HHVM Support in PHP Projects

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Packages that support HHVM

Name Description
airprop/survey-core on Packagist airprop/survey-core
airtemplate/airtemplate on Packagist airtemplate/airtemplate A template engine for PHP devs. Lightweight, flexible and easy to use and extend in PHP.
aist/aist-git-tools on Packagist aist/aist-git-tools Git Toolbar for ZendDeveloperTools.
ait/website-analyzer on Packagist ait/website-analyzer
ajbdev/cronlingo on Packagist ajbdev/cronlingo Express crontabs as human readable phrases
ajepe/base62 on Packagist ajepe/base62 Convert an integer to base sixty two string
ajgl/breakpoint-twig-extension on Packagist ajgl/breakpoint-twig-extension Twig extension to set breakpoints
ajgl/csv on Packagist ajgl/csv Classes for reading and writing CSV files (includes RFC 4180 compliant classes)
ajgl/csv-bundle on Packagist ajgl/csv-bundle Provides some CSV helper clases
ajgl/csv-rfc on Packagist ajgl/csv-rfc Drop in replacement for native PHP CSV related functions to read and/or write RFC4180 compliant CSV files
ajgl/doctrine-dbal-pgsql-types on Packagist ajgl/doctrine-dbal-pgsql-types Custom PostgreSQL types
ajgl/session-concurrency on Packagist ajgl/session-concurrency Symfony session authentication strategy to control concurrency
ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle on Packagist ajgl/session-concurrency-bundle Symfony bundle to control session concurrency
ajgl/session-expiration on Packagist ajgl/session-expiration Symfony security firewall to block idle sessions
ajgl/session-expiration-bundle on Packagist ajgl/session-expiration-bundle Symfony bundle to block idle sessions
ajgl/twig-extensions on Packagist ajgl/twig-extensions Some Twig extensions
ajohnson6494/adobe-sign-php on Packagist ajohnson6494/adobe-sign-php Adobe Sign PHP SDK
ajt/flashbundle on Packagist ajt/flashbundle Symfony bundle for for managing flash messages
ajt/modelmanager on Packagist ajt/modelmanager Model management library
akagicrafter/analysis on Packagist akagicrafter/analysis For those who are needing dice bot for PHP
akamai-open/edgegrid-client on Packagist akamai-open/edgegrid-client Implements the Akamai {OPEN} EdgeGrid Authentication specified by https://developer.akamai.com/introduction/Client_Auth.html
akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser on Packagist akeneo-labs/spreadsheet-parser Akeneo Spreadsheet parser. Reads XLXS files from Microsoft Excel and Open Office
akeneo/batch on Packagist akeneo/batch Akeneo Batch
akeneo/batch-bundle on Packagist akeneo/batch-bundle Akeneo Batch Bundle
akeneo/measure-bundle on Packagist akeneo/measure-bundle Akeneo Measure Bundle
akeneo/phpspec-skip-example-extension on Packagist akeneo/phpspec-skip-example-extension Skip your PhpSpec examples through annotations
akeneo/storage-utils on Packagist akeneo/storage-utils Akeneo Storage Utils
akeneo/storage-utils-bundle on Packagist akeneo/storage-utils-bundle Akeneo Symfony Storage Utils Bundle
akerbis/musixmatch on Packagist akerbis/musixmatch
akiyama/nmbirdy on Packagist akiyama/nmbirdy Laravel service provider for codebird-php
akramfares/rundeck-sdk-php on Packagist akramfares/rundeck-sdk-php PHP SDK for Rundeck web API
akuma/bootswatch-bundle on Packagist akuma/bootswatch-bundle Akuma Bootswatch Bundle
akuma/phrets-core on Packagist akuma/phrets-core RETS library in PHP
akuma/phrets-crea on Packagist akuma/phrets-crea RETS library in PHP For CREA FEED
alagafonov/php-trademe-jobs-api on Packagist alagafonov/php-trademe-jobs-api Trademe Jobs API Client
alairock/lodash on Packagist alairock/lodash Normalizaton of php functions
alanbem/josser on Packagist alanbem/josser JSON-RPC client for PHP
alanly/picnik on Packagist alanly/picnik A modern, Composer and PSR-4 compatible PHP library for interfacing with the Wordnik API.
alanshearer/envtenant on Packagist alanshearer/envtenant Laravel Multi-Tenant Aware Artisan.
alaouy/youtube on Packagist alaouy/youtube Laravel PHP Facade/Wrapper for the Youtube Data API v3
alasit/gardener on Packagist alasit/gardener Smart seeders for Laravel. created and developed by gizburdt
alawar/nginx_push_stream_bundle on Packagist alawar/nginx_push_stream_bundle
albert221/blog on Packagist albert221/blog Blog engine
albert221/validation on Packagist albert221/validation Simple validator
albertborsos/laravel-generators on Packagist albertborsos/laravel-generators Extend Laravel 5's generators.
alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter on Packagist alcaeus/mongo-php-adapter Adapter to provide ext-mongo interface on top of mongo-php-libary
alcea/cif on Packagist alcea/cif PHP validation for Romanian VAT code (Validare PHP pentru CIF | CUI)
alcea/cnp on Packagist alcea/cnp PHP Validation for Romanian Social Security Number (Validare PHP pentru CNP)
alchemy/binary-driver on Packagist alchemy/binary-driver A set of tools to build binary drivers
alchemy/embed-bundle on Packagist alchemy/embed-bundle Embed resources bundle
alchemy/geonames-api-consumer on Packagist alchemy/geonames-api-consumer A connector to a geonames server
alchemy/phraseanet-bundle on Packagist alchemy/phraseanet-bundle Phraseanet API Symfony bundle
alchemy/pipeline-component on Packagist alchemy/pipeline-component Pipeline component
alchemy/resource-component on Packagist alchemy/resource-component Resource component
alchemy/rest-bundle on Packagist alchemy/rest-bundle Simple REST utility bundle
alcodo/gallery on Packagist alcodo/gallery Laravel Package to create a gallery
alcodo/powerimage on Packagist alcodo/powerimage Laravel Package to create a dynamic image handler
alcohol/iso3166 on Packagist alcohol/iso3166 ISO 3166-1 PHP Library
alcohol/iso4217 on Packagist alcohol/iso4217 ISO 4217 PHP Library
alcohol/phpsoundcloud on Packagist alcohol/phpsoundcloud SoundCloud API wrapper
alcr33k/ccloak on Packagist alcr33k/ccloak CCloak is a simple wrapper-class for link cloaking
aldente/aldente on Packagist aldente/aldente Abstract Data Types library
alecsammon/php-raml-parser on Packagist alecsammon/php-raml-parser A RAML parser built in php
alejandromarcu/test on Packagist alejandromarcu/test
alejandropena/tight on Packagist alejandropena/tight Tight Framework: A PHP Framework
aleplusplus/soapclient-curl-php on Packagist aleplusplus/soapclient-curl-php Soap Client using Curl
aleste/adminlte-generator-bundle on Packagist aleste/adminlte-generator-bundle Crud generator with AdminLTE theme
alex-bond/yii2-select2-widget on Packagist alex-bond/yii2-select2-widget The select2 widget for Yii framework.
alex-osborn/oauth2-tradegecko on Packagist alex-osborn/oauth2-tradegecko TradeGecko OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client
alexander-emelyanov/anyoption-api-client on Packagist alexander-emelyanov/anyoption-api-client PHP Client for AnyOption platform
alexander-emelyanov/opteck-api-client on Packagist alexander-emelyanov/opteck-api-client PHP Client for Opteck platform
alexander-emelyanov/tradesmarter-api-client on Packagist alexander-emelyanov/tradesmarter-api-client PHP Client for TradeSmarter platform
alexander-emelyanov/tradologic-api-client on Packagist alexander-emelyanov/tradologic-api-client PHP Client for TradoLogic platform
alexander-suter/yii2-batch on Packagist alexander-suter/yii2-batch Batch management for Yii2
alexander-suter/yii2-browser-info on Packagist alexander-suter/yii2-browser-info Browser Information for Yii2
alexander-suter/yii2-word-frequency on Packagist alexander-suter/yii2-word-frequency Word frequency calculator for Yii2
alexanderzon/hashids on Packagist alexanderzon/hashids Fork from hashids/hashids: Generate hashids like YouTube or Bitly from numbers to obfuscate your database primary ids, or navigate to the right shard.
alexandresalome/multisite-bundle on Packagist alexandresalome/multisite-bundle A bundle to manage multiple sites with different brandings and locales
alexandretaz/laravel-pagarme on Packagist alexandretaz/laravel-pagarme Integration of Pagar.me library with Laravel 5
alexantr/yii2-ckeditor on Packagist alexantr/yii2-ckeditor CKEditor widget for Yii 2
alexbilbie/proton on Packagist alexbilbie/proton Micro PHP framework
alexbonavila/laravel-market-information on Packagist alexbonavila/laravel-market-information Web app to about market information.
alexbowers/sparky on Packagist alexbowers/sparky Sparky is a simple way to bring life into your test data - generating realistic data with a simple fluent interface
alexbuyanow/zfphinx on Packagist alexbuyanow/zfphinx Zend Framework 3 module that provides integration of Phinx library
alexdeg/idnaidna on Packagist alexdeg/idnaidna description
alexdin/yii2-ckeditor-widget on Packagist alexdin/yii2-ckeditor-widget CKEditor widget for Yii2.
alexdover/blade-set on Packagist alexdover/blade-set A very simple blade extension which allows variables to be set.
alexey-kupershtokh/location-bundle on Packagist alexey-kupershtokh/location-bundle
alexeyshockov/colada on Packagist alexeyshockov/colada Collections framework for PHP
alexfloppy/php-apk-parser-php7 on Packagist alexfloppy/php-apk-parser-php7 Read basic info about an application from .apk file.
alexforce2/sleeping-owl-admin-php7-fix on Packagist alexforce2/sleeping-owl-admin-php7-fix Aministrative interface builder for Laravel.
alexhouse/trust on Packagist alexhouse/trust Roles and Permissions for Laravel5
alexislefebvre/async-tweets-bundle on Packagist alexislefebvre/async-tweets-bundle Symfony bundle providing a Twitter reader for asynchronous reading
alexkr/biject on Packagist alexkr/biject Bijection class
alexmanno/serializer on Packagist alexmanno/serializer Library for (de-)serializing data of any complexity; supports XML, JSON, and YAML.
alexmanno/serializer-bundle on Packagist alexmanno/serializer-bundle Allows you to easily serialize, and deserialize data of any complexity
alexmasterov/twig-extension on Packagist alexmasterov/twig-extension A collection of custom extensions for the Twig template engine
alexpechkarev/google-geocoder on Packagist alexpechkarev/google-geocoder Simple Google Geocoding API v3 wrapper for Laravel 4
alexpechkarev/postcode-anywhere on Packagist alexpechkarev/postcode-anywhere Laravel API wrapper for PCA Predict formerly Postcode Anywhere
alexpott/config-sync-merge on Packagist alexpott/config-sync-merge Merge multiple Drupal config directories into a single sync storage