HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
agandra/amp on Packagist agandra/amp Improving Laravel functionality and creating a base reusable code across projects
agavi/agavi on Packagist agavi/agavi Agavi is a full-featured MVC-style framework for PHP5 with a strong focus on structure, code reusability and flexibility.
agkunz/asset on Packagist agkunz/asset A very simple asset manager
aglipanci/interspire on Packagist aglipanci/interspire Interspire API Intergration Made Easy
agmscode/agms_php on Packagist agmscode/agms_php Agms PHP Library
agmscode/agms_php_lite on Packagist agmscode/agms_php_lite Agms PHP Lite Library
agmscode/omnipay-agms on Packagist agmscode/omnipay-agms Agms driver for the Omnipay PHP payment processing library
agriya/addtocart on Packagist agriya/addtocart
agriya/credits on Packagist agriya/credits
agriya/products on Packagist agriya/products
agriya/webshopaddressing on Packagist agriya/webshopaddressing
agriya/webshopauthenticate on Packagist agriya/webshopauthenticate
agriya/webshoporder on Packagist agriya/webshoporder
agriya/webshoppack on Packagist agriya/webshoppack
agriya/webshopshipments on Packagist agriya/webshopshipments
agriya/webshoptaxation on Packagist agriya/webshoptaxation
ahead4/menus on Packagist ahead4/menus Laravel Menus
ahead4/modules on Packagist ahead4/modules Laravel Modules
aheart/espresso on Packagist aheart/espresso Silex wired with radioactive caffeine.
ahir/bookcase on Packagist ahir/bookcase Laravel Media Library
ahir/former on Packagist ahir/former Bootstrap 3 form creator with file upload input for Laravel 4.
ahir/pathman on Packagist ahir/pathman Laravel Directory Creator
ahir/velocity on Packagist ahir/velocity Velocity is a url analyzer for Laravel 4.
ahmedfawzy/feeds on Packagist ahmedfawzy/feeds Laravel 5 Service Provider for the SimplePie library
ahmedsaoud31/arabic on Packagist ahmedsaoud31/arabic Arabic package for laravel4, arabic date, cut arabic string, arabic numer and since arabic format
ahoulgrave/silex-tg-service-provider on Packagist ahoulgrave/silex-tg-service-provider Silex Service Provider for the Telegram SDK
ahsanpackage/webshopauthenticate on Packagist ahsanpackage/webshopauthenticate A Laravel 4 package for basic authentication
aidantwoods/secureheaders on Packagist aidantwoods/secureheaders A PHP class aiming to make the use of browser security features more accessible.
aiddroid/laravel-curd-generator on Packagist aiddroid/laravel-curd-generator Laravel 5's curd generator.
aik099/coding-standard on Packagist aik099/coding-standard The PHP_CodeSniffer coding standard I'm using on all of my projects.
aik099/phpunit-mink on Packagist aik099/phpunit-mink Library for using Mink in PHPUnit tests. Supports session sharing between tests in a test case.
aimeos/ai-admin-extadm on Packagist aimeos/ai-admin-extadm Aimeos ai-admin-extadm extension
aimeos/ai-admin-jqadm on Packagist aimeos/ai-admin-jqadm Aimeos ai-admin-jqadm extension
aimeos/ai-admin-jsonadm on Packagist aimeos/ai-admin-jsonadm Aimeos ai-admin-jsonadm extension
aimeos/ai-cache on Packagist aimeos/ai-cache Cache extension for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-client-html on Packagist aimeos/ai-client-html Aimeos ai-client-html extension
aimeos/ai-container on Packagist aimeos/ai-container Container/Content extension for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-controller-frontend on Packagist aimeos/ai-controller-frontend Aimeos ai-controller-frontend extension
aimeos/ai-controller-jobs on Packagist aimeos/ai-controller-jobs Aimeos ai-controller-jobs extension
aimeos/ai-ezpublish on Packagist aimeos/ai-ezpublish Aimeos ezPublish integration
aimeos/ai-flow on Packagist aimeos/ai-flow Flow/NeosCMS adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-fosuser on Packagist aimeos/ai-fosuser Aimeos ai-fosuser extension
aimeos/ai-gettext on Packagist aimeos/ai-gettext Aimeos Gettext extension
aimeos/ai-laravel on Packagist aimeos/ai-laravel Laravel adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-monolog on Packagist aimeos/ai-monolog Monolog adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-payments on Packagist aimeos/ai-payments Payment extension for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-slim on Packagist aimeos/ai-slim Aimeos Slim PHP micro framework extension
aimeos/ai-swiftmailer on Packagist aimeos/ai-swiftmailer SwiftMailer adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-symfony on Packagist aimeos/ai-symfony Symfony 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-symfony2 on Packagist aimeos/ai-symfony2 Symfony 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-typo3 on Packagist aimeos/ai-typo3 TYPO3 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-zend on Packagist aimeos/ai-zend Zend Framework adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-zend2 on Packagist aimeos/ai-zend2 Zend Framework 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/ai-zend2-i18n on Packagist aimeos/ai-zend2-i18n Zend Framework 2 adapter for Aimeos web shops and e-commerce solutions
aimeos/aimeos-core on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-core Full-featured e-commerce components for high performance online shops
aimeos/aimeos-flow on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-flow Full-featured Flow/NeosCMS web shop package and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeos/aimeos-laravel on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-laravel Full-featured Laravel web shop package and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeos/aimeos-slim on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-slim Slim online shop package and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeos/aimeos-symfony on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-symfony Full-featured Symfony web shop bundle and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeos/aimeos-symfony2 on Packagist aimeos/aimeos-symfony2 Full-featured Symfony web shop bundle and e-commerce solution for high performance shops
aimeoscom/omnipay-sofort on Packagist aimeoscom/omnipay-sofort SOFORT Ɯberweisung gateway for Omnipay payment processing library
aindong/custom-generator on Packagist aindong/custom-generator A custom generator that would generate a new feature for a repository pattern application
aindong/pluggables on Packagist aindong/pluggables Pluggable features/Modular Structure helper for laravel 5
aindong/tokentikate on Packagist aindong/tokentikate A Json Web token(JWT) based authentication library implementation for laravel
airbrake/airbrake-php on Packagist airbrake/airbrake-php A PHP 5.3 library for sending errors to the Airbrake.io service.
airbrake/php-airbrake on Packagist airbrake/php-airbrake A PHP 5.3 library for sending errors to the Airbrake.io service.
airbrake/phpbrake on Packagist airbrake/phpbrake Airbrake exception and error notifier for PHP
airoude/messagebird-bundle on Packagist airoude/messagebird-bundle MessageBird meets Symfony
airprop/survey-core on Packagist airprop/survey-core
airtemplate/airtemplate on Packagist airtemplate/airtemplate A template engine for PHP devs. Lightweight, flexible and easy to use and extend in PHP.
aist/aist-git-tools on Packagist aist/aist-git-tools Git Toolbar for ZendDeveloperTools.
ajbdev/cronlingo on Packagist ajbdev/cronlingo Express crontabs as human readable phrases
ajepe/base62 on Packagist ajepe/base62 Convert an integer to base sixty two string
ajgl/breakpoint-twig-extension on Packagist ajgl/breakpoint-twig-extension Twig extension to set breakpoints
ajgl/csv on Packagist ajgl/csv Classes for reading and writing CSV files (includes RFC 4180 compliant classes)
ajgl/csv-bundle on Packagist ajgl/csv-bundle Provides some CSV helper clases
ajgl/csv-rfc on Packagist ajgl/csv-rfc Drop in replacement for native PHP CSV related functions to read and/or write RFC4180 compliant CSV files
ajgl/doctrine-dbal-pgsql-types on Packagist ajgl/doctrine-dbal-pgsql-types Custom PostgreSQL types
ajgl/session-concurrency on Packagist ajgl/session-concurrency Symfony session authentication strategy to control concurrency
ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle on Packagist ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle Symfony bundle to control session concurrency
ajgl/session-expiration on Packagist ajgl/session-expiration Symfony security firewall to block idle sessions
ajgl/session-expiration-bundle on Packagist ajgl/session-expiration-bundle Symfony bundle to block idle sessions
ajgl/twig-extensions on Packagist ajgl/twig-extensions Some Twig extensions
ajt/flashbundle on Packagist ajt/flashbundle Symfony bundle for for managing flash messages
ajt/modelmanager on Packagist ajt/modelmanager Model management library
akagicrafter/analysis on Packagist akagicrafter/analysis For those who are needing dice bot for PHP
akamai-open/edgegrid-client on Packagist akamai-open/edgegrid-client Implements the Akamai {OPEN} EdgeGrid Authentication specified by https://developer.akamai.com/introduction/Client_Auth.html
akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser on Packagist akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser Akeneo Spreadsheet parser. Reads XLXS files from Microsoft Excel and Open Office
akeneo/batch on Packagist akeneo/batch Akeneo Batch
akeneo/batch-bundle on Packagist akeneo/batch-bundle Akeneo Batch Bundle
akeneo/measure-bundle on Packagist akeneo/measure-bundle Akeneo Measure Bundle
akeneo/phpspec-skip-example-extension on Packagist akeneo/phpspec-skip-example-extension Skip your PhpSpec examples through annotations
akeneo/storage-utils on Packagist akeneo/storage-utils Akeneo Storage Utils
akeneo/storage-utils-bundle on Packagist akeneo/storage-utils-bundle Akeneo Symfony Storage Utils Bundle
akerbis/musixmatch on Packagist akerbis/musixmatch
akiyama/nmbirdy on Packagist akiyama/nmbirdy Laravel service provider for codebird-php
akuma/bootswatch-bundle on Packagist akuma/bootswatch-bundle Akuma Bootswatch Bundle
akuma/phrets-core on Packagist akuma/phrets-core RETS library in PHP
akuma/phrets-crea on Packagist akuma/phrets-crea RETS library in PHP For CREA FEED
alagafonov/php-trademe-jobs-api on Packagist alagafonov/php-trademe-jobs-api Trademe Jobs API Client