HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
zfstarter/zfs-tool on Packagist zfstarter/zfs-tool Utility module for ZFCore2
zhandev/shopify_api on Packagist zhandev/shopify_api Lightweight PHP client for the Shopify API.
zhangxiaoshuai/easemob on Packagist zhangxiaoshuai/easemob
zhelyabuzhsky/yii2-sitemap on Packagist zhelyabuzhsky/yii2-sitemap A Yii2 tool to generate sitemap.xml.
zhem4ag/event-snoozer on Packagist zhem4ag/event-snoozer Snooze your events for later dispatch.
zhenhai/laravel-rateable on Packagist zhenhai/laravel-rateable Allows multiple models to be rated with a fivestar like system.
zhibaihe/event on Packagist zhibaihe/event Event dispatcher for PHP
zhibaihe/state on Packagist zhibaihe/state A finite state machine for PHP.
zhiephie/boilerplate-slim3 on Packagist zhiephie/boilerplate-slim3 Boilerplate for getting started with Slim Framework
zhikiri/currency-converter on Packagist zhikiri/currency-converter Library for currency exchange
zhikiri/php-decorator on Packagist zhikiri/php-decorator Simulate Python decorators in PHP
zhilevan/google-shortly-php on Packagist zhilevan/google-shortly-php A PHP library to generate shortened URL through The Google Shortener API
zhuayi/admin on Packagist zhuayi/admin 基于Laravel和AdminLte的搭建的后台权限系统
zhuayi/upload on Packagist zhuayi/upload 基于laravel的file上传扩展,目前支持七牛云存储
zhuravljov/yii2-queue on Packagist zhuravljov/yii2-queue Yii2 Queue Extension which supported DB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk and Gearman
zhuravljov/yii2-rest on Packagist zhuravljov/yii2-rest Yii2 REST Client
zhuxiaoqiao/flysystem-baidu-bos on Packagist zhuxiaoqiao/flysystem-baidu-bos Flysystem adapter for Baidu Bos SDK v0.8.1
zhuzhichao/bank-card-info on Packagist zhuzhichao/bank-card-info Get the bank card info
zhuzhichao/ip-location-zh on Packagist zhuzhichao/ip-location-zh get the ip's true location with Chinese
zhuzhichao/ueditor on Packagist zhuzhichao/ueditor Ueditor for laravel
zhuzhichao/umeditor on Packagist zhuzhichao/umeditor Umeditor for laravel
zibios/wrike-bundle on Packagist zibios/wrike-bundle Symfony bundle for Wrike PHP Library.
zibios/wrike-php-guzzle on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-guzzle HTTP Client and exception transformer adapter for Wrike PHP Library, based on Guzzle package
zibios/wrike-php-jmsserializer on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-jmsserializer Response transformer adapter for Wrike PHP Library, based on JMS Serializer package.
zibios/wrike-php-library on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-library Wrike PHP Library, generic implementation.
zibios/wrike-php-sdk on Packagist zibios/wrike-php-sdk Wrike PHP SDK, configured Wrike PHP Library package for most user cases.
zientalak/devicedetector on Packagist zientalak/devicedetector Device Detector for PHP
zigron/monolog on Packagist zigron/monolog Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services
ziguss/fsm on Packagist ziguss/fsm a PHP final state machine library
zikarsky/react-gearman on Packagist zikarsky/react-gearman
zikula/generator-bundle on Packagist zikula/generator-bundle This module generates code for you
zipmoney/merchantapi-php on Packagist zipmoney/merchantapi-php
zizaco/confide on Packagist zizaco/confide Confide is an authentication solution for Laravel 4
zizaco/entrust on Packagist zizaco/entrust This package provides a flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel
zizaco/factory-muff on Packagist zizaco/factory-muff The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing.
zizaco/mongolid on Packagist zizaco/mongolid Easy, powerful and ultrafast ODM for PHP and MongoDB.
zkc/redis_retry on Packagist zkc/redis_retry phpredis wrapper
zkynet/codeception-helper on Packagist zkynet/codeception-helper This package contains codeception helpers.
zloesabo/speechkit-php on Packagist zloesabo/speechkit-php Yandex SpeechKit for PHP
znck/belongs-to-through on Packagist znck/belongs-to-through Adds belongsToThrough relation to laravel models
znck/flash on Packagist znck/flash Easy flash notifications for laravel 5
znck/summarizer on Packagist znck/summarizer Automatic text summarization (open text summarizer wrapper)
znck/trust on Packagist znck/trust User roles and permissions for Laravel 5
zobzn/batcher on Packagist zobzn/batcher Perform batch operations
zobzn/psr7-stack on Packagist zobzn/psr7-stack PSR-7 HTTP Middleware Stack
zobzn/zbz-uri on Packagist zobzn/zbz-uri URI Manipulation
zol/fixed-column-width-parser on Packagist zol/fixed-column-width-parser Parse fixed column width files according to given schema
zolli/phabricator-php-api on Packagist zolli/phabricator-php-api PHP implementation for Phabricator conduit application
zolli/phacebook on Packagist zolli/phacebook Facebook authentication library for Laravel 4. Uses Facebook PHP SDK 4
zonuexe/http-accept-language on Packagist zonuexe/http-accept-language HTTP Accept-Language Header parser
zonuexe/mastodon-api on Packagist zonuexe/mastodon-api A PHP interface for Mastodon.
zoo/facebook on Packagist zoo/facebook A Facebook bridge for Laravel
zoo/pushwoosh on Packagist zoo/pushwoosh A Pushwoosh bridge for Laravel
zoonman/pixabay-php-api on Packagist zoonman/pixabay-php-api PixabayClient is a PHP HTTP client library to access Pixabay's API
zordius/lightncandy on Packagist zordius/lightncandy An extremely fast PHP implementation of handlebars ( http://handlebarsjs.com/ ) and mustache ( http://mustache.github.io/ ).
zorx/baum on Packagist zorx/baum Baum is an implementation of the Nested Set pattern for Eloquent models.
zorx/jwt-auth on Packagist zorx/jwt-auth JSON Web Token Authentication for Laravel and Lumen
zorx/modules on Packagist zorx/modules Laravel Modules
zource/zource on Packagist zource/zource The open source company management application.
zrf/query on Packagist zrf/query Pacote para consultas na Receita Federal
zservices/query on Packagist zservices/query Pacote para consultas em serviços do governo.
zsxsoft/php-useragent on Packagist zsxsoft/php-useragent A User-agent analyze project.
ztsu/pipe on Packagist ztsu/pipe Pipeline pattern simple implementation
zumb/http-message on Packagist zumb/http-message Common interface for HTTP messages, Hack version
zumba/amplitude-php on Packagist zumba/amplitude-php PHP SDK for Amplitude
zumba/json-serializer on Packagist zumba/json-serializer Serialize PHP variables, including objects, in JSON format. Support to unserialize it too.
zumba/swivel on Packagist zumba/swivel Strategy driven feature toggles
zurborg/log-radis on Packagist zurborg/log-radis Radis Logging Engine for PHP
zwacky/loginchecka on Packagist zwacky/loginchecka Small login component to casually drop in yo app
zwacky/table-analyzer on Packagist zwacky/table-analyzer Database column analyzer tool for the developer on the go
zwcway/payments on Packagist zwcway/payments
zzepish/php-html-parser on Packagist zzepish/php-html-parser An HTML DOM parser. It allows you to manipulate HTML. Find tags on an HTML page with selectors just like jQuery.
zzhh9857/php-curl-class on Packagist zzhh9857/php-curl-class PHP Curl Class is an object-oriented wrapper of the PHP cURL extension.