck/controller-util
zenstruck/elastica-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/elastica-bundle Lightweight Symfony bundle wrapping Elastica.
zenstruck/imagine-extra-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/imagine-extra-bundle Integrate imagine-filters library into Symfony2
zenstruck/imagine-filters on Packagist zenstruck/imagine-filters Extra filters for Imagine
zenstruck/jwt on Packagist zenstruck/jwt JSON Object Signing and Encryption library for PHP.
zenstruck/object-routing-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/object-routing-bundle Symfony2 Bundle that allows generating urls from objects (sf1 style).
zenstruck/php-excel-plus on Packagist zenstruck/php-excel-plus Wrapper for PHPExcel that provides abstraction for simple tasks
zenstruck/porpaginas on Packagist zenstruck/porpaginas Library that generically solves several pagination issues with DAO/repository abstractions.
zenstruck/queue on Packagist zenstruck/queue Unified API for different queue services.
zenstruck/redirect-bundle on Packagist zenstruck/redirect-bundle Store redirects for your site and keeps statistics on redirects and 404 errors
zenstruck/string on Packagist zenstruck/string String utilities
zenstruck/string-twig on Packagist zenstruck/string-twig Twig integration for zenstruck/string.
zeopix/itinerary-sorter on Packagist zeopix/itinerary-sorter A PHP Library that sorts a itinerary given a unordered set of boarding cards — Edit
zephia/la-voz on Packagist zephia/la-voz La Voz Feed Generator
zephia/mercadolibre on Packagist zephia/mercadolibre Mercado Libre API client
zephia/olx on Packagist zephia/olx OLX Feed Generator
zephia/pilot-api-client on Packagist zephia/pilot-api-client A PHP Pilot API Client
zephyr/editable-bundle on Packagist zephyr/editable-bundle Zephyr EditableBundle
zephyr7501/laravel-breadcrumbs-bootstrap4 on Packagist zephyr7501/laravel-breadcrumbs-bootstrap4 forked from davejamesmiller/laravel-breadcrumbs
zerochip/pdftohtml on Packagist zerochip/pdftohtml PDF to HTML converter with PHP using Poppler-utils
zeropingheroes/duration on Packagist zeropingheroes/duration Helper for formatting a duration into human readable text
zeropingheroes/timespan on Packagist zeropingheroes/timespan Helper class for formatting and describing timespans
zeuxisoo/slim-whoops on Packagist zeuxisoo/slim-whoops PHP whoops error on slim framework
zewa/framework on Packagist zewa/framework Light-wight module based MVC, with centralized models.
zfbrasil/repository-manager on Packagist zfbrasil/repository-manager Manages a list of registered repositories
zfcampus/zf-apigility-provider on Packagist zfcampus/zf-apigility-provider Apigility interfaces
zfcampus/zf-content-validation on Packagist zfcampus/zf-content-validation Zend Framework module providing incoming content validation
zfcampus/zf-mvc-auth on Packagist zfcampus/zf-mvc-auth ZF2 Module providing Authentication and Authorization events and infrastructure
zfr/hydrator on Packagist zfr/hydrator Zend Framework 3 prototype for a better hydrator component
zfr/zfr-oauth2-server on Packagist zfr/zfr-oauth2-server PHP library to create an OAuth 2 server
zfstarter/zfs-tool on Packagist zfstarter/zfs-tool Utility module for ZFCore2
zhandev/shopify_api on Packagist zhandev/shopify_api Lightweight PHP client for the Shopify API.
zhangxiaoshuai/easemob on Packagist zhangxiaoshuai/easemob
zhelyabuzhsky/yii2-sitemap on Packagist zhelyabuzhsky/yii2-sitemap A Yii2 tool to generate sitemap.xml.
zhenhai/laravel-rateable on Packagist zhenhai/laravel-rateable Allows multiple models to be rated with a fivestar like system.
zhibaihe/event on Packagist zhibaihe/event Event dispatcher for PHP
zhibaihe/state on Packagist zhibaihe/state A finite state machine for PHP.
zhiephie/boilerplate-slim3 on Packagist zhiephie/boilerplate-slim3 Boilerplate for getting started with Slim Framework
zhikiri/currency-converter on Packagist zhikiri/currency-converter Library for currency exchange
zhikiri/php-decorator on Packagist zhikiri/php-decorator Simulate Python decorators in PHP
zhilevan/google-shortly-php on Packagist zhilevan/google-shortly-php A PHP library to generate shortened URL through The Google Shortener API
zhuayi/admin on Packagist zhuayi/admin 基于Laravel和AdminLte的搭建的后台权限系统
zhuayi/upload on Packagist zhuayi/upload 基于laravel的file上传扩展,目前支持七牛云存储
zhuravljov/yii2-queue on Packagist zhuravljov/yii2-queue Yii2 Queue Extension which supported DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
zhuravljov/yii2-rest on Packagist zhuravljov/yii2-rest Yii2 REST Client
zhuxiaoqiao/flysystem-baidu-bos on Packagist zhuxiaoqiao/flysystem-baidu-bos Flysystem adapter for Baidu Bos SDK v0.8.1
zhuzhichao/bank-card-info on Packagist zhuzhichao/bank-card-info Get the bank card info
zhuzhichao/ip-location-zh on Packagist zhuzhichao/ip-location-zh get the ip's true location with Chinese
zhuzhichao/ueditor on Packagist zhuzhichao/ueditor Ueditor for laravel
zhuzhichao/umeditor on Packagist zhuzhichao/umeditor Umeditor for laravel
zibios/wrike-bundle on Packagist zibios/wrike-bundle Symfony bundle for Wrike PHP Library.
zibios/wrike-php-guzzle on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-guzzle HTTP Client and exception transformer adapter for Wrike PHP Library, based on Guzzle package
zibios/wrike-php-jmsserializer on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-jmsserializer Response transformer adapter for Wrike PHP Library, based on JMS Serializer package.
zibios/wrike-php-library on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-library Wrike PHP Library, generic implementation.
zibios/wrike-php-sdk on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-sdk Wrike PHP SDK, configured Wrike PHP Library package for most user cases.
zientalak/devicedetector on Packagist zientalak/devicedetector Device Detector for PHP
zigron/monolog on Packagist zigron/monolog Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
ziguss/fsm on Packagist ziguss/fsm a PHP final state machine library
zikarsky/react-gearman on Packagist zikarsky/react-gearman
zizaco/confide on Packagist zizaco/confide Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4
zizaco/entrust on Packagist zizaco/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
zizaco/factory-muff on Packagist zizaco/factory-muff The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
zizaco/mongolid on Packagist zizaco/mongolid Easy, powerful and ultrafast ODM for PHP and MongoDB.
zkc/redis_retry on Packagist zkc/redis_retry phpredis wrapper