HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
aamant/menu on Packagist aamant/menu Simple menu for Laravel
aamant/message on Packagist aamant/message Internal message for laravel
aamant/ville-france on Packagist aamant/ville-france Table des villes de france
aamortimer/indeed on Packagist aamortimer/indeed Indeed job search
aamortimer/woopra on Packagist aamortimer/woopra Woorpa PHP SDK
aanbieders/laravel-api on Packagist aanbieders/laravel-api Laravel package to recover information of the Aanbieders.be Comparison service provider, using the Aanbieders API
aaphp/encapsulated on Packagist aaphp/encapsulated An encapsulation micro framework
aaphp/utilized on Packagist aaphp/utilized Miscellaneous utilities
aarestu/currency-converter on Packagist aarestu/currency-converter Currency Converter PHP Library
aaronbullard/api on Packagist aaronbullard/api Restful API parent controller for Laravel 4
aaronwebb/aura-sql-debug on Packagist aaronwebb/aura-sql-debug Extends an Aura ExtendedPdo connection with debug logging.
aaugustyniak/params-codec-bundle on Packagist aaugustyniak/params-codec-bundle Symfony bundle for obfuscating/encryption routing params.
aayaresko/yii2-extended-gii on Packagist aayaresko/yii2-extended-gii The Gii extension for the Yii framework with twig support
abacaphiliac/doctrine-orm-diagnostics-module on Packagist abacaphiliac/doctrine-orm-diagnostics-module Integration of doctrine/doctrine-orm-module, zendframework/zenddiagnostics, and (optionally) doctrine/migrations.
abacaphiliac/psr-log4php on Packagist abacaphiliac/psr-log4php A PSR-3-compliant log4php-wrapper.
abcaeffchen/sepa-utilities on Packagist abcaeffchen/sepa-utilities SepaUtilities provides useful methods for validating and sanitizing inputs used in SEPA files supporting PHP >= 5.6 and HHVM.
abcaeffchen/sephpa on Packagist abcaeffchen/sephpa Generates Sepa files for credit transfers (pain.001.001.03, pain.001.002.03, pain.001.003.03) and direct debit (pain.008.001.02, pain.008.002.02, pain.008.003.02)
abcsun/logviewer on Packagist abcsun/logviewer LogViewer Provides A LogViewer Admin Module For Laravel/Lumen 5
abelhalo/titles on Packagist abelhalo/titles An elegant title generator for Laravel 5.1+
abelhalo/zolcrawler on Packagist abelhalo/zolcrawler Zol Crawler
abelorosz/twostep on Packagist abelorosz/twostep Two-step verification library with support for Laravel 4 integration
abenevaut/laravel-generators on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-generators Laravel Generators
abenevaut/laravel-menus on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-menus laravel-menus
abenevaut/laravel-modules on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-modules Laravel Modules
abenevaut/laravel-themes on Packagist abenevaut/laravel-themes Themes system for laravel framework
abhi1693/yii2-enum on Packagist abhi1693/yii2-enum Enumerable Helper
abhimanyusharma003/conversion on Packagist abhimanyusharma003/conversion Laravel Unit Conversion
abishekrsrikaanth/lstripe on Packagist abishekrsrikaanth/lstripe Laravel Package for Stripe Integration
ablunier/laravel-database on Packagist ablunier/laravel-database Laravel database utilities package. Repository, cache, abstraction layer.
ablunier/laravel-lang-installer on Packagist ablunier/laravel-lang-installer Command for easily add languages to a Laravel project
ablypl/wordpress on Packagist ablypl/wordpress Wordpress meets Laravel 5.
aboutyou/cache on Packagist aboutyou/cache Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache backends. This is a fork of doctrine/cache and goetas multiget implementation
abraham/twitteroauth on Packagist abraham/twitteroauth The most popular PHP library for use with the Twitter OAuth REST API.
abreeden/transmitsms-api on Packagist abreeden/transmitsms-api Provides support for SMS providers using the TransmitSMS backend and pacakges the existing PHP class file as a composer package
abrigham/laravel-email-exceptions on Packagist abrigham/laravel-email-exceptions Email Exceptions from your laravel application
ac/model-traits on Packagist ac/model-traits Traits to reduce boilerplate when creating models.
acacha/acacha-socialite on Packagist acacha/acacha-socialite Add social login/authentication to your Laravel app in a breeze using Laravel socialite
acacha/admin on Packagist acacha/admin Aministrative interface builder for Laravel. Based on Sleeping Owl Admin
acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel on Packagist acacha/admin-lte-template-laravel AdminLTE template applied to Laravel Scaffolding
acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer on Packagist acacha/adminlte-laravel-installer Adminlte-laravel application installer.
acacha/contact on Packagist acacha/contact Contacts support for Laravel
acacha/filesystem on Packagist acacha/filesystem A PHP filesystem with stubs compiler support
acacha/helpers on Packagist acacha/helpers Extra helpers for Laravel
acacha/l5-repository on Packagist acacha/l5-repository Laravel 5 - Repositories to the database layer. Based on prettus/l5-repository
acacha/laravel-social on Packagist acacha/laravel-social Social Login/Register implementation using Laravel Socialite and AdminLTE Laravel package
acacha/llum on Packagist acacha/llum Llum (light in catalan language) illuminates your Laravel projects.
acacha/periods on Packagist acacha/periods Laravel 5 package to add suport for historical data using multiple databases
acacha/profile on Packagist acacha/profile A Laravel package that provides basic user profile support
acacha/user on Packagist acacha/user A boosted User for Laravel
academe/omnipay-helcim on Packagist academe/omnipay-helcim Helcim gateway for the Omnipay payment processing library
academe/particle on Packagist academe/particle A PSR-7 PHP package for working with the Particle API
academe/sagepay on Packagist academe/sagepay A library to handle the back-end processing for the SagePay Server (protocol v3) service
academe/serializeparser on Packagist academe/serializeparser A PHP parser for serialized data, to be able to 'peek' into serialize strings.
acampderros/behat-html-formatter on Packagist acampderros/behat-html-formatter This will create a html formatter for Behat.
acasademont/i18n-routing-bundle on Packagist acasademont/i18n-routing-bundle This bundle allows you to create i18n routes. Fork of the jms/i18n-routing-bundle
accord/mandrill-swiftmailer on Packagist accord/mandrill-swiftmailer A SwiftMailer transport implementation for Mandrill
accord/mandrill-swiftmailer-bundle on Packagist accord/mandrill-swiftmailer-bundle Symfony bundle to provide a Mandrill SwiftMailer service
accredible/acms-api-php on Packagist accredible/acms-api-php PHP wrappers for Accredible ACMS API
accruio/response-middleware on Packagist accruio/response-middleware Relay-compatible response middleware.
acelaya/doctrine-enum-type on Packagist acelaya/doctrine-enum-type A custom Doctrine type that maps column values to enum objects using myclabs/php-enum
acelaya/expressive-slim-router on Packagist acelaya/expressive-slim-router A router for Zend Expressive based on Slim framework's implementation
acelaya/php-persistent-login on Packagist acelaya/php-persistent-login A package that provides an abstraction layer to manage persistent login sessions in PHP applications
acelaya/slim-container-sm on Packagist acelaya/slim-container-sm A Slim framework container wrapping a ZF2 ServiceManager
acelaya/zf2-acmailer on Packagist acelaya/zf2-acmailer Mail sending module for Zend Framework 2
acelaya/zf2-acyaml on Packagist acelaya/zf2-acyaml A Zend Framework 2 module to render yaml responses
acelaya/zsm-annotated-services on Packagist acelaya/zsm-annotated-services A component to define how dependency injection has to be performed with Zend\ServiceManager via annotations
acelot/validation on Packagist acelot/validation Validation utility for PHP5
acfatah/error-handler on Packagist acfatah/error-handler Webapp error handler.
acfatah/serializable-closure on Packagist acfatah/serializable-closure A class that enables serialization of closure.
acfatah/shared on Packagist acfatah/shared Shared interfaces, exceptions and classes between web components.
acgrid/assert on Packagist acgrid/assert Thin assertion library for input validation in business models.
acgrid/phprofiling on Packagist acgrid/phprofiling Help collect profiling information in applications or libraries.
acgrid/rdb-helper on Packagist acgrid/rdb-helper Deal with differences within PHP RDBMS APIs. Also provide facade class for global access. It does not try to generalize or simplify writing SQL.
achristodoulou/calendar on Packagist achristodoulou/calendar A package that provides easy access to calendar functionality.
acid-solutions/laravel-phantom on Packagist acid-solutions/laravel-phantom
acid-solutions/value-objects on Packagist acid-solutions/value-objects
acidjazz/larjectus on Packagist acidjazz/larjectus Adds the power of objectus to Laravel and Lumen
acidreign/laravel-geoip2 on Packagist acidreign/laravel-geoip2 Laravel wrapper for MaxMind GeoIP2
acmephp/cli on Packagist acmephp/cli Let's Encrypt/ACME Command Line client written in PHP
acmephp/core on Packagist acmephp/core Raw implementation of the ACME protocol in PHP
acmephp/ssl on Packagist acmephp/ssl PHP wrapper around OpenSSL extension providing SSL encoding, decoding, parsing and signing features
acmephp/symfony-bundle on Packagist acmephp/symfony-bundle AcmePhpBundle
acoustep/component-generator on Packagist acoustep/component-generator Laravel 4 package for generating HTML components from Web Frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap via command line.
acoustep/entrust-gui on Packagist acoustep/entrust-gui A GUI for the Entrust package.
acp3/cms on Packagist acp3/cms ACP3 is a highly customizable and easy to use web content management system based on PHP5 and MySQL.
acquia/acquia-sdk-php on Packagist acquia/acquia-sdk-php The Acquia SDK for PHP allows developers to build applications on top of Acquia services.
acquia/content-hub-php on Packagist acquia/content-hub-php A PHP Client library to consume the Acquia Content Hub API.
acquia/hmac-request on Packagist acquia/hmac-request Signs HTTP requests using a HMAC digest
acquia/http-hmac-php on Packagist acquia/http-hmac-php An implementation of the HTTP HMAC Spec in PHP that integrates with popular libraries such as Symfony and Guzzle.
acredula/percy on Packagist acredula/percy Repository, Storage and DataMapper abstraction to aid in the building of Web Applications and RESTful APIs.
acrobat/recaptcha-bundle on Packagist acrobat/recaptcha-bundle This bundle provides easy integration of Recaptcha into symfony2
activedbsoft/webapi-active-query-builder on Packagist activedbsoft/webapi-active-query-builder
acurrieclark/ionic-php-pusher on Packagist acurrieclark/ionic-php-pusher PHP SDK for Ionic Push Beta
acurrieclark/php-password-verifier on Packagist acurrieclark/php-password-verifier Framework agnostic password strength checker
adadgio/sf-text-analysis-php on Packagist adadgio/sf-text-analysis-php PHP Text Analysis is a library for performing Information Retrival (IR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks using the PHP language
adagio/bitset on Packagist adagio/bitset Pure PHP drop-in replacement for 'bitset' extension.
adagio/serializer on Packagist adagio/serializer Simple zero-config (de)serialization API
adam-paterson/api-client-foundation on Packagist adam-paterson/api-client-foundation
adam-paterson/githook on Packagist adam-paterson/githook PHP Based GitHooks
adam-paterson/ibm-watson-sdk on Packagist adam-paterson/ibm-watson-sdk