HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
adam-paterson/oauth2-imgur on Packagist adam-paterson/oauth2-imgur Imgur OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adam-paterson/oauth2-rdio on Packagist adam-paterson/oauth2-rdio Rdio OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adam-paterson/oauth2-resource-guru on Packagist adam-paterson/oauth2-resource-guru Resource Guru OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adam-paterson/oauth2-slack on Packagist adam-paterson/oauth2-slack Slack OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adam-paterson/oauth2-stripe on Packagist adam-paterson/oauth2-stripe Stripe OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adam-paterson/watson-common on Packagist adam-paterson/watson-common
adam-paterson/watson-tone-analyzer on Packagist adam-paterson/watson-tone-analyzer
adamdburton/nanoftpd on Packagist adamdburton/nanoftpd NanoFTPd server from http://nanoftpd.sourceforge.net/ for Laravel
adamgoose/laravel-annotations on Packagist adamgoose/laravel-annotations Route Annotations for The Laravel Framework.
adamkelso/double-a on Packagist adamkelso/double-a Small pieces of code to help power your app.
adamlc/address-format on Packagist adamlc/address-format A PHP library to parse street addresses to localized formats
adamlundrigan/ldc-oauth2-crypto-token on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-oauth2-crypto-token JWT CryptoToken configuration for zf-oauth2
adamlundrigan/ldc-zend-form-cti on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-zend-form-cti Zend\Form\Collection meets Class Table Inheritance
adamlundrigan/ldc-zf1-di-leaguecontainer on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-zf1-di-leaguecontainer Basic controller dependency injection in ZF1 with League\Container
adamlundrigan/ldc-zfc-user-oauth2 on Packagist adamlundrigan/ldc-zfc-user-oauth2 OAuth2 server integration for ZfcUser
adamnicholson/bag on Packagist adamnicholson/bag A simple parameter bag to make working with arrays easier
adampaterson/oauth2-stripe on Packagist adampaterson/oauth2-stripe Stripe OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
adampatterson/numeral on Packagist adampatterson/numeral A PHP library for formatting and manipulating numbers.
adamquaile/json-object-mapper on Packagist adamquaile/json-object-mapper Maps JSON files to PHP objects, intended for simple model separation and manual content authoring
adamquaile/php-global-abstraction on Packagist adamquaile/php-global-abstraction Wrapper around features of PHP which affect global scope
adamwathan/facktory on Packagist adamwathan/facktory An attempt at bringing the wonders of Ruby's FactoryGirl to PHP
adamwathan/faktory on Packagist adamwathan/faktory An attempt at bringing the wonders of Ruby's FactoryGirl to PHP
addapp/breezometer-laravel on Packagist addapp/breezometer-laravel Laravel implementation of the Breezometer-php client
addapp/breezometer-php on Packagist addapp/breezometer-php PHP client package for the Breezometer
addiks/phpsql on Packagist addiks/phpsql SQL-database written in PHP
addwiki/addwiki on Packagist addwiki/addwiki A Mediawiki bot lib
addwiki/mediawiki-api on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-api A MediaWiki API library
addwiki/mediawiki-api-base on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-api-base A basic Mediawiki api base library
addwiki/mediawiki-datamodel on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-datamodel A Mediawiki datamodel
addwiki/mediawiki-services on Packagist addwiki/mediawiki-services Service interfaces to interact with the mediawiki datamodel
addwiki/wikibase-api on Packagist addwiki/wikibase-api A Wikibase api lib
adeb6600/geotools-laravel on Packagist adeb6600/geotools-laravel Geo-related tools PHP library for Laravel 4 & 5
adeb6600/url-shortener on Packagist adeb6600/url-shortener URL shortening the easy way.
ademes/api-proxy-laravel on Packagist ademes/api-proxy-laravel A Laravel proxy package for javascript API calls, based on thinkingmik/api-proxy-laravel
ademes/core on Packagist ademes/core Ademes core service, developed by laravel 5.1
ademes/oauth2-server on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server A lightweight and powerful OAuth 2.0 authorization and resource server library with support for all the core specification grants. This library will allow you to secure your API with OAuth and allow your applications users to approve apps that want to acc
ademes/oauth2-server-laravel on Packagist ademes/oauth2-server-laravel An OAuth 2.0 bridge for Laravel and Lumen
adenfraser/coanda-menus on Packagist adenfraser/coanda-menus
adespresso/feature-bundle on Packagist adespresso/feature-bundle Manage release of new features
adewra/tinder on Packagist adewra/tinder Ability to access and execute Tinder's API used by their mobile applications.
adexaja/laravel-autodrive on Packagist adexaja/laravel-autodrive Google api php client wrapper with Cloud Platform and Laravel 4 & 5 support
adezandee/mink-ghost-driver on Packagist adezandee/mink-ghost-driver GhostDriver (webDriver) for Mink framework
adgek/mailchimp on Packagist adgek/mailchimp Mailchimp API wrapper, includes Laravel 5 support.
adhocore/htmlup on Packagist adhocore/htmlup HTML from Markdown.
adiamond/ckeditor on Packagist adiamond/ckeditor A CKEditor for Cruddy.
adiamond/illuminate-menu on Packagist adiamond/illuminate-menu A menu builder for Laravel using Bootstrap's markup.
adiesel82/sypex-geo-laravel-54 on Packagist adiesel82/sypex-geo-laravel-54 The Sypex Geo PHP Class Wrapper for Laravel 5.4
adirelle/react-event-promise on Packagist adirelle/react-event-promise Create promises of event.
adis-me/pageblok on Packagist adis-me/pageblok
adityamenon/postcodes-io-laravel on Packagist adityamenon/postcodes-io-laravel
adlawson/veval on Packagist adlawson/veval Virtual eval
adlawson/vfs on Packagist adlawson/vfs Virtual file system
adldap2/adldap2 on Packagist adldap2/adldap2 A PHP LDAP Package for Active Directory Manipulation.
adlogix/confluence-rest-php-client on Packagist adlogix/confluence-rest-php-client Confluence API PHP Client
adlogix/guzzle-atlassian-connect-middleware on Packagist adlogix/guzzle-atlassian-connect-middleware An Atlassian Connect authentication middleware for Guzzle
administrcms/asset-manager on Packagist administrcms/asset-manager
administrcms/form on Packagist administrcms/form Form package for the administrcms as good as standalone laravel package
adobradi/laravel5-elastic on Packagist adobradi/laravel5-elastic Simple Elastic wrapper for Laravel 5
adr1enbe4udou1n/critical-css on Packagist adr1enbe4udou1n/critical-css A Laravel package for generating and using inline critical-path CSS.
adrianclay/xbrl on Packagist adrianclay/xbrl A simple API to parse XBRL taxonomies
adriandmitroca/laravel-exception-monitor on Packagist adriandmitroca/laravel-exception-monitor Little Laravel package to notify you about exceptions in your application.
adrianthedev/remote on Packagist adrianthedev/remote Remote port for The Lumen Framework
adrienbrault/pagerfanta-iterator on Packagist adrienbrault/pagerfanta-iterator
adrorocker/php-firebase on Packagist adrorocker/php-firebase A PHP SDK for Google Firebase
adrorocker/sforce on Packagist adrorocker/sforce A simple PHP SDK SFDC Soap API
adrorocker/tinycache on Packagist adrorocker/tinycache A simple library to cache assets and html page
adrosoftware/aws3 on Packagist adrosoftware/aws3 A simple PHP s3 class for AWS
adrosoftware/enphpity on Packagist adrosoftware/enphpity Enphpity - An Entity Mapper ORM for PHP
adrron/flashmessage on Packagist adrron/flashmessage Class purpose is to output feedback to the user.
ads/ajax-crud-generator on Packagist ads/ajax-crud-generator Generates basic scaffolding for AjaxCrud JS Plugin to allow for quick and easy AJAX CRUD on forms and modals
ads/statistics on Packagist ads/statistics Tracks basic user information to generate statistical data on page usage. Also provides additional information to debug 500 errors
advanced-store/access-filter on Packagist advanced-store/access-filter Creates simple access filter functionality.
advanced-store/api-client on Packagist advanced-store/api-client
advanced-store/oauth2-access-filter on Packagist advanced-store/oauth2-access-filter Creates simple access filter functionality.
advanced-store/oauth2-api-client on Packagist advanced-store/oauth2-api-client
advanced-store/oauth2-client on Packagist advanced-store/oauth2-client Oauth2-Client for simple connect with Oauth2-Server (3rd Party or Own-Aplications)
advandz/advandz-framework on Packagist advandz/advandz-framework Advandz is an enterprise-class powerful and scalable MVC framework for people who love building well-written web applications using PHP.
advandz/thunderbolt on Packagist advandz/thunderbolt The ultra fast and minimalist micro-framework by Advandz.
advmaker/blade-loop on Packagist advmaker/blade-loop Extends blade template engine with @loop, @endloop, @break, @continue and in-loop variables
adyen/payment on Packagist adyen/payment Official Magento Plugin to connect to Payment Service Provider Adyen.
adyen/php-api-library on Packagist adyen/php-api-library A PHP client library for accessing Adyen APIs
aecf/translator-tool-bundle on Packagist aecf/translator-tool-bundle A graphical user interface to manage project translations
aedart/config on Packagist aedart/config Configuration utilities
aedart/config-loader on Packagist aedart/config-loader Utility for loading various types of configuration files and parse them to a Laravel Configuration Repository
aedart/dto on Packagist aedart/dto A variation / interpretation of the Data Transfer Object (DTO) design pattern (Distribution Pattern). Provides an abstraction for such DTOs
aedart/installed-version on Packagist aedart/installed-version Utility that attempts to identify what version of a given package you have installed
aedart/laravel-detector on Packagist aedart/laravel-detector Utility for detecting if a Laravel application is available or not. Can be used to determine if a given component must perform logic based current Laravel application settings or not.
aedart/laravel-helpers on Packagist aedart/laravel-helpers Getters and Setters utility package for some of Laravel's core packages. This package make use of Laravel's native Facades, as a fallback, when no custom instances are provided.
aedart/model on Packagist aedart/model Collection of getter- / setter-interfaces with various trait implementations, for different kinds of 'common' properties.
aedart/overload on Packagist aedart/overload Provides means to dynamically deal with inaccessible properties, by implementing PHP's magic methods; __get(), __set(), __isset(), and __unset(). This package, however, enforces the usage of getters- and setters-methods, ensuring that if a property is ind
aedart/scaffold on Packagist aedart/scaffold Tool for creating and installing various files and directories into your project, based on created scaffolds
aedart/testing-laravel on Packagist aedart/testing-laravel Utilities that allows you to test Laravel dependent packages. At its core, this package is a wrapper for the Orchestral Testbench. However, you can make use of this with whatever testing framework you wish; it does not impose you to use neither Orchestral
aedart/util on Packagist aedart/util This package contains a set of various utility resources, which can be used independently.
aego/oauth2-mailru on Packagist aego/oauth2-mailru Mail.ru provider for league/oauth2-client
aego/oauth2-odnoklassniki on Packagist aego/oauth2-odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki provider for league/oauth2-client
aego/oauth2-yandex on Packagist aego/oauth2-yandex Yandex provider for league/oauth2-client
aensley/media-organizer on Packagist aensley/media-organizer Organize images and videos (or any files) into date-based folders.
aensley/yahoo-stock-quotes on Packagist aensley/yahoo-stock-quotes Quick and dirty Yahoo stock quotes in PHP
aeolu/permissions on Packagist aeolu/permissions An ACL implementation for Laravel
aeq/hal on Packagist aeq/hal